Victory Standard Rules of Operation

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Sim Form

The Victory's sim form is essentially the same form you were introduced to in training. Here are some guidelines:

  • Please include your character name in the title line.
  • At the beginning of each sim reference the location.
  • Set descriptions off by placing them in text blocks.
  • Place speech behind the Character name.
  • Thoughts are place in oO thought Oo
  • Telepathic thoughts receive a ~~My mind to your mind.~~ Note: Traditionally, telepathy was done using << >>. Due to changes in Yahoo!, we now use ~~.
  • Place OOCs comments in parenthesis ( ).
  • At the end of each sim place your name, duty post, and assigned ship. The ship while not strictly necessary is a good habit for joint sims. i.e:

Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh
Commanding Officer

  • Run Spell Check and Grammar Check if you have it.
  • Avoid using the reply button and just adding to another's sim. Rather Cut and Paste adding your own perspective, thoughts, and actions. This will make for stronger sims and help develop your character.
  • The sim form is important to facilitate clear communication, and is one of the criteria looked at for promotion from Ensign to Lt. jg. If in doubt look to the Captain's and senior officers sim form and emulate it.

Simming Standards

These standards go for all crew members.

1) 3-4 sims a week continuous simming
2) Quality sims, not two to three paragraphs, not only talk but events as well.
3) adds to the plot, introducing b-plots
4) includes as many of their crew-mates as possible
5) ooc work (training, web-site/wiki site, promotions) is a must for lieutenants and higher ranks.

Sim Theme

Keep in mind as you sim the Star Fleet is a paramilitary organization. Chain of Command is part of the Theme. In normal circumstances a junior officer reports to the Department Head. The Department head reports to 1st or 2nd officer. The 1st and 2nd officers report to the Captain.

In emergencies call the Bridge, not the Captain who may not be on the Bridge. The Bridge acts as the center of the ship, receiving information and directing action. If the Bridge is disabled, the Auxiliary Bridge becomes the fall back point.

Away Teams remember

  • Report down and safe. This is a SOP within Star Trek.
  • Inform the bridge of findings.
  • Ask permission when deviating in anyway from the mission briefing.
  • All away teams should contain at least 1 security officer.

Sim Tips

  • The Best way to improve at simming is to sim.
  • Involve others when you sim.
  • Remember once an idea is simmed, it can go in many directions.
  • If an error is made, always try to fix it in sim.
  • When simming with others be willing to give them time to respond. I always figure 48 hours should be adequate, and after 72 hours continue on.
  • When simming for others, limit responses to 5 words or less. You can also do joint sims by using chat soft ware, or exchanging emails.
  • Do not create and solve a problem in one sim. Nor should one, push the plot too far all at once. Doing so is called a Marathon sim, and while useful for administrative reasons, should be avoided.
  • Avoid meta simming; that is there may be times when the player knows exactly what is going on, but the character remains ignorant. Mysteries, are often spoiled by meta simming.
  • Be gentle with one and other. Everyone can have an off day, or miss something. Ultimately this is a friendly game.
  • Expect consequence for IC actions. If someone phasers an innocent, expect to be hauled up on charges.
  • Captains hate surprises. If you are planning a sudden plot twist that will re-write the mission contact the command officer to clear the idea.
  • IC can bleed into OOC. Be careful when simming confrontations between characters. Often such sims should be proceeded by an OOC discussion that specifies what will happen, and how to resolve the confrontation.
  • Ultimately Simming is not about what you do, but how you do it. Character Development and Interactions is the reason to sim.

Sim Philosophy

There is no I in TEAM!

Simming on the Victory is a team effort, with everyone reading and playing off of each others sims. Command staff will set the stage for large plots in the form of a mission briefing or some such. The plot evolves one step at a time and eventually concludes gracefully. The plot may actually travel quite far from the original idea which is only natural when everyone contributes.


One can not deny the appeal or power of promotion. Yet, each rank has its own pleasures. Promotion is not an end onto itself, but rather side result of continues quality simming. Many factors go into promotion. One is time; on the average Captain has been in the club for at least 2 years. Many officers never achieve Captain, while others who do step down at some point. Even the best simmer needs time to learn the protocols of UFOP and how to handle fellow players. But, it takes more than putting in time to be promoted. Besides the Simming Standards'(!), each simmer must reach certain markers of achievement to advance; the markers are not necessarily the same for each simmer. Listed below are Victory’s Promotion Requirements, updated and active per 4 January 2007.


Ensigns should be enthusiastic, using the proper sim form, and willing to adapt to their new ship. The character also should be active on board his current ship for at least a period of 60 days. However, a CO and FO may determine that period not long enough for the player, and choose a longer time period.

Lieutenant j.g.

Ensign to Lieutenant junior grade: An Ensign is promoted to Lt. junior grade once they demonstrate a mastery of the sim forms, ability to interact with others, and ability to follow the ship’s basic plot, and consistency in their simming. (3-4 sims per week)


Lieutenant junior grades must achieve the following to be promoted to full Lieutenant. The simmer will sim reliably, push forward the plot, develop their character, and exhibit a willingness to assist other simmers. When promoted to lieutenant, it is expected of the member to start participating in ship, or fleet OOC projects and tasks.

Lt. Commander

Lieutenants must move beyond the desires of personal glory to be promoted to Lieutenant Commander. A Lieutenant Commander to be sims 3-4 sims a week continuous, and posts quality sims, which means detailed sims with multiple paragraphs, motivating and including as many other simmers possible. He or she also shows leadership by sacrificing their own role in the plot to encourage others to sim. For example, they may allow their primary character to be injured or detained to give their fellow simmers impetuous to sim. When faced with a chance to solve the entire mission they will leave others a chance to assist. To become a Lieutenant Commander the Lieutenant must be willing to reach out to new simmers in their sims; perhaps with something as simple as doing a welcome aboard conversation sim. He, or she, will also participate not only with fleet OOC projects, but also with multiple ship administration and OOC projects/tasks.


LtCmdrs are recommended for the command test when they show a continual desire to assist with the OOC activities of running a ship. Commander is the first rank at which the simmer moves to being staff of UFOP. To have anyone at the rank of commander who does not wish to or is unable to assist with the club work in unacceptable. The CO and FO look for concrete examples of what the individual has achieved.

The following part of the UFoP Bylaws will clarify more on the requirements for the rank of full commander and beyond. Click here to go to UFoP Bylaws

OOC Conduct

  • Ultimately this is a game, and we all share the same goal, which is to have fun.
  • In OOC contact officers of the Victory are expected to be respectful.
  • Do not post any inappropriate or graphic items to the Victory site.
  • Be kind to one and other, everyone has an off day occasionally.
  • Let your fellow players now of planned absences like vacations.
  • If there is any developing OOC problems between players advise the command staff.
  • Abuse or Flaming Others will not be tolerated.

NPCs and Secondary Characters

NPCs move through the background of our sims giving life to our writing. They can be everything, from a lost ensign to a girl friend, or a trusty security guard. Some are named, and many are not. Named NPCs should be treated with some care, and not killed with out contacting the creator if possible. Every simmer is free to create NPCs as needed. Still NPCs are window dressing and players should feel free to use them. An example is the nurse in Sick Bay. The Chief Medical Officer may use this NPC character a lot, but others are free to sim the NPC. They do not have to put in Tag lines.

Secondary Characters are the fall back character for a particular simmer. They are typically activated when ones primary character in incapacitated, or to sim something ones primary would never be able to do. A good secondary will be different from the primary, and have a unique personality. Sometimes, a secondary replaces one's original character. I advise most simmers wait till they are Lieutenants before creating a secondary. Secondary Characters should be used with the permission of the creating player, or leave the response tag lines.


Every member of UFOP has the right and method to request a transfer from his or her current assignment. This can be done by filing in the 'transfer form', which can be found here. Although it is not officially required to inform your current CO or FO about the request personally, it is highly appreciated if you did consult with your command team prior to requesting a transfer.


If you ever have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact the First Officer or Captain. It is also possible to contact Admiral Wolf from the main UFOP RPG site.


Simming is a cooperative effort. If you need a LOA, please inform the crew and command staff by posting a message on the ship's OOC group or send a personal message to the CO and FO. This will prevent anyone from having to wait, as well as ensure your position as part of our simming group.

If you are going to be gone an extended period of time, please advise the ship's crew as stated above and submit the form that can be found here to inform UFOP command. (please make sure to read the bylaws and sections of the constitution as stated on the form page.)


Although role playing is a great hobby, there comes a time for many people when, for whatever reason, it simply no longer fits into their schedule. We completely understand this, and are always sad to see our members leave the group.

Nonetheless, it is important that all parties are aware of a retirement from service. It helps us keep our records clean by removing retiring characters from our rosters, and it helps the retiring officers by ensuring that they are removed from mailing lists and such.

Please understand that this is not a leave of absence. If you are seeking to take a temporary leave from SIMming, you will need to submit this form. After contacting your CO and FO directly regarding your retirement, you need to submit this form. It is solely for permanent retirement of your character within our group. After we receive this form, we will remove you from our mailing lists, deactivate your UPDS account, and disable your forum user name. All these actions are taken to ensure that you no longer receive unsolicited e-mail from us.