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Utilizing advancements in sensors and scanning technology, the 2392 refit USS Victory, Intrepid-class starship, not only feature a Stellar Cartography lab, located on the starboard side of Deck 10, but the revolutionary Sensor Operations Stations lab, on the port side. While Stellar Cartography is a sophisticated navigational tool, the SOS lab was modeled on the Combat Information Centers (CICs) of the more combat intensive vessels, such as the Prometheus-, Saber-, and Sovereign-classes, and are intended to provide a better scientific look at the universe.

CICs are tasked to locate and track multiple targets, coordinate tactical sensors, datalink fighters and gunships with other capital ships, and are multi-person stations on the bridge. Taking advantage of a much larger area, the SOS is meant to operate long range multiple probes by subspace tethers, sensor link data to multiple smaller ships and shuttles, collate data from multiple sources, and to link the work of labs and specific sensors all over the ship. It is hard-linked to multiple stations on the bridge, including Ops, Conn, Science, and Tactical, allowing them instant access to all scientific data obtained by sensors, shuttles and probes.

Regular ship operating procedures require the SOS lab to manned at all times by one person, though when actively doing science as related to mission profiles two to four additional personnel may be assigned as needed.

Types of scans

  • Antiproton beam
  • Autonomic response analysis
  • Geological scan
  • High-resolution scan
  • Passive high-resolution series
  • Internal scan
  • Long range sensor scan
  • Magneton scan
  • Navigational scan
  • Multiphasic scan
  • Subspace differential pulse
  • Inverse tachyon pulse
  • Virtual positron imaging scan

Sensor Tech

Long Range

  • Type: Class 7/Beta Omni-directional
  • Range: 5 LY High Resolution, 17 LY Low Resolution

Lateral Sensors

  • Type: Class 10/Beta
  • Range: 1 LY High Resolution

Navagational Sensors

  • Type: Type 8/Gamma
  • Range: 4.7 LY
  • Arc: 20 Degree Forward Focus


A probe is an automated spacecraft used to gather information. Probes are often used for tasks that starships are not suited to handle.

Probes: 80 (mixed class)


  • Collecting information in environments that are too small for starships to examine
  • Collecting information in environments that are too dangerous for starships to examine
  • Extreme long-term deep space exploration

  • Officer responsible for the lab
  • Lieutenant Tarsii Asmara
  • Chief Research Analyst