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Ship Briefings


General information

Briefings are valuable tools used by the command staff of each vessel, station or embassy to brainstorm with the crew and informing them of the tasks at hand. On this page we aim to build a extensive mission database for history, future fun reading and new mission ideas. There are usually three main types of briefings:

  • Pre mission briefing
  • Mid mission briefing
  • Post mission briefing or de-briefing.

Pre mission briefing

Before any mission or situation is faced and if time permits, the command staff issues a crew briefing. During this briefing, the background of each mission is explained and discussed. The various department chiefs and their crews have a chance to manipulate the way the upcoming mission will take shape, by adding their input and commends from their professional and personal perspective. A strategy and tactic will so be formed on how to face the challenge at hand. The various ideas and suggestions, as well as objections and obstructions, are twisted into a solid foundation to start siming the mission to be.

Mid mission briefing

At times, depending on the complexity of a mission, the command staff may decide to use the tool of mid mission briefings. Clearing up IC and OOC confusion which may have occurred, or communicating developments to all characters directly may be motives to do so. Besides the values of such a brainstorm session with the entire crew, it can act as a pause so the various sims may come together. This can be quite comfortable during longer and intensive missions.

Post mission briefing

At the end of it all, it is time to assess the situations that have developed during the mission and the dealings thereof. All characters have a chance to communicate their view on it all and so form a final conclusion together. All remaining 'loose ends' are tied up and the lay-out of the following days or weeks will be communicated by the command staff IC.

  • The entries below are sorted by stardate and briefing type.

Pre mission briefings

The Rescue of Alpha Platoon - Stardates 238301.20 - 238305.10

A few days ago, on Stardate 238301.03, right after the initial joint Federation-Tanugan forces started to flush out the remaining terrorists on Tanuga IV, a platoon of Starfleet marines returned from one of the planets and were suppose to rendezvous with the USS Nubulus near the Acmar System. Their return was a routine operation, but something went wrong. Because of what sensors explain as a navigational error, the troop transport ship ended up somewhere between Romulan and Klingon space, and vanished. On the galactic map of these sectors, their last location is displayed by means of a red arrow in an area that has been designated as Celipentha Station.


According to Starfleet Intelligence, who seem to have quite the interest in this mission and had the info handy rather fast, the Romulan Tal Shiar has taken command of a derelict station left from Dominion War, outside Romulan Space, they call it Celipentha Station. It is believed the Romulans use it as a prison for enemies of the Empire and a base for operations for possible Romulan intelligence missions to the Klingon Empire. Starfleet Command is convinced our marines are being held there and they want them back home.



Unfortunately, the marines are not held prisoner officially by the Romulans and the Federation has no real proof to use diplomatic means. To solve this problem, the USS Victory is ordered to go on a top secret and unofficial cloak and dagger mission to free the Starfleet Marines. Since the bond between Federation and Romulans is not exactly stable, it is vital to retain full invisibility and stealth during the operation. Although the station is not officially Romulan or even officially exists, failure could mean international incident resulting in another war.

Mid mission briefings


Post mission briefings

The Rescue of Alpha Platoon - Stardates 238301.20 - 238305.10

The End of a mission:
Because of certain facts that can not be registered in any official Starfleet record, this report will leave out considerable details and explanations. Sufficient to say, the mission was wrapped up swiftly. Though, due to unexpected yet calculated setbacks, the entire Victory crew and Celipentha station habitants were nearly destroyed.

It is partially thanks to counselor Ventu’s mother, the Victory managed to survive to continue her ongoing missions. For more enclosed details, access the following file: vicsd238305