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Veritas Officer's Manual


Veritas Officer's Manual

1: Expectations
2: The Lists
3: Formatting Your Sims
  • II: Veritas 101
4: The Setting
5: The Ship
6: The Crew
  • III: Operating Procedures
7: Staff
8: Missions
9: Shoreleave
10: Mission Proposals
  • IV: Beyond the Basics
11: Promotions
12: OOC Activities
13: Mentoring

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Starfleet officers aboard Veritas wear uniforms displaying the color of their division:

  • Red: Command Division - CO, XO, Intelligence, Diplomacy, Helm
  • Gold: Operations Division - Ops, Engineering, Security/Tactical
  • Blue: Sciences Division - Science, Medical, Counseling

The combadge and uniform worn aboard Veritas is the standard duty uniform introduced in the 2390s.

2390s-Starfleet.png 2390s-uniform.jpg 2390s-uniform2.jpg
2390s combadge 2390s uniform

The Crew

Learn more about your new shipmates. Click on an officer's name on the left to display their brief bio on the right. You can click on their names/pictures on the right to access their full biographies.

Command Division:
Operations Division:
Sciences Division:
Roshanara Rahman

Roshanara Rahman

  • Rank: Captain
  • Duty Post: Commanding Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 41-year-old Kriosian female empathic metamorph
  • Birthplace: Moselina IV

Born away from the Kriosian homeworld, Roshanara's birth parents gave her up for adoption, and a human couple took her in, named her, and raised her back in Lahore, Earth. Often mistaken for a Trill due to her Kriosian spots, she joined Starfleet because of her interest in starship design, an interest that has not come without a cost as she was gravely injured early in her career from a major accident that required lengthy rehabilitation. She exhibits a dry and perhaps even cruel sense of humor. Previously a chief engineer, she employs a rather direct and assertive style of command and is working on her anger management.

Sky Blake

Sky Blake

  • Rank: Commander
  • Duty Post: First Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 35-year-old Brekkian/Betazoid female
  • Birthplace: Brekka

Blake was recruited to Starfleet by the Veritas' first XO, Zhou Tai-Sheng, to assist with ongoing trafficking of the Brekkian drug 'felicium' in the Shoals. Of Brekkian and Betazoid heritage, born on the Brekkian homeworld of Delos IV, Blake is the widow of Lieutenant Sabor, and mother of two children (Faith and Ayeden Blake). She is related to the Eleventh House of Betazed through her mother Lila Cole, though isn't enthralled in the Betazoid politics surrounding the noble Houses. She prefers to be referred to only by her surname, or (as per protocol) by rank.

Antero flynn lt.png
Lt. Commander
Antero Flynn

Antero Flynn

  • Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Duty Post: Helm Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 32-year-old Risian male
  • Birthplace: Risa (Epsilon Ceti ll)

Antero Flynn was born in Suraya Bay on Risa. When his younger brothers vessel went missing and was suspected destroyed, he vowed to do more with his life than to host tourists and compete in surfing competitions. The first time Antero strode onto the bridge of a starship those who knew him would have described him as a light hearted, fun loving guy who lived for thrill and never stopped moving. During shore leave he was the life of the party, during missions he poured everything he had into the helm of a starship, the more dangerous the better.

Lt. Commander
Wil Ukinix

Wil Ukinix

  • Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Duty Post: Second Officer, Chief Engineer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 27-year-old Human/Betazoid male
  • Birthplace: Freemantle, Australia, Earth

Wil was born and raised in Fremantle, Australia, to a half Human/Betazoid father, and Human mother. Wil wanted to join Starfleet from a young age, to be like his mother who was a Starfleet tactical officer. He inherited his Betazoid grandfather's empathic abilities (which Wil keeps to himself), and even though he received counselling in his late teen years to cope with them, they can make him anxious at times. Wil has a wicked, cheeky sense of humour, and likes to make light of most situations - which isn't always well accepted by others.

Charlena Vanlith

Charlena Vanlith

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: Engineer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 24-year-old Risian female
  • Birthplace: Suraya Bay, Risa

Born and raised in Suraya Bay Charlena, named after her father, is used to the typical quiet serenity except for the one time a year where tourism spikes drastically for Lohlunat. It was during these celebrations and her upbringing around tourists that lead to her fascination as to what else was out there in the universe. Despite her typical averageness at school she put so much work and focus into engineering she past one of the top of her class and she couldn't be happier about it. She left with an engineering major with an extra minor in xenobiology. She was finally going to start the job she had dreamed of. And she was going to start on USS Veritas as an engineering officer working for the greater good.

Marcus Dickens.jpg


  • Rank: Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief of Security
  • Age/Species/Sex: 38-year-old Angosian/Betazoid male
  • Birthplace: Deep Space 4

Son of a Betazoid Starfleet counselor and an Angosian war veteran, Marcus Dickens lived on Betazed after the death of his father and developed his empathic skills before joining Starfleet to honor his father and explore galaxy. Having served on many ships and with many captains, he’s a versatile person who loves science and is an easy going person, but when there’s work to be done, he’s the first to get onto it, which may be the reason why his wife asked for divorce. Now he’s starting a new life, carrying an ancient consciousness known as Kelrod within him.

Thorne Cropped.png
Lilith Thorne

Lilith Thorne

  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Security Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 26-year-old Human female
  • Birthplace: Vulcan

Born and raised on Vulcan to two human scientists, Lilith did not fare so well academically due to her competition. In fact, she finished last in all her educational endeavors. As such, this caused a delay in entering Starfleet. Lilith's parents are both incarcerated due to scientific fraud. Lilith also owns and operates a catering company on Earth that is currently being managed by one of her friends.

Lt. Commander
Hannibal Parker

Hannibal Parker

  • Rank: Lt. Commander
  • Duty Post: Operations Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 43-year-old Human male
  • Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Hannibal was born to two loving parents on Earth, his sister following four years later. Hannibal grew bigger and stronger than most children, and he had an aggressive streak which never ceased to get him into trouble. Expert sniper, hand to hand combat, demolitions, sabotage, uses of many weapons. Expert tracker, skilled in insertion and extraction. Enlisted before the beginning of the Dominion War and fought in several ground campaigns, including the final assault on Cardassia. His unit was paired with a Klingon ground unit for most of the war due to his Marine units' ferocious combat style and refusal to give ground during the fiercest fighting.

Lieutenant JG
Zhanyt Lafizatar

Zhanyt Lafizatar

  • Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Post: Science Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 26-year-old Mathenite female
  • Birthplace: Mathen

Zhanyt is a very tall dark skinned woman, with a ponytail of rainbow-colored hair that goes down to her back and gold piercing eyes. A lithe woman with moderate musculature, and sharp edged beauty, her most distinctive feature is her tall bunny like ears. Well, that and she's insanely tall. Her father was an architect, and her mother was a writer. In 2380, the family took up the offer of the Confederacy to start a new colony and moved to Zeta Pavlionis. While her father was excited to help design a new city to show the potential and wisdom of Mathenites, Zhanyt soon missed the deserts she grew up in. As a devout follower of the Light of the Night Sky, Zhanyt chose to see it as a challenge to grow.

Ikaia Icon.png
Ikaia Wong

Ikaia Wong

  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Physician Assistant
  • Age/Species/Sex: 24-year-old Klingon male
  • Birthplace: Unknown (Raised in Honolulu, Hawaii)

Ikaia Wong, a Klingon, grew up on the Hawaiian Islands with his adoptive human family, the Wongs. As the quiet and inquisitive middle child of three children, he grew up with a loving family. Eventually, he would follow his mother, a doctor and lifelong influence, into Starfleet to pursue medicine. Currently, he’s a Physician’s Assistant on board the USS Veritas. One of the side projects he’s been working on since his start at the Academy is his own emergency medical hologram.

Scotty Reade

Scotty Reade

  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Engineering Officer
  • Age/Species/Sex: 31-year-old Human male
  • Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Earth

Scotty was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Earth to a retired Starfleet engineer and civilian doctor. From a young age, Scotty wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a Chief Engineer on a starship. He decided to major in Electrical Engineering before joining Starfleet Academy, where he further studied Propulsion Systems. Scotty is a quick thinker and loves getting to know other people. He is always passionate about what he does and always tries to complete all tasks assigned to him. Scotty's friends always say that if someone needs help at any time or day, Scotty is always there.

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