Veritas Deck Layout

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Commonly Referenced Locations

USS Veritas overview
  • Main Bridge: Deck 1
  • Captain's Ready Room: Deck 1
  • Briefing Room: Deck 1
  • Captain's Mess: Deck 2
  • Transporter room 1: Deck 3
  • Primary science labs: Deck 4
  • Library: Deck 4
  • The Brew Continuum (coffee shop): Deck 4
  • Holodeck 1: Deck 4
  • Officer's mess: Deck 4
  • Officer's lounge: Deck 4
  • Stellar cartography (Astrometrics): Deck 4
  • Holodeck 2: Deck 5
  • Search & Rescue Operations (SAR) room: Deck 5
  • Enlisted Mess hall/Auditorium: Deck 5
  • Auxiliary Control/Command Information Center (CIC): Deck 6
  • Security center (including armory, brig, phaser range): Deck 6
  • Counselor’s office: Deck 6
  • Sickbay: Deck 6
  • Transporter room 2: Deck 6
  • Main Engineering: Deck 8
  • Main computer core: Deck 8
  • Navigational Deflector: Deck 9
  • Shuttlebay 1 (port) and 2 (starboard): Deck 9
  • Transporter room 3: Deck 9
  • Cargo bays 1 (port) and 2 (starboard): Deck 9
  • Fitness center/pool: Deck 10
  • Ship's chapel: Deck 10

Room Numbering System

Explanation of room number and internal coordinate system (TNG Technical Manual)

Room numbers aboard Veritas are comprised of 6 digits divided into two groupings. The first two digits refer to the deck number. The second grouping of four digits specifies the sector (first and second digits) and compartment number (third and fourth digits).

In the saucer section, sector numbers go from 01 to 36 and correspond to one of 36 ten-degree sectors that divide the saucer section. In the secondary hull, the sector number always starts with 5 and the second digit corresponds to one of five sectors (labeled 0-4). First sector digits of 6, 7, 8, and 9 correspond to the upper port, upper starboard, lower port, and lower starboard nacelles and pylons respectively.

Room Number Format: DD-SSCC

  • DD: deck number (01-12)
  • SS: sector number (01-36 in the saucer, 50-54 in the secondary hull, and 60-64 (upper port), 70-74 (upper starboard), 80-84 (lower port), and 90-94 (lower starboard) for the warp nacelles and pylons)
  • CC: compartment number


  • Room 04-2105: a room on deck 4, sector 21 of the saucer section in compartment 5 of that sector.
  • Room 08-5203: a room on deck 8, sector 2 of the secondary hull in compartment 3 of that sector.

Interior Design

As a Starfleet cruiser, the interior design of Veritas is more comfortable than its smaller Defiant class cousin but not as extravagant as larger explorers such as the Galaxy class and Sovereign class starships.

Crew Quarter Assignments

Deck 2
Captain, XO, and VIP guest quarters

3601 Capt. Roshanara Rahman
Commanding Officer
3403 Lt. Cmdr. Sky Blake
Executive Officer
  • XO's Quarters, Room 02-3403

Deck 3
Share junior officers (ensign and lieutenant JG) quarters: 2 persons per room

1102 Lt. JG. Charlena Vanlith
Lt. JG. Nabihah El Sayid
1122 Lt. JG. Ikaia Wong
Ensign Scotty Reade
Ikaia Icon.png

Deck 4
Senior officer (lieutenant and higher), guest, and civilian quarters

1907 Cmdr. Kelrod
Chief of Security
Marcus Dickens.jpg
2104 Lieutenant. Callistra Navarro
2911 Lt. Cmdr. Antero Flynn
Helm Officer
Antero flynn lt.png

3417 Lt. Cmdr. Wil Ukinix
Chief Engineer

Decks 5-9
Enlisted crew quarters: 4 persons per room (crewmen), 2 persons per room (petty officer)

1026 Enlisted Quarters
Tasnim Shandres.jpg
Buyisiwe Mncedisi.png

Deck 10
Senior enlisted crew quarters: 2 persons per room

Full Deck Listing


Main Bridge
  • Main Bridge
  1. Captain's Chair
  2. Security
  3. Engineering
  4. Environmental
  5. Operations
  6. Conn
  7. Communications
  8. Science
  9. Executive Officer
  10. Tactical
  11. Strategic Ops/Mission Ops Table
  12. Master Systems Display/Mission Ops II

Ready Room
  • Captain's Ready Room:
A small room with a desk and two chairs opposite the captain's chair. Along the wall is a small couch that also serves as a bunk when necessary. The room is also equipped with a replicator and its own private head/toilet.
  • XO's Office
Head Officers must wash hands
before returning to duty
  • Head/Toilet
Briefing Room
  • Briefing Room:
Much like the rest of Veritas, the briefing room is modest in size but well-outfitted for its function. The room's layout takes the form of a rounded triangle at the front of deck 1. Six windows, three on each side, look out towards the bow of the ship. In between the two sets of windows is a large holographic display. A narrow conference table, also triangular in shape, stands in the center of the room with additional chairs along the back wall. Etched into the metal of the back wall is an illustrated history of early space travel for the four founding members of the Federation, from Earth's Apollo lunar program and NX class vessels to Tellar's Starlight missions. Each world's historical timeline rises up like a pillar, culminating together at the founding of the Federation in 2161, with the great seal of the Federation emblazoned above the words "United Federation of Planets."


  • Forward quantum torpedo launcher
  • Torpedo magazine


  • Two Forward Photon Torpedo launchers (port & starboard)
  • Torpedo magazines


  • Two rapid-fire pulse phaser cannons (port & starboard)
  • Secondaries engineering workshops (mainly for nacelles repairs and maintenance)


  • Captain's Mess/VIP Lounge
  • Captain's quarters
  • XO's quarters
  • VIP guest quarters
  • Sensor palettes


Transporter Room
  • Transporter room 1
  • Junior officer's quarters
  • Upper portion of Holodeck 1
  • Phaser array (Dorsal saucer)
  • Auxiliary shield generators


Science Labs Biohazard area
  • Primary science labs
  • Science Officer's office
Library Quiet please
  • Library
Though not as extravagant as the library on Cardiff or Galaxy class vessel-there is no wood paneling here covering the bulkheads for instance—the library aboard Veritas still offers a cozy sanctuary for book lovers. The ship’s librarian is Dr. Rosemary Shriver, a human woman in her mid-forties. She acquired from a bookshop on Esperance a rare hard copy of The Happy Return, the first of the Horatio Hornblower novels written by C. S. Forester. Alongside the novel is a traditionally crafted ship in a bottle. The ship in question is a detailed replica of the 36 gun frigate HMS Lydia. Both are proudly on display along the wall near the library’s modest reading area, along with the other few physical books and documents that are carefully placed behind a thin plate of transparent aluminum. One such physical artifact is a rare paper map of the Shoals from an early atlas of star charts, published before the Federation even existed. Early colonists and traders often kept a physical atlas as a back up to the virtual copies. Of course, in this day and age, these physical tokens are more ornamental. The vast majority of the library’s collection is found in the ship’s computer, and so the bulk of the library is devoted to terminals and alcoves for study.
Coffee Shop Life Happens
Coffee Helps
Holodeck 1
  • Lower portion of Holodeck 1
Mess Hall Freshly replicated
Never frozen
  • Officer's mess
  • Officer's lounge
  • Senior officer's quarters
Guest Suite Enjoy your stay
  • Guest and civilian quarters
  • Stellar cartography (Astrometrics)
  • Secondary computer core (upper)
  • Main sensor arrays
  • Secondary life support control
  • SIF secondary generator


  • Holodeck 2
  • Secondary computer core (lower)
SAR Search & Rescue Operations
  • Enlisted Mess hall/Auditorium
    • Galley
  • Enlisted crew quarters


CIC Command Information Center
Auxiliary Control
  • Auxiliary Control/Command Information Center (CIC)
    • Operations Officer's office
    • Tactical room
    • Weapons control
    • Strategic Operations
    • Intel office
Security Center
  • Security center
    • Chief of Security's office
    • Armory
    • Brig
    • Target practice room/phaser range
  • Counselor’s office
Sickbay Flu shots available
  • Main sickbay (Chief Medical Officer's office)
    • Adjacent sickbay rooms (ICU, Morgue, operating theaters)
  • Upper portion of saucer impulse engines (Port & Starboard)
  • Primary life support control
  • Transporter room 2
  • Enlisted crew quarters
  • Transporter emitters


  • Observation deck
Airlock Welcome aboard
USS Veritas
  • Docking ports 1 & 2 (port & starboard saucer rim)
  • Lower portion of saucer impulse engines (Port & Starboard)
  • SIF primary generator
  • Main engineering (upper level)
  • Warp core (upper)
  • Engineering workshop
  • Main replicator core processor
  • Secondary science labs
  • Docking port 3 & 4
  • Primary shield generators
  • Main computer core (upper)
  • Enlisted crew quarters
  • Transporter emitters
  • Phaser array (aft)


  • Enlisted crew quarters
  • Upper sections of Shuttlebay 1 (port) and 2 (starboard)
Main Engineering
  • Main Engineering (lower level)
    • Chief Engineer's office
  • Warp core (lower)
  • Engineering storage facility
  • Deuterium tanks
  • Lateral sensor arrays (upper)
Computer Core LCARS 9.1
M-18 Core
  • Main computer core (mid)
  • Aft photon torpedo launcher


  • Enlisted crew quarters
  • Navigational Deflector
  • Primary deflector control
  • Lateral sensor arrays (lower)
  • Main computer core (lower)
Shuttlebay Caution: Variable
gravity area
  • Lower sections of Shuttlebay 1 (port) and 2 (starboard)
  • Aft Photon Torpedo launcher
  • Tertiary SIF generator
  • Transporter room 3
Cargo Bay
  • Cargo bays 1 (port) and 2 (starboard)
  • Engineering workshop
  • Waste management


  • Phaser array (Ventral saucer)
Pool No lifeguard on duty
  • Fitness center/pool (25 meters in length, four lanes)
  • Enlisted crew lounge/rec deck
  • Senior enlisted (chief petty officers) mess aka the Chiefs Mess, off-limits to anyone not a chief petty officer (including commissioned officers), except by specific invitation
Along the wall of the Chiefs Mess were photographs of past chiefs from previous tours of duty. A Federation flag was hung along another wall, alongside some other memorabilia. Interestingly enough, there was also a full set of Klingon body armor on display on a mannequin in the corner. A small dining table doubled as a poker table.
  • Senior enlisted crew quarters
Chapel All are welcome
  • Ship's chapel
  • Antimatter storage tanks
  • Antimatter injectors assembly


  • Ventral sensor dome
  • Forward Ventral phaser array
  • Main impulse engine
  • Emergency batteries
  • Antimatter storage tanks
  • Antimatter injectors assembly
  • Antimatter injectors reactor
  • Lower nacelles pylons


Stargazer Lounge Now
  • Stargazer Lounge
  • Ventral sensor arrays
  • Tractor beam (Ventral/Aft)
  • Reinforced landing protection structure