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Template:Zhou Crewman Veralise Jessop was a medic aboard the USS Independence-A.

Vital Statistics

  • Full Name: Veralise Jessop
  • Rank: Crewman
  • Species: Terran
  • Born: 235909.05
  • Died: 238708.13 (aged 27)
  • Gender: Female
  • Assignment: USS Independence-A, Medic


In 2387, Veralise Jessop was serving on the bridge when an injured Doctor Tenzin Zhou (then, a freshly appointed ensign on his first away mission) was beamed directly to the bridge along with the rest of the away team. Zhou was escorted to sickbay, located on deck 7, by Jessop and Ensign Christopher Shan.

Because of damage the ship received by the attacking Vaadwaur, access to decks 6 and below were cut off from the bridge, and Jessop, Zhou, and Shan were dropped off on deck 5 by the ship's turbolift. From there, they encountered additional injured members of the Independence crew and slowly made their way through the damaged corridors on foot to sickbay. Upon reaching a crossroads, Jessop suggested that the group continue to sickbay by dropping through the ship's theater, which spanned decks 5 and 6. Once at the theater doors on deck 5, the group were joined by security and engineering personnel who were attempting to create a "forcefield tunnel" which would cut through the debris and bulkheads to reach deck 7. The engineering team successfully created the tunnel, and the rest of the group successfully traveled down to deck 7. Zhou and Jessop were the final two members of the group left to enter the tunnel, which was only large enough to accommodate one person at a time.

Unfortunately, just before Zhou was to enter the tunnel, the bulkheads, which had been under considerable strain after the ship's structural integrity field had fallen to as low as fifty percent, ruptured on deck 5, having been further compromised by the tunnel's creation. Jessop quickly shoved Zhou into the tunnel and sealed the theater doors moments before the cascading decompression reached her location and pulled her unconscious body out into space. Although she was soon beamed to the nearby USS Achilles by the Thetis AI, she had suffered severe burn and puncture injuries during the decompression itself and died despite the efforts of Doctor Sasak.


Additional Information

  • Jessop is a PNPC created by Tenzin Zhou. Though he only knew her briefly before she died, his memory of her continued to haunt Zhou in the aftermath of her death.