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Cmdr. Lily Ventu
Commading Officer
Starbase 118 Operations

Lily's Life
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Parents Jarin & Matilda   ·   Sister Alexa
Husband Hayden   · Son Rhys
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Climbing the Ranks on Victory

  • 238208.15 - Aresee completes her final cadet cruise at Starbase 118.
  • 238208.27 - Aresee is promoted to Ensign and assigned to U.S.S. Victory as counselor.
  • 238209 - 238212 - Assisted with the mission to Tanuga IV. Aresee worked with a triage unit on the surface before being captured and held hostage. She was subsequently rescued by the Victory crew. She has no memory of what happened to her while she was a hostage.
  • 238212 - 238301 - Following the Tanugan mission, Aresee spends a long period in technologically-induced resting periods, regaining her health.
  • 238301.17 - Aresee is promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.
  • 238301 - 238304 - Took part in the Celipenthia Station mission. Aresee is assigned to Alpha Team, along with Lt. Commander Julia Harden and Lt. JG Ben Hunnicutt. Alpha Team infiltrates the station, allowing their crewmembers aboard. During this mission, Aresee's mother, Matilda, interferes, jeopardizing the lives of the crew.
  • 238304.05 - Back aboard the Victory, Aresee watches as her mother is kidnapped by a strange, unmanned device.
  • 238304.27 - Following increased bouts of depression, Aresee relieves herself of duty.
  • 238305.03 - Aresee receives a message from her mother, relaying that Matilda is safe and is living approximately two hundred years in the future. Aresee returns to active duty.
  • 238305.16 - Aresee is promoted to Lieutenant.
  • 238306.06 - During a shipwide systems malfunction, Aresee remains on the bridge. There is an energy overload, during which Captain Robin Phoenix disappears. Aresee is temporarily placed in command.
  • 238307 - Following the restoration of the Victory's systems, Aresee takes a leave of absence to return to Earth.
  • 238309.22 - While returning from her leave of absence, Aresee's runabout is attacked by an unknown vessel. With Starbase 118's help, the vessel is destroyed.
  • 238310.28 - After embarking upon the Victory's next mission - escorting some Bajoran diplomats - Aresee receives a message from her mother than the next few days will be 'very important' to both her and her timeline.
  • 238312.09 - Aresee is attacked aboard the Victory by unknown assailants, and subsequently phased out of temporal sync by a woman named Aurelie Trenet who purports to be 'on her side.'
  • 238401.09 - Aresee, Aurlie, and Captain Robin Phoenix are taken by a race calling themselves the Collectors. With Aurelie's help, they are able to escape and return to the Victory. Aresee is phased back to normal.
  • 238402.19 - Aresee is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

Command Positions on the Constitution

  • 238403.29 - The Victory is decommissioned. Aresee is posted to the U.S.S. Constitution-B as second officer.
  • 238404 (first third) - Aresee and her sister Alexa arrive on the Constitution, where Aresee formally receives her promotion to second officer. Lt. Commander Victoria Yladro, newly promoted to first officer, offers Aresee her old quarters.
  • 238404 (second third) - Aresee quickly grows frustrated with her new position when she is assigned to work with ship's counselor Emirry MacGowan. After her first staff meeting aboard the Constitution, she stays to talk with Commander Daydan Taboo, the commanding officer, and expresses her concerns over her lack of formal duties. Taboo clarifies that she is free from a departmental designation, but that she oversees all departments. Since the Constitution's operations officer is on leave, Aresee takes on the responsibilites of the chief operations officer.
  • 238404 (last third) - The Constitution arrives at Angel One, an independent world world seeking Federation membership. Commander Yladro leads an away team to the surface while Aresee is charged with preparing the reception banquet on the ship. However, while she is doing so, a small group of raiders from Angel One beams to the ship and incapacitates much of the crew. Aresee, with the help of her sister Alexa and recently rediscovered ex Nick Parks, manages to retake Engineering. From there, they, now helped by Lieutenant j.g. Katlin Uria, are able to gain control of the bridge and restore order on the ship.
  • 238405 (first third) - Aresee and Nick, along with the recently arrived Ensign Mekarnoputra, try to reorganize the banquet. Indigo Haze, the leader of the raiders, is also with them, though Nick is keeping an eye on her. Aresee, however, doesn't trust the woman, and rightly so, as she attacks Counselor MacGowan in the corridor. Aresee has her locked in the brig, though the banquet proceeds on schedule.
  • 238405 (second third) - The banquet is a success in more ways than one, though Angel One's bid for Federation membership is denied. However, Aresee and Nick get back together, and, after Aresee is 'asked' to sing at the ceremony by the captain, they consummate their relationship in Aresee's new quarters. While there, they discuss Aresee's career, Nick's promotion, and Aresee's name change. Aresee decides that one chapter in her life has come to a close, and she returns to using Lily as her first name.
  • 238405 (late) - 238406 (early) - Lily and the rest of the Constitution crew head for Risa following the mission on Angel One. Lily and Nick are able to get a room at the last minute at Sunfall, a resort overlooking Suraya Bay. While there, Lily's approached by a man, Ven Jemtil, who says he's a friend of Aurelie Trenet from the future. He gives Lily a cryptic warning and departs. Lily keeps the warning, which is about Nick, to herself, hoping to protect him, until Nick confronts her point blank. He tells her that he doesn't care what's ahead for him, he won't leave her.
  • 238406.10 - Lily is called by Daydan back to the Constitution on official business. Once there, he tells her that she's been offered the position of first officer on the Triumphant. Lily accepts, but only if Nick can be brought along; Daydan agrees to put through the necessary reassignment paperwork, and Lily prepares once again to leave a crew made up of her friends.