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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code VNTH
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Venthis
Encountered ARROW: Miracle of Venthis
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level G-
List of Named Venthians

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The Venthis are the native population of the planet Venthis, located in the Almrada cluster of the Alpha Isles. They are a newly warp-capable species, which the Federation made first contact with in 2397 via the USS Arkipov. Second contact was made by the USS Arrow under the command of Captain Randal Shayne.

The Venthis people are emerging from a centuries-long war that has devastated their population and planet, only recently saved by something much of the population has called "The Miracle." The planet has undergone radical reconstruction, reduction in pollution, and unification in the period since the ceasefire brought on by this event. A new planetary government, the Venthis Coalition has taken up governing the planet and its people.



Much of the Venthis history has been lost due to centuries-long war. Even the very reason for the start of the war itself has been lost. Only recent history seems to be recorded, starting with the ceasefire and a quickly-arranged peace brought about as a result of a newfound abundance in the aftermath of "The Miracle."


The principle government is the Venthis Coalition, which has multiple sub-councils dedicated to various concerns of the planet. There are still subdivisions of the old nation-states, principally by general region. There's special attention to make sure there's equal representation from the northern, eastern, western, and southern regions both culturally and politically to maintain stability.

Known Councils:

  • Executive Council
  • Diplomatic Council
  • Economic Council







The Venthis population leans extremely young, and somewhat female. With men fighting and dying in the wars from a very young age, a man over the age of thirty is considered an elder in Venthis society. Now that the fighting is done, Venthis is striving to create a new identity for itself. Music, art, culture, and so much more are uncertain now that the vast majority of resources are no longer being spent on warring. One thing is certain: it will be dominated by the tastes of the young and energetic, who are hopeful for a brand new future for the first time in generations.




Venthis technology has made massive leaps in just a few short years. Warp drive, replicators, basic transporters, and most impressively a massively powerful energy grid have all come about in recent years. Their technology seems to be growing by leaps and bounds every day. Areas where Venthis technology seems to lag is in biology and medicine, with many veterans still suffering from conditions that are treatable in the Federation. However, they seem to have the technology to capture and neutralize a variety of atmospheric and soil pollutants that created the most problems during the war, which have restored their ability to conduct agriculture.


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