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  • Height: 5'1
  • Eye color: Liquid brown
  • Hair Color: Auburn
  • Skin: Caucasian
  • Build: Athletic
  • Handedness: Left handed

Academy Transcript

Lieutenant Commander Ariealt Renya Kinan Venroe is the personnel administration officer of the Barossa Sector, looking after officer management. She is responsible for getting officers from one posting to another, often called upon to give advice on political or embassy matters, and will often liaison between Starfleet Administration and ships active within her designated areas if necessary.


Kinan likes to present herself as official and business-like, keeping with her ideal that she must present herself in such a way lest she run into superiors whilst off-duty (not her Starfleet superiors, but her diplomatic charges outside of Starfleet). This means she's normally in a smart or business-like casual mix of clothing when off duty and outside of her quarters. Her hair, though quite long, is tied back regularly whilst on duty, but may be kept down and presentable when off. She often has a strong stance in an effort to give her figurative height, especially since her coworkers tend to be almost a foot taller than her.

Uorce and Riene Kinan, her parents, are both Trill civilians based back on Kinan's homeworld. Though supportive of their daughter's decision to work within Starfleet, Kinan doesn't actually hear from her parents often, nor does she spend much of her time writing to them. She is also sister to brother Ematra.

Born on a small colonized world by the name of Etamoa V, based in a far corner of nowhere, Kinan was raised in a stable community made with a lot of structure. By the time she was 10, Kinan's life was her own - she could choose the name others addressed her by, her own education, and her own workload. She was good at structure and valued the confidence others had in her, studied hard, and begun work at her mother's administration office comfortably. Soon, Starfleet would launch a research program on Etamoa V, and Kinan would become increasingly interested in joining their ranks, interested in all the reports behind the scenes and just how much detail went into every decision and every development.

She majored in Administration and Diplomacy at Starfleet Academy. She has proven herself quite capable of working with diplomatic groups of various races, numerous Starfleet departments and officers. Despite not being present, she is often called upon by ship-based officers and enlisted crewmen to shed light on the more political dealings of starbases and stations, personnel management, and just administration in general.

As an officer

She first served as Commander Lex Aridottr's aide-de-camp at Earth Spacedock for many months before being assigned in the same post to Klingon Ambassador Ko'Mach. Despite Ko'Mach being notoriously harsh on Starfleet personnel working with or for him, he gave Kinan a glowing review, specifically about her willingness to perform any task for him.

She was then immediately assigned to Gul Muael Desor, a visiting Cardassian of whom was involved with a weapons negotiation - of which had failed. Following this, she was sent to her very first ship, the USS Fox, on stardate 238205.25 as a diplomatic officer. After two years (including a promotion to Lieutenant JG), she was assigned as a liaison officer between the Trill Symbiosis Commission and the Fox during a medical/security threat involving the ship's Chief Medical Officer and his symbiont. She spent ten days on Trill, though her being there did little to assist the situation on the ship.

She was assigned to Deep Space 10 as aide-de-camp for Gul Tolas Dajhul and his consort Ketanya, despite her insistence she wasn't needed. When Gul Dajhul passed away, she was still reporting as an assistant to Ketanya, until they were finally moved off to Astrofori One on stardate 239203.05. Though she was still acting somewhat as aide-de-camp for Ketanya, her official position was that of an Embassy Officer, working as a liaison between Starfleet and the Cardassian Union to achieve mutual goals on Astrofori One.

After passing a psychological evaluation, Kinan was reassigned as Astrofori One's Starfleet personnel administration officer, a job similar to the one she became accustomed to whilst serving on Deep Space 5, though much grander in scale. Somewhere around this time, Kinan became incredibly frustrated at Starfleet Administration's decision to simply add an additional character to an immigrated officer from another universe's serial number, angered that they didn't simply create a new number for them.[1]

One disastrous leave from Astrofori One lead to Kinan being officer the position of the USS Invicta's executive officer.[2] However, a stint involving a severe case of memory loss had her reconsidering her options, and she was thus assigned to the Khitomer Centennial as the Federation's event organizer, working with with a board of Klingons.[3] As such, she was present in the banquet hall with President Narala, Chancellor Daeshon, and Captain Roshanara Rahman when Klingon Ambassador Chatok gave a not-entirely-ficticious retelling of a battle alongside Captain Rahman's "ancestor".[4] In an effort to keep recurring questions about the "misleading" story at bay, Kinan had decided it was best to let it slide and declined to answer the media's questions on the matter.[5]

Despite a press release about the USS Venture's trip back in time, Kinan had still set up a meeting between Reza Kardgar and key members of the temporary crew assigned to the Venture - though it was not all Kardgar claimed it to be.[6]

At some point in time around Captain Rosa Carrero's death, Kinan served a brief stint as executive officer of the USS Syracuse before being posted to Star Station Esperance, this time looking after personnel administration of both the Menthar Corridor and the Shoals. She was given permission to grant a Tandaran terrorist asylum on Shadow's Edge - safety in exchange for information on gang leaders and hits in or around the Colonial Coalition. She effectively ordered LtCmdr Sky Blake to escort him there on her return to the Shoals.[7]

Presumably by order of Admiral Sh'Hiel, she oversaw the reassignment of a large majority of the initial bridge crew of the USS Veritas, as well as the 'transplants' of senior officers from the Invicta and Syracuse. During this time, it was speculated that Veritas second officer Cormac had angered her somehow, thus her transferring him to the small survey station of Outpost 3.[8]

Kinan was invited on a quick getaway with Roshanara Rahman and Geoffrey Teller (though intended to spend the trip working).[9] However, the group is attacked by pirates on a gormagander watch, and are taken hostage.[10] Two of the pirates recognise Teller as Silas Finley, a pirate persona he'd used on another adventure,[11] and the three manage to continue the charade (though claim that she and Rahman are "sisters"--a visibly false statement) by proposing an "attack" on a nearby Starfleet vessel.[12] Though Rahman is left behind, Kinan and Teller board the USS Stevenson, a Starfleet cargo vessel,[13] though they are then arrested by the ship's crew after a brief conflict in the cargo hold. Kinan manages to speak with the ship's commanding officer[14] and they rescue Rahman from the pirate vessel before they can escape. Kinan and Rahman write reports to Joseph Washington regarding the incident.[15]

The Trill returns to the Veritas in 239703 when Lieutenant Commander Jansen Orrey assumes command due to the indisposition of Captain Rahman and LtCmdr Sky Blake. Joseph Washington sends her to fill in empty roles left by the staff shiftings, and she is greeted by Orrey upon arrival.

Professional History
Insignia Rank From To Assignment Position
DS9style-ens red.png Ensign 238101.01 238203.07 Earth Spacedock Aide-de-camp
For Commander Lex Aridottr
DS9style-ens red.png 238203.07 238204.01 Aide-de-camp
For Klingon Ambassador Ko'Mach
DS9style-ens red.png 238204.01 238205.26 Aide-de-camp
For Gul Muael Desor
DS9style-ens red.png 238205.25 238303.11 USS Fox Diplomatic Officer
DS9style-ltjg red.png Lieutenant JG 238303.11 238412.25
DS9style-ltjg red.png 238412.25 238501.05 Liaison Officer
DS9style-ltjg red.png 238501.05 238510.16 Deep Space 5 Aide-de-camp
For Lt. Commander Adam Wellington
DS9style-ltjg red.png 238510.16 238701.11 Personnel Officer
DS9style-lt red.png Lieutenant 238701.11 239008.25
DS9style-lt red.png 239008.25 239009.02 USS Dixon Yeoman
DS9style-lt red.png 239009.02 239109.01 Deep Space 10 Diplomatic Officer
DS9style-lt red.png 239109.01 239203.05 Aide-de-camp
For Gul Tolas Dajhul & consort
DS9style-lt red.png 239203.05 239301.29 Astrofori One Embassy Officer
Cardassian Embassy
DS9style-lt red.png 239301.29 239304.04 Personnel Administration Ofc.
Menthar Corridor
DS9style-ltcmdr red.png Lieutenant Commander 239304.04 239305.13 USS Invicta First Officer
DS9style-ltcmdr red.png 239305.13 239311.15 Khitomer Centennial Federation Event Organizer
DS9style-ltcmdr red.png 239311.15 239312.06 USS Syracuse First Officer
DS9style-ltcmdr red.png 239312.06 239503.11 Star Station Esperance Personnel Administration Ofc.
Menthar Corridor & The Shoals
AGTstyle-ltcmdr red.png 239503.11 239703.18 Cait Spacedock
AGTstyle-ltcmdr red.png 239703.18 239704.28 USS Veritas
PICstyle-ltcmdr red.png 239704.28 239806.20 Star Station Esperance
PICstyle-ltcmdr red.png 239806.20 Present USS Veritas