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VEL SOKAAR – Science Officer

Sokaar 01.jpg


  • Full Name: Vel Sokaar
  • Race: Saurian
  • Place of Birth: Sauria Prime
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Male
  • Assignment: Duronis II Embassy
  • Position: Chief Science Officer


Vel Sokaar is a recently promoted Lt JG and Doctor of Medicine, specializing in biotechnology. His scientific work thus far has focused on regenerative zoological mechanisms and their translation to humanoid species for medicinal and rehabilitative purposes, though other unusual mechanisms such as hibernation and environmental adaptations are within his scope of interest. He is also a qualified small craft pilot, having spent much of his free time travelling to various worlds to see exotic lifeforms up close.


  • Full Name: Vel Sokaar
  • Race: Saurian
  • Date of Birth: 236003.03
  • Place of Birth: Sauria Prime
  • Age: 28
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: Vel Sokaar is not telepathic, but able to be read like any species.


  • Height: 5', 10"
  • Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Eye Color: Yellow
  • Skin Tone: Ochre
  • Colorations: Vel's skin is a light ochre, with darker, sienna tones in the folds.
  • Build: Vel's build is average for a Saurian. Slightly less athletic than a typical Terran build.
  • Face: Vel's face is narrow and wedge-like, as with most Saurians.
  • Eyes: Vel shares the dominant trait of large yellow eyes.
  • Mouth: Flat, lipless
  • Arms: Saurian normal
  • Legs: Saurian normal
  • Carriage: Normally, Vel walks gracefully and thoughtfully, but when engrossed in reading, or otherwise amused, has been seen waddling slightly side to side.
  • Poses: Vel often adopts the "Starfleet standard" posture, with his hands clasped behind his back. When more relaxed with people, he often temples his fingers in front of his chest, or rests them on the table in front of him. Vel gesticulates vaguely with his hands when talking about more passionate subjects, or when being excessively diplomatic.
  • Taste in Clothing (when off duty): Vel favors thinner robes, loose and flowing garments, like many Saurians. He also favors a jeweled cap that rests on the back of his head.
  • Shoes: Vel prefers to be barefoot when possible. Where footwear is required, he prefers sandals.
  • Voice: Vel's voice is light and soft on most occasions, but can become distant and whispery when melancholy.
  • Handedness: Right


Quarters: Duronis II Starfleet Officer's Quarters

Habits: Sokaar rises early, and often frequents local cafes, where he takes his morning coffee and reads up on Starfleet Medical and Science updates. He also enjoys wilderness walks where he looks for local insects, fungi, and other points of interest.

Mannerisms: Vel occasionally cocks his head to the side when listening intently, or discovering a new idea

Religion/Spiritual Devotion: The Singer of the Great Song is a religion Vel encountered once on his travels, and it struck a chord of beauty for him, for its metaphorical description of the interaction of the various components of the physical universe.

Hobbies and Pastimes: Encountering what Terrans called pulp crime holo programs, Vel was instantly fascinated. The clothes, the speech patterns, a whole new life to lead. His own certainly held much to wonder at and explore, but this, this was just fun! Though he has tried them on his own, he prefers the holo-activities to be shared with others of his crew. These adventures led him to his favorite drink (the gin and tonic) and a substance difficult to acquire aboard ships, much less use...the cigar. Armed with these, and a holographic six gun, he found he could get about anything he wanted in the pulp world. Usually he does these with fellow crew, as most of his own time is easily absorbed with a new biological life form or mechanism. His study of exotic lifeforms has included studying stellar cartography to determine possible interstellar migration patterne (possible "seeding"). Passion for seeking out exotic life forms and where they are located has led him to spend much of his free time and leave time flying to various planets. took a few extra piloting classes at the academy to be ready for contingencies and anomalies.

Likes: Vel is a kind hearted being at his core. He likes to help others, and cares more for them than for himself most days. To him, the whole is to be protected, even if by only one. He enjoys peaceful natural surroundings, particularly with a drink in hand. He has a profound respect for all living beings.

Dislikes: Vel has difficulty with rude or abrasive people. He tends to try to soothe their attitudes by being helpful, or at least as politely unhelpful as he can be. The experience can stay with him for a time, but taking some time to center himself afterwards generally removes the stress of it. He dislikes weaponry technology, and its accompanying ability to simply disintegrate a person. Even when he must carry a phaser, he covertly secures it to set no higher than maximum stun setting. His lowest scores at the academy were in Personal Safety, and he doesn't wish to accidentally shoot a fellow crew person in the back, or mistakenly kill a foe who could otherwise be captured.

Ambitions and Goals: Vel seeks to add to the body of Starfleet medicine through scientific advancement. He hopes to ultimately teach at the Vulcan Science Institute someday. He will need to build his theories, prove his experiments and generally gain the notice he will need in order to impress the regents there. In the short term, he will need to explore the galaxy and encounter the exotic lifeforms that exist there, study the, and see what unique biomechanisms they have that can be adapted to medical use, if any.

Achievements in Life: After his second year at a prestigious university on Sauria, he application to the biological sciences program at the Vulcan Science Academy was accepted. He did discover a rare, previously unknown water beetle on an outing to Aqua 4, however, beyond this rather mundane discovery, he awaits his "big moment".

Disappointments in Life: Vel's father has always seemed as though he didn't quite approve of Vel. Vel was not the outrageously active type his sister was, and whom his father seemed to admire more. Vel has always felt his father's sense of disappointment, though they never speak of it openly. His mother gives enough praise for both of them. He has missed several of the athletic events where his sister has done so well, and such moments are always cause for celebration in his family home. His own merits however, good grades, and academic success seem much less noticed by all in light of her occasional near record-break. He is happy for her, but also sad. He misses the sister he used to know.

Temperment: Vel responds as would most individuals to most common stimulus. He is reserved, keeping most of his commentary to himself. He attempts to be as polite and accommodating to others as possible, and tries to be unfailingly polite. He can occasionally can become somewhat dismissive of those who don't have the same knowledge of biology he does. He tries to avoid this and is often overly polite and diplomatic. This can come off as condescending if he is in a rush. When particularly excited about something he can lose this composed demeanor however, and become very lively and exuberant.

Mental problems (complexes and phobias): When focusing on a study or experiment, he can become slightly obsessive, neglecting sleep and food. Expressed publicly on more than one occasion what his feelings were on the use of the phaser as a weapon.

Physical Limitations: None beyond Saurian standard (Terran equivalent).


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Tronn Sokaar
    • Mother: Lel Sokaar
  • Siblings: Tybiann Sokaar
  • Notes: Vel's coloration is unusual for a Saurian. Skin tones normally favor reddish hues or in to browns. Vel's mother Lel suffers from albinism, a trait he does not appear to be affected by, aside from his own skin being dominantly an ochre hue.

Personal History

A lifelong interest in exotic creatures led Sokaar to pursue his interests at the Vulcan Science Academy. There, a professor encouraged him to the "logical" goal of Starfleet Academy in order to get more expedient access to interstellar travel and biomedical advancements, and exposure and experience to a wide variety of environments that could expand his career goals and credibility. In addition to graduating from the VSA with an advanced biosciences degree, he transferred many of these credits to Starfleet Medical, and acquired his MD in shorter order.

His study of exotic lifeforms included studying stellar cartography to determine possible interstellar migration patterne (possible "seeding"). Passion for seeking out exotic life forms and where they are located has led him to spend much of his free time and leave time flying to various planets. took Navigation and Astronomy extension classes at the academy to be ready for contingencies and anomalies.

  • Graduate of Vulcan Science Academy (Exobiology emphasis)
  • Medical Doctor (Biotechnology specialty)
  • Qualified Pilot (Small craft emphasis)

Professional History

  • Date Graduated from Academy: 238803.27
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
  • Current Assignment: Duronis II Embassy (USS Thunder)
  • Duty Post: Chief Science Officer

Awards & Commendations

  • Achievements: None to date


  • Applies to Vulcan Science Academy, biosciences department
  • Graduates of Vulcan Science Academy with Advanced Biosciences degree, applies to Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Medical concurrently.
  • Accepted by Starfleet Academy with concurrent classes at Starfleet Medical to attain his Medical Doctor degree concurrent with graduation.
  • Graduated Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Medical, assigned to Duronis II Embassy, with duties on the planet and the support ship USS Thunder.
  • Promoted to Lieutenant JG, and Chief Science Officer

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