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[[Image:DS9 Pvt.png]]'''238607.07''': Sent to the Brig upon request.
[[Image:DS9 Pvt.png]]'''238607.07''': Sent to the Brig upon request.
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237204.08:Learned about his ancestry in World War 2

237708.15: Younger brother Dmitriy born

DS9style-cadet1 gold.png238112.30: Accepted into the Starfleet Academy

DS9style-cadet4 gold.png238601.01: Completed the Cadet Cruise

DS9style-2lt green.png238601.02: Graduated the academy and Comissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in SFMC

DS9style-2lt green.png238601.29: Transfered to USS Steadfast

DS9style-1lt green.png238601.30: Promoted to First Lieutenant

DS9style-1lt green.png2386041.22: Transfered to Starbase 118

DS9style-1lt green.png238605.22: During a Wargame a Hitman captures Reznov. Hitman hired by the father of one of the recruits Reznov had killed under his command in basic. Reznov killed the hitman on 238605.24

DS9style-1lt green.png238605.29: Transfered to USS Resolution

DS9style-1lt green.png238606.18: Pvt. Shelby Marks KIA

DS9style-1lt green.png238606.21: Sent to the Brig for deriliction of duty

DS9style-pvt green.png238607.04: Demoted to Pvt. pending JAG investigation

DS9style-pvt green.png238607.07: Sent to the Brig upon request.