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Doctor Vareth Kio used to serve as Ship's Counselor aboard the USS Discovery-C.


  • Full Name: Vareth Alexander Kio
  • Current Rank: Ensign
  • Current Assignment: USS Discovery-C
  • Position: Ship's Counselor
  • Race: Human-Kanarian
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 236102.06
  • Age: 28
  • Place of Birth: Aleria, Kanaria
  • Height: 1.88 Meters (6'2")
  • Weight: 82 Kilograms (180 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Dark Blond
  • Eye Color: Violet
  • Telepathic Status: Non-Telepath


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: KioThris - Kanarian - Age: 61 - Professor of Agricultural Science at Sentive University
    • Mother: Elsa Williams - Human - Age: 56 - Assistant Director of Botanical Research at Aleria Agricultural Center
  • Siblings
    • Sister: KioSarmia - Kanarian - Age: 39 - Archives Assistant at The Forum Libraries: Portis Branch
    • Brother: KioKeris - Kanarian - Age: 36 - Surveyor of Water and Marine Life at Aleria Nature Preserves
    • Sister: KioThacy - Kanarian - Age: 34 - Stay at home mom

Personal Notes

  • Spiritual Affiliation: Kanarian Atheism
  • Languages Spoken Fluently: English (Federation Standard), Kanarian, Anuprian, Betazoid
  • Personality: Extroverted, confident, friendly, and sociable. Likes to meet new people and is usually the one to break the ice.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Reading, Painting, Cooking, Study of Ancient History (Terran and Kanarian), Languages, Holodeck
  • Additional Information
    • On Kanaria, names are written as one word with the family name first: KioVareth
    • Vareth's last name is pronounced like the words "Key-Oh"


Several significant physical attributes distinguish Vareth’s mixed ancestry. Perhaps the most apparent trait is his lack of eyebrows. In their place is a set of Kanarian eyebrow ridges which, extending from the nose, trace a similar path above his eyes. Vareth also inherited the Kanarians’ typical violet eyes. His dark blond hair is a dominant human trait, since all Kanarians have dark brown/black hair. Vareth also has facial hair, a human trait, since Kanarian faces are hairless. His lean build likewise reveals his mixed heritage, as pure Kanarian physiology is more densely packed with muscle.

Professional Degrees

  • Purdue University
    • B.S. in Psychology
    • Minor Concentration: Linguistics
  • Starfleet Academy
    • Ph.D. in Counseling

Professional History

  • 237908.24: Commenced undergraduate studies at Purdue University, Linguistics Major
  • 238005.18: Changed Major from Linguistics to Psychology
  • 238306.04: Graduated Purdue University
  • 238401.11: Commenced graduate studies at Starfleet Academy: Risian Campus, Counseling Program
  • 238601.10: Transferred to Starbase 1 Campus for Piloting/Tactics core classes
  • 238606.04: Resumed studies at Risian Campus
  • 238905.20: Graduated Starfleet Academy, posted as Counselor to the USS Discovery-C


Vareth’s mother, Elsa Williams, met her future husband in 2358 while they were both working as contracted civilian scientists for Starfleet on Starbase 126. KioThris had lost his first wife three years earlier, shortly after the birth of his youngest daughter, Thacy. His children lived with him on the Starbase. Elsa and Thris’ initial platonic relationship soon turned into a romantic one, and Elsa became a mother figure to the three Kanarian children. When their research project on the base concluded in 2360, Elsa and Thris decided to move in together on Kanaria. Elsa adopted Vareth’s half-brother and half-sisters before he was born. Although Kanarian morals are traditionally opposed to re-marriage, the death of a spouse is one of few exceptions.

Vareth was born at Aleria Hospital on Mominet 12, 704 (February 6, 2361). His youngest sibling was 6 years his senior. This age gap caused Vareth to be the center of attention growing up. Never shy around people, his verbal skills matured more quickly than is typical of a human infant.

His mother continued to work in the field of science at a local agricultural lab. Combined with his father’s position as Professor at Sentiv University, Vareth was a typical product of intellectuals. He grew up surrounded by books and he was always encouraged to pursue knowledge. The constant exposure to information allowed him to mature with a diversity of interests.

Vareth demonstrated a gift for languages at an early age. Like most children in the Federation, he had already been raised to be bi-lingual (in his case, English/Federation Standard and Kanarian), but his strong interest in history encouraged him to pursue one of Kanaria’s ancient languages as well. When Vareth was 11 years old, his father took him to Sentiv University to see which linguistics programs were available in the database. After careful consideration, Vareth chose to pursue Anuprian. However, since Anuprian was classified as a dead language, it did not meet the requirements of his high school. Vareth ended up taking Betazoid for all four years (He would later continue his study of the language throughout undergraduate and graduate school). By the time he was graduated in 2379, he was determined to pursue a linguistics degree.

Growing up with a constant desire for independence, Vareth was determined to shape his own path rather than follow in the footsteps of his parents and siblings. While most of his immediate family pursued local careers in agricultural science, Vareth became fascinated with worlds outside of the Kanarian sector. Naturally, he became infatuated with Earth, the birthplace of his mother. After careful thought, he concluded that continuing his education there would be ideal in order to explore his Terran heritage while pursuing his interests in other cultures.

Vareth was accepted into the linguistics program at Purdue University in Indiana and he relocated to Earth in August 2379. During his first semester, he took a class entitled “The Psychology of Language.” The psychological aspects of the class challenged him much more than the linguistics, and he enjoyed exploring the new field. School had always come easily to him, so the trials posed by the medical aspects of psychology were fresh and exciting. He undertook research on the psychosomatic differences between species for a class project during his second semester and he changed majors to Psychology by the end of his freshman year.

It was also during his freshman year as an undergraduate that Vareth began his first long-term relationship. His partner, a Terran named Dietrich, unexpectedly broke off the relationship shortly after their graduation from the University four years later, in 2383. The break-up gave Vareth the freedom and desire to travel and he soon craved a change of pace. Rather than attend one of the medical schools in the area, Vareth surprised his family by relocating back to Kanaria and applying for the doctorate program in Counseling at the satellite Starfleet Academy campus in the nearby Risian System. His application was accepted in 2383 and he began the program the following year.

Starfleet Academy challenged Vareth in a way that he never expected. Not only was he expected to perform exceptionally in academics, his physical prowess was tested as well. Vareth had never been very athletic and his lean frame made Starfleet’s physical exercises difficult. Nevertheless, he was determined to finish the program for the prestigious degree and all of the benefits it would later entail. He dated several people throughout his graduate years but none of the relationships lasted for more than a few months. This gave him additional time to focus on his studies. His ultimate goal became to secure a Ship’s Counselor position after graduation.

Although his psychology classes were made up of individuals his own age, he was customarily the oldest student in the Academy’s basic training courses. The satellite campus he attended was fairly small, and most of the new cadets were still in their teens. Vareth later noted that the age difference, though only a few years, caused the younger cadets to look up to him as their leader, especially during survival courses. He believes that this added responsibility further pushed his own resolve and ultimately shaped him into a better person. He was graduated from the Academy with a doctorate degree in Counseling in 2389, at the age of 28.