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Crew of Deep Space 26

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Commander Varaan

Throughout his history, Varaan has been a member of many different organizations, most of which are associated with Starfleet in one way or another. The following are short summaries of his time with each.

Vulcan Security Directorate (V'Shar)

Vulcan V'Shar

Recruited by his father-in-law in 2351, not long after the wedding, Varaan's natural engineering skills were put to use by Vulcan Intelligence. After two years of training in support services, Varaan spent the next eight years behind the scenes. On one particular mission, Varaan's involvement became more than just supplying the operative with the necessary equipment at the rendezvous point. Romulan Tal Shiar agents on Vulcan nearly ruined the entire operation, until Varaan's quick thinking salvaged the mission. Varaan's superiors decided to make him an operative instead, and Varaan completed another two years of training, this time in counterintelligence and covert operations. Varaan spent the next twelve years as a very successful operative, but was constantly wanting to tinker with something. He resigned from the V'Shar, and enrolled at Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Starfleet Corps of Engineers

As Varaan had years of engineering experience even before enrolling in Starfleet, and he graduated from the Academy with a major in engineering, it was "only logical" that he would apply for membership with the Corps of Engineers upon completion of his studies. His application was accepted, and during his membership he has had some papers published, mostly in the area of Theoretical Engineering. While theoretical propulsion is not his forte, he has contributed to Starfleet's current discussions on various forms of superluminal travel. Varaan feels more comfortable with modifying and upgrade the different systems designs of Federation starships.

SCE:SB118 Division

SCE Starbase 118 Division

Varaan has spent the majority of his Starfleet career within the jurisdiction of Starbase 118. It was only natural that the Starfleet Corps of Engineers have a regional office in that area. Varaan was one of the founding members of the SCE's SB118 Division, back in the early 2380's. Varaan was even given the opportunity to design their insignia/patch. He continued to contribute papers and ideas to the Corps, via the SB118 Division.

Starfleet Command

Starfleet Command

On stardate 238009.10 Varaan's association with the Command Branch of Starfleet began upon his departmental transfer to Executive Officer while assigned to the USS Paladin. From 238009.10 to 238111.07, Varaan served as XO to Captain Rachel Daninburg on the Paladin. During that time (238107.04 to 238110.01), Varaan was also able to serve briefly as Commanding Officer when the Paladin crew took possession of a Romulan vessel.

From 238111.07 until 238209.27 Varaan was Commanding Officer of the USS Atlantis. He also had a short-term assignment as XO of the USS Steadfast-A from 238304.25 to 238308.28.

Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy

Following his brief stint as the USS Atlantis's commanding officer, Varaan was transferred to Starfleet Academy in time for the 2382 Fall semester. He taught classes in Propulsion Systems Engineering, and a couple of Seminars in Theoretical Engineering, covering both the fall/winter and winter/spring semesters. He was then transferred to the USS Steadfast-A as their First Officer.

Utopia Planitia and the Advanced Starship Design Bureau

Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards

Advanced Starship Design Bureau

On stardate 238308.28 Varaan was transferred back to the Sol system, to the Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) located at the Utopia Planitia Shipyards located on Mars. While details of his assignment are classified, like ALL details pertaining to ASDB projects, it is known that he started as a Project Manager on something called Project Conception. Within three months the Projects Coordinator, a Captain Gorath Noril, was reassigned, and Varaan was promoted to his position. As Projects Coordinator, he was responsible for overseeing and coordinating between 3 to 7 different project managers and their teams, under the "umbrella" project Conception. Varaan remained in this assignment until 238604.09, when he was transferred without warning to a Starfleet Intelligence assignment.

Starfleet Intelligence

Starfleet Intelligence

On stardate 238604.09, Varaan was suddenly transferred out of Utopia Planitia and into Starfleet Intelligence. He had worked Intelligence before, but with the Vulcan V'Shar, not with Starfleet. After a covert meeting on Midway Station, Varaan learned that it was Admiral Jacob Russell Krieger who had him transferred. Varaan was assigned to an Intelligence project codenamed Colossus. While the details of the project are still classified, it was an intelligence gathering mission to determine the whereabouts of the interstellar terrorist known as the Paaran. Ultimately the mission was unsuccessful, and both Varaan and Krieger were removed from the project. Varaan was reassigned on stardate 239204.05 back to the USS Atlantis, which had coincidentally also been reassigned to the Par'tha Expanse, where Varaan's and Atlantis' problems with the Paaran had begun a decade before.
On stardate 239207.13, Varaan was transferred to the USS Apollo-A as the Chief Intelligence Officer.