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Valcarian Empire

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The Multi-Terrain Armored Scout (MT-AS) Transport is a bipedal walker used by the Empire during and after the Vodran War.


The MT-AS is a heavily armed light ground combat vehicle. It is equipped with a chin-mounted double medium laser cannon, a concussion grenade launcher on the left side of its head, and a blaster cannon on the right.

The chin guns have an effective range of 2 kilometers and are used for anti-vehicle attacks, while the blaster and grenade launcher provide close-range protection. MT-ASs are piloted by a crew of two drivers.

The bipedal propulsion system is one of the primary weaknesses of the MT-AS. While on even terrain the walker can achieve over 90 kilometers per hour, on uneven or shifting terrain a walker can easily become unbalanced enough to fall over.


Early on in the Vodran Wars, engineers at Selid were busy developing a new bipedal walker, known as the Multi-Terrain Armored Scout Transport, following their construction and testing of the MT-APC.

The earliest models would be deployed by the Army during the latter stages of the Vodran War. The MT-AS was later viewed by Imperial commanders as a highly versatile weapon, excelling against infantry and lightly armored vehicles, but also useful for protecting vital units and patrolling hostile areas. Several MT-ASs are deployed to provide cover for the larger MT-APC walkers.

The newer models have chin-cannons with longer barrels, the light blaster cannon is of a different make, the "head" of the walker is not as blocky and it has longer legs, making it slightly taller than the stock-version. This model is more specialized for escort/assault missions.