Valcarian Multi-Terrain Armored Personnel Carrier

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Valcarian Empire

Par'tha Expanse

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The Multi-Terrain Armored Personnel Carrier (MT-APC) walker is a major part of the Empire's army.


MT-APCs are large, quadrepedal machines resembling great mechanical beasts. Their primary purpose is transportation of more vulnerable units across the battlefield, but the Empire will also use them as weapons of terror. One of its few shortcomings is a weak point in its neck, which, when attacked, could bring easy destruction to the walker.

The MT-APC also lacks armor covering on its underbelly, leaving the spot vulnerable to mounted guns or portable missile launchers. To remedy this weakness, MT-ASs are usually stationed around the feet of the walker to ensure nothing is given a clear shot at the MT-APCs weak underside.

Walkers are most useful in operations involving an assault on shield-protected emplacements, which can not be destroyed by orbital bombardment nor penetrated by antigrav-equipped landing craft. They can carry either 40 Imperial Etroopers and 5 speeder bikes, or 2 MT-AS units (which are carried disassembled, due to the otherwise prohibitive size of the MT-AS). The Etroopers can be deployed via rappeling cable, but the heavier ordnance can only exit after the slow and comparatively awkward process of the MT-APC kneeling and extending its ramps.

MT-APCs and MT-ASs are deployed from orbit by dropships like the Warlord and Y-85 Titan, both of which can carry a full platoon of four MT-APCs, or the smaller Theta-class barge, which can only carry a single vehicle.

The arsenal of the MT-APC is quite devastating, as they possess two chin-mounted heavy laser cannons to destroy slow, bulky targets and two temple-mounted medium blaster cannons which can engage lighter targets. The armor plating is too thick for blasters to penetrate, and they can walk over — and thereby crush — people and equipment. Powering the walking system of the MT-APC is a fuel slug underneath the body of the vehicle.


MT-APCs are assembled by Pranthe Drive Yards. The first-generation MT-APC walkers saw their debut during the Battle of Lantib, later on in the Vodran Wars. Despite small successes, they were ultimately insufficient to turn the tide of the battle, and the Battle of Lantib was one of the most devastating losses for the Vodrans in the entire War. The MT-APCs succeeded in destroying the shield generators, thereby allowing the main Imperial force to land and attack.

The MT-APC was deployed on a wide array of worlds in the months following the Battle of Lantib, including Renaar and Contril. The walkers can also be stationed at garrison bases on planets with more vegetation, but are limited in their range by the dense foliage; as a result, smaller vehicles such as MT-ASs see far more use.

Sometime after the Vodran War, the lasers and blasters were replaced with light turbolasers, easily capable of defeating many highly protected defensive weapons emplacements.