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2396, Episode 2


“The quest for truth is a noble one.”


Val Teasai

  • Stardate 239612.22 to 239603.03


Notable Characters

  • Marshya Wixkers - Attending Physician, Kellshir Medical Center
  • Wadha Nasue - Stavinian Civilian Archaeologist
  • Grekayd - Civilian
  • Grand Admiral Lorrein Dels’an - Ambassador-at-large

Mission Summary

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Act One

After assisting with the repairs and recovery on Deep Space 26 and Paldor ll after the sudden reappearance of the Station and the large amount of damage caused by it.

With the bad taste the Valcarian actions left with the crew, the Atlantis's next mission could cause more than a few ruffles feathers.

As the first Federation crew to go into Valcarian space, they have been invited by the Valcarian Imperial Government to transport their Ambassador to Deep Space 26 to take up position there.

Upon arriving within Valcarian Space, the Harkanon Sector, Tibro system, Planet Tibro. The Crew were invited by the Ambassador - Grand Admiral Lorrein Dels’an down to the Planetary Capital of Keibrom to partake in the Vai Teasai.

The winter festival that was in full swing across the Planet especially the Capital, where the Ambassador greeted the first shuttle load of Crew to descend to the Planet.

Meanwhile on board the Atlantis Engineering Chief Warrant Officer 2nd Grade Natalya Koerner noticed fluctuations with the Deflector dish while checking systems within Engineering. Contacting Engineering Crewman Second Class Phillipa Phillips to help they tried to find the reason for the fluctuations.

Exhausting all other possibilities Crewman Phillips took a workbee to the Deflector dish itself and found two Egg shaped objects attached to the Dish. Enlisting the aid of Marine Captain Logan who was taking advantage of the Ships Orbit of Tibro to get in some Zero G time, as a second pair of eyes.

Establishing Comms with the Bridge and Engineering discussions took place on the best way to proceed, caution prevailed due to the explosive nature of the devices found within the Atlantis. That and an approaching Solar flare forced the decision to move the Atlantis to the far side of the planet thus protecting them from its effects while not having to increase power to the Deflector dish.

Unable to reach the Airlocks in time and unable to use the Transporters in case the energy signature changed the status of the devices. Crewman Phillips positioned the Workbee so it sandwiched the Marine Captain between herself and the Atlantis. Hoping that the Workbees arms would hold enough so the deceleration of the Atlantis wouldn't catapult them both of the Atlantis and into orbit themselves.

While Philips and Logan enjoyed the view from outside Lieutenants Maeli, Knight and Kiax along with Lieutenant Commander Raga and Chief Warrant Officer Koerner finalised the plan under the watchful eye of First Officer Lieutenant Commander William's and set it in motion. Launching a probe and a shuttle piloted by Koerner to supervise the work they depolarised the dish and the surrounding hull, loosening the attachment of the objects to the Atlantis.

Using a sudden deceleration of the ship to catapult the objects off the Atlantis, the launched probe was manoeuvred into the objects path to entangle them. Once they were captured the probe was programmed and set in motion on route to a fairly remote but a feasible area for the Atlantis to be in. The probe monitoring both surrounding space for anyone approaching but the signal the devices were sending out.

Both shuttle and Workbee were recovered while Captain Logan returned to the Atlantis's hull to continue his space walk training.

Act Two

Trying to find a Stall holder to retrieve..a letter, found Lieutenant Kiliak The Bajoran Assistant Chief Engineer in the Vai Teasai market. Being unable to find the stall holder she bumped into Lieutenant Maeli their Rodulan Helm Officer. As well as their two seniors Medical Officers the Al -Leyan Lieutenant Journs and Half Klingon half Vulcan Lieutenant Commander G’Renn, after being ordered to take shore leave Marine Captain Logan also met up with them within the market.

After a brief hello some of it at the comedic expense of G’Renn Vulcan husband a Valcarian woman was spotted staggering through the market in their general direction. The woman didn’t finish the first word out of her mouth before collapsing onto the ground followed by a heavy coughing fit, as the group reached her her coughing had produced a red mucus that covered her left hand and the side of her face as she lay on the ground.

As Kiliak and Maeli helped to keep the crowd that started to gather back, G’Renn and Journs examined the woman and Logan fetched towels to place on the woman's head and face, then joined the others with the crowd.

From within the crowd several voices could be heard commenting on that she seams far along, comparing her to another person and that she was another one… all indicating that more had and were suffering from whatever she collapsed from.

Medical Tricorders examined the air quality and confirmed that a virus was mutating and more than likely was airborne prompting the Doctors to question about transferring the woman to the Atlantis for quarantine and examination.

Lieutenant Kiliak hearing a comment from the crowd using the stall holders name that she had been trying to find pushed through the crowd trying to get to the woman who made the comment.

Two Valcarians in uniform were pushing through the crowd to get to them prompting Maeli to ask their two Doctors about the whether the Valcarians should set up a quarantine centre at the market, which Logan set his arguments against but both of them waited for the two Doctors responses.

The Soldiers upon their arrival, much to the team’s surprise they immediately assumed that they were rendering aid to someone affected by an illness that had already spread from an archaeological dig site outside the city. Despite no Official word from the Tibro government the illness and its spread was known but not shared.

The Soldiers opened an unused stair at the side of the market for use by the Atlantis's officers and their patient. Lieutenant Kiliak contacted them informing that she would be back shortly after obtaining information about the illness. When the Lieutenant arrived she brought with her another who had fallen I'll.

As they searched the store a mob of local Valcarians formed outside the front of the store and with weapons identified as similar to the ones the Soldiers, began to shoot the front of the store while demanding the Federation crew leave.

Commander Raga sending a message to all Atlantis personnel informed the small group that contact had been lost with the Captain and Commander William's had been immediately recalled to Earth leaving him in charge. Using a contact at the dig site he was at allowed another group of soldiers to arrive and drive off the civilian mob. As the mob disappeared Commander Raga requested Lt Commander G'Renn to accompany him back to the dig site where his team believed the illness started, leaving Lieutenant Journs in charge

The Soldiers then escorted the remaining Atlantis crew members and their two ill patients to the central hospital and a Quarantine wing on a Quarantine floor. Lieutenant Maeli begun to suffer heavily from the telepathic overloading of being in a close environment with people in anguish and pain from the illness.

As the rest of the team comforted her and begun discussing their options and plan, their conversation also turned to the seemingly porous Quarantine protocol being used in the wing they were in.

Act Three

Notable SIMs

Mission Reports

REV SD 239705.30