Vaadwaur Occupation

The Vaadwaur Occupation of Deep Space 17 was the three-month period in 2387 between the Second Battle of Eratis and Operation Bright Star when the Vaadwaur controlled the station.

Timeline of the Vaadwaur Occupation

Prizes of the Vaadwaur

  • 238706.16: Following the Second Battle of Eratis, Deep Space 17 falls to the Vaadwaur.
    • Radi Rais is critically wounded during the battle. He is being treated by then-Ensign Ayelet Kadosh, a nurse, and a few other medical personnel in one wing of the station hospital who refuse to abandon their posts and evacuate with the majority of the other medical personnel.
    • The Vaadwaur soon storm the medical wing. The doctors and several nurses are slaughtered outright by the soldiers, much to the disappointment of some of the Vaadwaur superiors (Marari specifically) who wanted at least one physician kept alive. Fortunately for the Vaadwaur, among the surviving prisoners are a medic and Kadosh, both of whom are tasked with addressing the medical needs of the other station captives.
    • Among the personnel Kadosh takes care of is Rais, and the two briefly begin to form a bond from their mutual imprisonment, but the Vaadwaur have other plans for the marine.
    • Mission Log: "New Jen, Old Jen..."
    • Mission Log: "Prizes of the Vaadwaur"

The Insurgency Strikes

  • 238706.19: A small insurgency of Federation personnel, led by then-Lt. JG Msafiri Bakari, the highest ranking survivor who has not been captured, rescues 3 engineers (T'Soya, Ri, and Isen). Hundreds of Federation personnel remain captive, and many will not survive the prolonged occupation or the final battle to retake the station.
    • Over the next few weeks, Bakari and the insurgency are successful at sabotaging various station systems, including the internal sensor grid. Unfortunately, their attempts to liberate Federation personnel who have been "assimilated" by the Vaadwaur through the use of insect-like mind-control devices are less successful.
    • Meanwhile, Rais is separated from Kadosh and subjected to chemical brainwashing by the Vaadwaur. Kadosh is periodically brought in to tend to Rais’s injuries, and each time she notices that he is falling further under the influence of the Vaadwaur until finally on SD 238707.15 he sees himself as nothing else besides a member of the Occupation Force.
  • 238707.15: With his "treatment" complete, Rais begins patrol as a marauder for the Vaadwaur Occupation Force.
  • 238707.24: The Vaadwaur, assisted by Rais, ambush the insurgency's hideout, killing three of the insurgents. The group quickly relocates to a more remote location.
  • 238707.29: Kadosh is rescued by Bakari, who brutally kills the Vaadwaur guard Tiradora. Bakari takes her back to the insurgents' new hideout, where she meets Jennifer Brockton, Rais's partner.
  • 238708.09: Three civilians and a Starfleet crewman are rescued by the insurgents. Kadosh is successful at separating the former prisoners from their mind-control devices.
  • 238708.18: Kadosh’s birthday. She turns 34. Brockton is nearly caught breaking into the upper levels to replicate the ingredients for a cake; Brockton tells Kadosh that she has no regrets and that Kadosh’s friendship is important to her.
  • 238708.21: Three of the insurgents (T'Soya, McLeod, and Romas) are killed by Rais and the Vaadwaur. Brockton makes eye contact with her former partner Rais in the ensuing firefight.
  • 238708.23: Brockton confides in Kadosh that she doesn’t believe Rais can be saved. She tells her that this is probably for the best; she believes that her infertility would cause problems for them later down the road.


  • 238709.01: A rough day for the insurgency. Khali and two others are killed in a surprise attack by Rais. Brockton and James are MIA after staying behind to stall Rais and allow the others to escape.
    • Unbeknownst to the other insurgents, Rais quickly kills James and cripples Brockton before running after the remaining insurgents. Realizing that the others have managed to escape, Rais returns, and as Brockton pleads for her former partner to remember who he is, he executes her.
    • The insurgency is forced to abandon most of their supplies during the escape.
    • Bakari confides to Kadosh that night that he feels Starfleet has abandoned them all to face death alone.
    • Mission Log: "Terrible Deeds" Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3
  • 238709.07: Kadosh informs Bakari that they have 6 days left of supplies before they must surrender to the Vaadwaur. Bakari and the others know that surrender is not an option and plan one final stand to cripple the Vaadwaur.


  • 238709.11: Operation Bright Star begins.
    • Much to the anger of Bakari, Starfleet does not realize many of the attacking “Vaadwaur” forces are actually manned by the remaining captured Federation personnel of DS17 who have been brainwashed.
  • 238709.19: The battle concludes with Starfleet successfully liberating Deep Space 17.
    • Rais is freed from Vaadwaur control.
    • The surviving Vaadwaur remain on the station before being relocated to Devinon V.
    • Rebuilding efforts begin on DS17, with Bakari taking the role of acting station CO and Kadosh as acting station CMO.
    • Mission Log: "Acts of Contrition"

Federation Resistance

The Federation resistance to the Vaadwaur's occupation started with a group of twelve Marines and Starfleet personnel led by then-LtJG Msafiri Bakari after the fall of DS17 to the Vaadwaur on SD 238706.16. After Bakari's fellow security officer Ensign Levo was killed on SD 238707.24, Jennifer Brockton became Bakari's second-in-command. Over the three months of the occupation, the group rescued another eight personnel. The insurgents wore EV suits to keep out the "flies" the Vaadwaur used to control their prisoners. The insurgency sabotaged internal sensors to elude capture, and the Vaadwaur were forced to search for the insurgents deck-by-deck, room-by-room. Khali, a Betazoid and powerful telepath, was instrumental in warning her fellow insurgents when search parties were near.

Because of his unique physiology, Radi Rais was undetectable to Khali, however, and the Vaadwaur leader Sedrin ordered the brainwashed Rais to hunt down the insurgents alone. The former Marine squad leader was ruthlessly effective in his task, even killing members of his old squad without hesitation. Ultimately, only nine members of the resistance survived to see Starfleet retake the station on SD 238709.19.

Initial Members

Initial Members of the Federation Resistance
Then-Insignia Then-Rank Name Then-Post Aftermath
  Lieutenant JG Msafiri Bakari Security Officer Promoted to Lieutenant and served as acting CO of DS17.
  Ensign Khali Science Officer KIA, SD 238709.01
  Ensign Levo Security Officer KIA, SD 238707.24
  Staff Sergeant Jennifer Brockton Marine MIA, SD 238709.01.
Nominated for the Medal of Honor by Bakari. Awarded posthumously on SD 238812.13.
  Corporal Resiv Marine Promoted to Sergeant. Honorably discharged.
  Corporal Tashaun James Marine MIA, SD 238709.01.
Nominated for the Medal of Honor by Bakari. Awarded posthumously on SD 238812.13.
  Crewman 1st Class Toshihiro Yoshida Security Officer KIA, SD 238709.01
  Crewman 2nd Class McLeod Security Officer KIA, SD 238708.21
  Crewman 2nd Class Norij Security Officer Promoted to Crewman 1st Class.
  Private 1st Class Sian Douglas Marine Promoted to Lance Corporal.
  Private 1st Class Evans Marine KIA, SD 238707.24
  Private Romas Marine KIA, SD 238708.21

Rescued on SD 238706.19

Rescued on SD 238706.19
Then-Insignia Then-Rank Name Then-Post Aftermath
  Lieutenant JG T'Soya Engineer KIA, SD 238708.21
  Ensign Ri Engineer Promoted to LtJG.
  Crewman 1st Class Isen Engineer KIA, SD 238707.24

Rescued on SD 238707.29

Rescued on SD 238707.29
Then-Insignia Then-Rank Name Then-Post Aftermath
  Ensign "Doc" Ayelet Kadosh Nurse Promoted to LtJG and served as acting CMO of DS17. Later assigned to the USS Independence-A. Resigned from Starfleet on SD 238812.13.

Rescued on SD 238708.09

Rescued on SD 238708.09
Insignia Then-Rank Name Then-Post Aftermath
  Crewman 1st Class Bai Lab Technician Promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class.
  Civilian Reza Kardgar Journalist Wrote an award-winning article about the experience and is currently part of the design committee for a memorial to honor the victims of the Vaadwaur Occupation.
  Civilian Patel Teacher KIA, SD 238709.01
  Civilian Savos Researcher Left his work and returned to Vulcan to begin the Kolinahr ritual.