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Re: Cat's Eye contact lenses page

Hey mate -- I don't have access to the Google Document you linked, but from the information you gave me, I think you've got a choice between two options.

  1. A regular page with no templates, just adding the information like the CRI brace page or the MST project.
  2. A journal page, where you'd fill out Template:Medical Journal format with your information, in the style of a medical or scientific journal.

Looks like you want to create the Cat's Eye project (hit the red link and it'll let you create the page). If you're more interested in doing option 1, just edit as is and try to find the relevant categories to add to the bottom with [[Category:*name of category*]].

If you'd rather go with option 2, you'll want to create the page, stick {{subst:Medical Journal format}} as is into the empty page and hit save. Click edit again, and the code will be ready for you to fill in.

In the event you want to include references to sims, here's a tutorial that'll help.

Hope this help! Deliera Veritastalk 11:22, 18 July 2020 (UTC)