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Pips in Sidebar Templates

Lt.Cmdr. Harden/ Lt. Geeva/ Lt. Jg Ramirez ~ if one of you has some spare time this week could we possibly update all of the SB118 crew's sidebar templates to include the correct rank pip below their pictures? Please see Lt Geeva or/and my character page's side templates for exampls of what I mean and where to place the pip.

Ramirez: All done.

Mission Archive

Lt.Cmdr. Harden/ Lt. Geeva/ Lt. Jg Ramirez ~ I'm very concerned with the lack of info that has been recorded in our mission archives:

Could you (and any other officers from Ops that you encourage to get involved with the wiki) make this one of your top wiki projects for Ops please? At a minimum the info from the monthly ship reports (published on ' s news) could be added here where applicable. We need our current mision and info on past missions worked into this page if possible.

Cheers guys!

"Fleet Captain Rocar Drawoh | Talk"

Crew's Character Pages/ NPC Pages/ OOCs to the crew

Lt.Cmdr Harden, Lt Geeva, Lt Ramirez:

Could you three, also:

1) Check that all Starbase 118 crew do have the sidebar template (as is standard on most of our pages). I think its probably easier if one of you three make the template for them and add it to their page as the coding is quite ambitious for a new wiki user.


2) Check that all our crew members have a character page on here? If not, could you send them a Direct OOC encouraging them to use the wiki and refer them to the link that shows them "How to create a character page" -offer them some help and encouragement in this area. I'd like to see a character page for everybody serving on Ops... that way it is recorded in for prosperity and linked to our crew history page too.

3) Somewhere connected to the Ops template sidebar (with links to mision archive/ crew profiles etc) we ought really to create a list of NPC characters that feature in our sims. Similar to point 2, could you send OOCs to players who play NPCs and ask them to record their NPC on the wiki. Our two visiting Deltans for example... if we had a page on Laela it would be helpful now and in future years if we wanted a return guest appearance. We ought at least to have a feature on our most recurring visiting villans (for example Armeni as she has been a central character in our sims... similar to Gul Dukat in DS9). I believe this requires a new page to list them? What do you think?

Something similar to:

The same ought to go for any Starfleet NPCs we have (to be logged on our Master crewlist:

Moreover, can we get a page listing NPC civillians and shopkeepers, criminals etc. Check with Lt.Webb and Ens. Moon as they sim them a lot... so if you three could (again) take care of sending them OOCs and encourage them to record these NPC characters with pages of their own on the wiki. I think it would help us all when these sims come in if we can find quick info on the NPC... because with them featuring regularly but often after long periods of absence (due to missions) one often forgets smaller details about these NPCs.

Thanks and sorry to pile such a big "wiki to do list" on you three! Hopefully its starting to make sense as to why I assigned three of you to the OOC responsibility of the wiki. I know its a lot of work... but hopefully fun too and will look good once we build up the archive relating to Ops.

You've all done sterling work updating the crew lists etc. If you encourage your crewmates to all become more wiki active and offer them a little help, advice and guidance then I think you'll find all this gets done much easierly (is easierly a word?) and will start to look good fast. So please do feel free to start actively sending oocs to crewmates encouraging them to update these things (particularly character pages, npc page and the mission archive) on the wiki. [If the oocs are Direct oocs please CC the First Officer and myself]

Cheers guys and hope I've not given you too much of a pile there! {between three of you it should be manageable}

"Fleet Captain Rocar Drawoh | Talk" 06:54, 4 August 2008 (EDT)

Thoughts regarding above

  • NPC Listings: Different ships take different approaches. The norm is probably the layout found on Indy, with Tiger and Ronin having variants to the same theme. Embassy's old NPC Listing is good, easy to edit, but the newer ones may be a bit easier to the eye, easier to see a list of who is in what department without scrolling.
  • General Advice: Look through the Ship Histories section at what ships have done over the years; might give some ideas. Bear in mind though; how willing will people be to update it? As useful as it may be to have both an NPC Listing and a Master Crew List, there can be a lot of duplication, which means more editing, which means more time taken.
  • Parting Comment: If you need any help with coding or anything, there's always the Admins. We can get quite busy around the fleet, but we'll help if we can. I'll try not to moan about the black and yellow too much... ;)
- Lt. SalakUSS TigerTalk 22:57, 6 August 2008 (EDT)