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Please form subpages properly

Hello there. Glad to see a new participant on the wiki! I see you are creating your character profile. One thing I noticed is that you created pages for your "Post Academy" experience, and "Relationships". However, when you created these pages, you created them as if they were "stand alone." The problem with this is that each page name is unique. So if you have a page called "Post Academy", then no one else can have a page with that name.

To learn more about how to create subpages, read here. Sub-pages will accomplish what you are looking to do. I have already converted the first two pages you created. Please be sure to fix all of the links in your profile to operate in this way, so as to ensure we don't cloud up the main page space ;) Thanks! --Wolf /talk page 21:49, 6 September 2006 (CDT)

Hollendale, Rebecca Elizabeth

I've made some slight formating changes... where the sub-pages are already done, I've changed how the page links to them. Example: a romantic interlude that ended with her becoming pregnant /Romantic Interests & Relationships]; becomes a romantic interlude that ended with her becoming pregnant;

Note that the links don't work here as they are pointing to a sub-page that for the profile exists, but not for this talk page ;)

That takes out all the brackets, sleekens it and the edit to the link should mean it directs to the specific part of the sub-page that is being referred to. Hope that helps :) - Lt.JG SalakUSS IndependenceTalk 05:03, 20 September 2006 (CDT)