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Brell, thank you for taking an interest in the wiki, especially the Embassy section. It's already becoming one of the most referenced sections of the wiki. I just wanted to explain to you why I undid your corrections of Til'ahn to Til'hon - when the entire Embassy idea was still in its infancy, it was agreed the name of the planet would be "Til'ahn". There were vocabulary definitions for each part of the word, and the other planets' names matched (see the spatial geography page). Somehow, somewhere along the line, somebody at the embassy spelled it wrong ("Til'hon") and the name stuck, snowballing until people thought that it was the correct spelling. Even the Embassy webpage has it spelled like that. However, Til'hon is incorrect, and measures are currently underway to rectify the situation IC and explain the differences. Again, thank you for interest, and please continue to help expand the wiki. --Varaan 11:14, 15 Jan 2006 (EST)

Well that explains thing

I will make the corrections in my own Laudean sims. Thanks for informing me.