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Victoria in RL

RL Name: Victoria (yes same as my PC)

Birthdate: 1975

Gender: Female

Hair: Reddish Brown

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 112 lbs

Languages: English (and a little Italian, Spanish, French, German)

Zodiac Sign "Hands Off!"

Ethnicity: Caucasian/Eastern European

Religion: None of anyone's business, sorry.

Occupation: Publicist and Concert Sound Engineer

Location: Orange County, Southern California, USA

Appearance: I'm the spittin' image of my PC, except I'm really seven inches taller

Joined SB118: November 16, 2003 on USS Constitution-B

First SB118 Sim:

Sim Groups: USS Constitution-B, Duronis II Embassy, USS Constitution-B (again), USS Eagle

My Characters:

In-Character Alias's for Victoria Yladro:

  • Jaime Battista - Maquis Pirate Pilot - Alias was created for a covert infiltration mission.
  • Rana Loradan - Laudean Cave Dweller from Bryque Desert at University of Bryque - Alias was created for a top secret mission to find the source of an illict substance called Mayhem on Duronis II.


  • Favorite Author: Too many to list
  • Favorite TV: Most British Comedies, LOST, Food Network, Movie Channels
  • Favorite Movies: Too many to list
  • Favorite Music: All except country, rap and 'urban' singers who can't sing properly
  • Favorite Classical: Anything by Mozart
  • Favorite Rock or AAA: Too many to list
  • Favorite Jazz: Al DiMeola, Weather Report, Spyra Gyra, David Benoit
  • Favorite Blues: BB King, Coco Montoya, and a few others I can't remember at the moment.
  • Favorite Day of the week: Any day I don't have to work or travel!
  • Favorite Food: Seafood, Chocolate
  • Favorite Wine: Shiraz, Shaker's Winter, Grand Marinier
  • Favorite Sport: Sailing (as passenger)
  • Favorite Location: Asleep
  • Favorite Season: Fall
  • Favorite Simpson: Lisa
  • Favorite LOST character: Sawyer
  • Favorite Harry Potter Character: Ginny and Hermione
  • Favorite Star Trek Series: ST:TNG
  • Favorite Star Trek Captain: Sisko
  • Actor I'd cast to play Victoria Yladro: Bonnie Wright