About the player behind the chars...

Hello! I'm currently playing as Lina Dahlquist, a Science officer on the USS Oumuamua. In the past I played some other characters that you might have come across in all sorts of postings like Security, Engineering and Science. It seems I am always drawn back to that department. The first time that I wrote in this group was over ten years ago now. There have been some longer breaks though, but now I am back in one of the most fulfilling and best Star Trek RP groups that I have come across in my over 20 years of roleplaying.

Character Stable

My Personal Crew History
Command Division
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Dates Notes
Current PCs and PNPCs
Ensign Aridal Mirak 2400 to present
Current PC, Science Officer of USS Gorkon.
Ensign Lina Dahlquist 2400 to present
Former PC and current PNPC, Science Officer of USS Gorkon.
Lieutenant Mikk Toral 2391-2392
Chief of Security on the USS Gemini.
Lieutenant Vanessa Driscoll 2390-2391
Security Officer on the USS Discovery-C and Science Officer on the USS Gemini.
Other Previous PCs
Ensign Alarra Lavot 2394
PC as Counselor on Andaris Task Force.
Lieutenant Miles Driscoll 2393
Operations Officer on the USS Constitution-B.
Lieutenant Velle 2393
Engineering Officer of the USS Constitution-B.

Award History