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Pholin Duyzer

Lieutenant Pholin Duyzer is a 53-year-old Denobulan serving aboard the USS Columbia, his first posting, as Assistant Chief Science Officer. He was born in Iyax, Denobula in 2343, and has lived there most of his life. The Columbia with Pholin aboard is currently on shore leave to Losaria after an attack by a new face in the region.

Pholin was born in the region of Iyax on Denobula. He was raised by his parents and some of his step-parents on a farm bordering huge fields. Both of his parents worked on submarines exploring the largely unexplored Denobulan oceans. He was continuingly persuaded to join that same submarine but resisted and studied Sociology in the Denobulan Science Academy. Pholin participated in the rebuilding of Bajor while studying the impact of the occupation, when he met his wife, Hana. Following the return to Denobula, he raised his two daughters. He met Nelis Duyzer on a scientific base on Denobula, and eventually got into a relationship with him. Bored of his life in offices and seeking adventure, he eventually applied for Starfleet.


For more about his life, see: History. For a quick overview, see: Timeline.


Full Name Pholin Duyzer
Gender Male
Age 53 years old
Handedness Ambidextrous
Service Number CL-156-418
Languages Denobulan, Federation Standard, Dutch
Nicknames "Pholin" by almost every Denobulan
"Pho" by Hana and some close friends
Signature Pholin-sig.png
Name in Denobulan Pholin-dsig.png
Bem, his father.


Species Denobulan
Date of Birth 234304.15
Place of Birth Iyax, Denobula
Current Residence USS Columbia
Father Bem, commanding officer of the submarine Pak-cha on Denobula, 94 years.
Mother Tira (†), biologist of the submarine Pak-cha on Denobula, 98 years before passing.
Brother Fren (†), pilot of the submarine Pak-cha on Denobula, 47 years before passing.
Wife Hana, no occupation but former diplomat, 46 years.
Husband Nelis Duyzer, Starfleet crewman, 44 years.
Daughters Lalun, studying to become a doctor, 23 years.
Suva, studying to become a pilot, 21 years.


Pholin as a child.

For more, see his medical records.

Like many Denobulans, Pholin features ridges on the side of his head, going from his forehead to his cheeks. Also distinguishing him from other humanoids, his eyebrows go considerately more upwards. Other less visible features are a lightly orange skintone, and a ridged ear lobe connected to his head directly. He can also smile far more than any other humanoid, and has the ability to "blow up" his head when he is startled. Pholin has a genetic defect, however, giving him a "flat" chin, unlike most Denobulans who have another ridge there. This genetic defect can cause jaw pains for Pholin.

More specifically to him, his hair is combed back with a central hairline. He often has two curls on his forehead, which is something Hana likes to comment on. His haircolor is a dark brown, going to a more lighter color on his eyebrows. His eye color goes from a bright blue to a more grayish blue depending on the light he's in. He liked to keep himself clean; dedicating at least an hour a day to scraping his long tongue and brushing his teeth. He has recently stopped shaving and now features a mid-long beard. With a height of 184 centimeters and a weight of 64 kilograms, he could be considered slender but healthy.



A young Pholin.


Pholin likes to be around people, talking and bonding with them. Most of the time, though, this takes a huge toll on his energy. Often, he is exhausted after a group activity and gets a full eight hours sleep after such things (even though Denobulans only require three). Pholin can get nervous when being the center of attention in crowds, but can usually manage among people he knows. Getting to know people is a thing he doesn't do often but is capable of doing. He usually isn't the one to take initiative, as he is afraid of doing something wrong. Pholin cares a lot about what other people think of him, and now he is in Starfleet, especially what his superiors think of him.

When given an order or task, Pholin would prefer to perform it fully and exceed what was expected. However, in battle situations, he knows what to prioritize. He is less skilled in tactical thinking but thinks of himself as a diplomatic person who values righteousness above all else. Pholin sees himself moving up the ranks the coming years and hopes to make captain one day. He has lots to learn first, though, before he can become someone who has to take responsibility for the lives of everyone on his ship. As a parent, Pholin takes his responsibility very seriously. The Dominion attack has made him even more protective of the people he loves. He tries to give his children the most love he can, even if it takes to much of his energy. Departing his children to get into Starfleet was one of the hardest mental barriers he had to break in his life.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy

Training Facility Starfleet Academy, Earth, 2391-2395
Major Science - Astronomy & Xenology
Minor Operations & Communications
Supplementary Data File Academy Transcript


Serial Number CL - 156 - 418
Current Rank Lieutenant
Current Duty Post Assistant Chief Science Officer
Current Assignment USS Columbia
Current Mission The Battle Of New Year's Day (Columbia)

Professional History

Academy-icon1.gif Starfleet Academy
Science and Ops Cadet239109.18 - 239503.23
Nova-icon1.gif USS Centris-A (Under Oddas Aria.)
Science Officer Cadet239509.05 - 239509.12
Nebula-icon1.gif USS Columbia (Under Theo Whittaker.)
Science Officer Ensign239509.12 - 239512.28
Science Officer Lieutenant JG239512.28 - 239602.28
Assistant Chief Science Officer Lieutenant239602.28 - 239702.26

Service Ribbons

Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons FirstContact 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg
Legacy Ribbon.png
Awards ServiceRibbons GoodConduct 2011.jpg
Operation Safe Harbor Service Medal.png


For more about Pholin's family, see History.


Saden Lor - Friend, 32
Saden Lor

After coming back from Pholin's very first mission, he was ordered to report to sickbay. Upon arriving there he was checked up by an unfamiliar face. He had seen him in the Conference Room before the mission, of course, but he hadn't spoken a word to the good man. However, the Betazoid did seem to recognize Pholin, they had been assigned the same quarters. Upon hearing the man's name Pholin recognized him too. After arriving at the Columbia's home station, Dehner Base, Pholin finally had the time to talk. They sat at both the base's bar and in the park, and started talking.

Jona ch'Ranni - Friend, 25
Jona ch'Ranni

Pholin was sitting alone in The Look Outt, when he was called over by an aggressive shout coming from Na'Lae Mandak. She was sitting at the table with an Andorian, who was new on the ship. Pholin joined them at their table and started chatting. They talked about their lives, their careers, their marriages and lack thereof. Once things got more emotional, Pholin found Jona to be an excellent counselor. When Pholin had to leave to go to the real counselor, he considered Jona a new friend. During The Battle of New Year's Day he and Pholin were ordered to report to Astrometrics. Pholin had heard that Jona didn't know about the lab's microgravity, and managed to pull off a prank, terrifying Jona. Pholin expects revenge.

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