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Usage Instructions

This template is used to create a nav menu for history pages divided into subpages rather than one long page.

Usage is as follows:

{{CrewHistory-Subpages|SHIP=Veritas|NO MEDICAL=Yes}}
{{Post|Silver|Select a Division Subpage}}
{{CrewHistory End}}
{{ID subpages note}}
Veritas Crew History
Command Division Sciences Division Operations Division

Civilian Contingent
Insignia Rank Portrait Name Dates Notes
Select a Division Subpage

This page incorporates information from character ID subpages. More information about how to use them is available here.

Options that can be added, as needed:

  • PICARDUNI=yes will turn science and medical to blue, to match the Picard uniform colors
  • NO MEDICAL=yes removes the medical division as a separate category. Removing this will create a separate medical page
  • MARINE=yes adds the marine regiment
  • INTEL=yes adds the intelligence divison as a separate category. INTELRED=yes turns it red instead of black
  • DIPLO=yes adds the diplomacy section as a seperate category. DIPLORED=yes turns it red instead of purple

Similar to Template:CrewHistory but with a menu to subpages for individual divisions.