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  • Epsilon type 8 projector: Small projector built for stationary visual projections no larger than 2 cubic metres. The projector itself is the shape of a small cube and may be hidden within the projection. Though this projector has the capacity to create solid projections, the device is known to short out when pushed to its limits. It's commonly used to display statistical information to personnel giving a presentation, briefing, or if someone forgot their PADD.
  • Vaicor type 3 projector: Small projector built for stationary holoprojections no larger than 3 cubic metres. The projector itself is a small rectangular prism, and may be hidden within the projection. This projector is commonly used to project tables and chairs in lieu of real ones.[1]
  • HEWies: Holographic Engineering Workers are holographic programs designed to assist with research and development projects. [2] Created by programming experts of Starfleet's Corps of Engineers, they are classed as additional holographic support. Ships equipped with holographic technology of any kind can access them, though an Engineering-levelled access code is required.
  • Laser cutter: A handheld engineering tool designed to cut through metal and organic materials roughly four inches thick. They are part of a typical engineer's toolkit. [3]
  • Waulky bolts: Bolts and fasteners holding bulkheads to ship frames, strong enough to remain fastened when taking damage in space. They are notoriously difficult to undo for obvious reasons.[4]
  • Passive recharge power generators: A new development by Starfleet's Corps of Engineers, latest model being the Mark V. It's recently been installed aboard the USS Invicta and the USS Syracuse to assist with powering all holographic areas, the Invicta especially relying on such technology and proving them to be a major power drain.[5]

Brands and makes

  • Epsilon projectors: A line of holoprojectors designed by former Starfleet engineer Yanri and his team in the late 2380s after branching away from specialist tricorders. The team's projectors are known more for reliability at displaying information.
  • Vaicor holoprojectors: A line of holoprojectors by Dr. Matthal Vaicor, an expert in holographic components, in the late 2380s. These projectors are known for structural reliability.

ETP trades log

  • Invicta's Bridge briefing table[6] /
  • Captain Kells' signed daily orders[5] /
  • Mark V passive recharge power generators[5] /

Chroniton and it's affects on humanoid biology

The use of chroniton particles in the ongoing endeavor of time travel continues to provide unexpected results for regular 'travelers'. In the late 25th century, the TIC enlisted individuals with the intent of creating small adjustments in the past, to provide a better present. Initially, travel could be conducted through the Guardian of Forever - however, this use of time travel ceased unexpectedly by the TIC.

As such, the TIC developed an alternative method of travel between two points in time. Having developed the capability to collect chronometric particles, refining them and creating a concentrated radiation that, through the combination of a chronometric radiation and use of capable transporter equipment with an assortment of delta-irradiated beacons in high-tetryon areas of space, allows the transport of a single being through time.

However, as with any radiation not totally understood by doctors and scientists alike, there are significant drawbacks to the use of constant chronometric particles. Though proven to be generally safe in single event exposures, the increased use of the technique began to deteriorate the health of travelers. Underlying and non-life threatening conditions eventually degrade into debilitating cases. Even those of healthy bodies and sound mind experience the effects of chronometric radiation. But in their quest to change their standard of life of the present, the TIC failed in their duty to disclose these effects, and continue to provide inadequate support to them. Instead, they attempt to extend the length of time between what the institution call "jumps", cycling through travelers for different tasks.

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