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Just a bunch of 'clips' I've really enjoyed writing.


Core: Seriously, what is it that's bugging you? Is it the eyes? Would you like me to put something on to cover them? Because that's fine - I don't want you to crash us into something. I mean, I've done this heaps of times before - been in service for five years, and you're part of the very few who seems convinced that I may eat you.

Cormac: =/\= Veritas to Blake. =/\=

Blake: =/\= You're a few thousand clicks too far from Donova, Cormac, why are you in Shadow space? =/\=

Cormac: =/\= Captain wants you running an op in the main colony. She's particularly sorry that she's pulling you out of Cakapunnual, but this is important. =/\=

Blake: =/\= Please tell Zhou to remind her I'm not a marine. =/\=

Cormac: =/\= She said you'd say that, and that I am authorized to tell you to stop hiding behind your boy toy. =/\=

Blake: =/\= . . . standby. =/\=

Roqeth: What *are* you?

::Tristam's eyebrows rose high, black eyes impossibly wide. After a few seconds frozen like this, expression over-emphasised in a typical manner for a Rodulan, Tristam recomposed himself, giving an answer laced with sarcasm.::

Core: I'm your messiah. Careful, else I'll melt your brain.

Roqeth: You *dare*-

Core: Relax. I'm a Rodulan. And incredibly disappointed in your education system.

Blake: "The edge of the shadows is a safe-haven. For a place with no weapons, the only defense is peace."

::It was a dumb quote that had her rolling her eyes when Elis spouted the nonsense at the tactical console less than a year ago. A place with no weapons was laughable, given the amount of weapons smuggling, but Elis had clarified that it meant starship weaponry in it's space. The Bajoran had also taken it upon himself to forward her the information on just how little weapons activity there was because of all the shady deals happening upon the surface. Shadow's Edge was by no means the most populated colony, but strangely enough, it acted like it was.::

Core: Smell that recycled air, Loupaz! Isn't it *glorious*!

Loupaz: It's the same air I've been breathing for three months, Commander.

Core: Oh yes. But one can never cease to be tired of it, don't you think?

Loupaz: I think you need to go to Sick Bay.

Kallo: Actually, I got stuck-

Blake: *Smuggling*.

Kallo: *No*, Just Commander - thanks to your efforts, I'm a *reformed man*! I'd planned on scavenging this fine palace.

Blake: Yeah, because that's just as perfectly legal.

Core: Please be nice please be nice please be nice - *come on*, you were in a good mood ten minutes ago!

Blake: The general consensus is humans and Klingons are pirates, but not to shoot on sight without authority. And if there's ever a Romulan out in the Shoals, they're not there to make my life harder, they're protecting themselves and their family. If they are hostile, and do not back down, then it's a run for cover job until Marshals can show up. It's a certain loss of dignity, but that's the way it is until such time our political climate stabilizes.

Parker: Perhaps I should explain a little bit more about how we do things here. If we receive a threat, we try to mitigate it without bloodshed first. Failing that, we unleash hell. If we are attacked first, we unleash hell. You got something against Orions?

Blake:::rubbing at her neck.:: Let's just say that double tapping large Orions is usually the best policy where I'm from.

Blake: oO *Useless son of a high-tide checkered doxi fish*- Oo

Kallo: What’s your name, friend?

Schnieder: Liam...Liam Schnieder. What’s yours?

Kallo: Well, Master Liam...Liam Schnieder, my name is Kallo Ver. Take a seat. I’ll cover the fee for the rest of your shift.

::Liam’s eyes narrowed as he sat on a nearby stool::

Schnieder: It’s just one Liam...

Kallo: Long story short, the Orion Syndicate approached me with a business opportunity - given that it came at the end of a disruptor, I'd have been mad to refuse - and they employed me to go searching for a lost Romulan fleet of V'teridix class warbirds. The kind of thing that generally only pan out of be myths. After some rather unethical means of gathering information thanks to a Nuvian lass, I decoded an ancient Romulan transmission - a distress signal, originating from a set of coordinates. I bolted from the Syndicate - and then was conveniently found by Marshals not long afterward.

::Crickets could have chirped while he waited for the others to respond, all four of them simply standing there staring at him like he'd grown another head.::

Mei'konda: Uh huh.

Core: I must say, though; drinkable drinks - I'm looking forward to them.

Blake: You didn't like the bartender at the wedding?

Core: There were two reasons as to why I had one glass that night. The fact that I asked for a bourbon and cola, and got only bourbon, was the primary.

Blake: I thought she was great.

::She gave a suspiciously warm smile at him from over her shoulder, leaning against the bar, and Tristam rolled his eyes.::

Core: You're incorrigible.

Kallo: Honestly? I didn't find out. I took what evidence I needed to prove my theory, and booked it out of there.

Blake: That's surprisingly uncharacteristic of you, given that you generally over-stay your welcome anywhere you go.

Kallo: You're a widow, Commander. Born out of ash and fire with just five years of life under your belt. The things that scare you are complex - they are very real problems. But some of us are simply spooked by a darkened corridor.

Rahman: Then I'll leave you two to your reunion. I'm sure you have a lot of catching up to do.

Kallo: Yes indeed-

::As he began to approach Niraa, Blake caught his arm again, swinging him around to face the exit.::

Blake: Nope. Not doing that.

Schnieder: What about this treasure you claimed to have found? I would like to hear the entire tale but it is past closing time now.

Kallo: Actually it was quite novel, really. You remember I spoke of the boxes with Romulan fish fork in them?

Schnieder: Yeah.

Kallo: One of the boxes detailed coordinates, of the final resting place of the colonists whom were lost to time. Within the colony, of course. The box was immune to tetryon so to be located more easily by others - it sticks out like a sore thumb to anyone looking for it.

Schnieder: I you tracked down these colonists?

Kallo: Did you hear anything I just told your? They're centuries deceased now - little more than bones! No, anything the colonists had on their persons aren’t worth anything by today’s standards. No, while Niraa and my Starfleet associates were looking for latinum or new pages for a history book, they forgot the most important thing.

Schnieder: What? Gold?

Kallo: No. The Romulans left their herbs and spices behind.

::There was a moment as Kallo allowed Schnieder to consider his words - or, rather, became infuriated by them.::

Schnieder: Herbs and spices? They left herbs and spices! How do you plan to pay for all these drinks with herbs and spices!

Kallo: You think so little of me.

Teitut: Quick question; do you have any kind of relationship with Aagan Eislas?

Blake: Not a name I recognize, but given the complexity of my situation, I may have potentially met them at some point between 2383 and 2391. Should I know them?

Teitut: He has similar genetic markers to your daughter. Aagan Eislas may very well be her father.

Blake: That's nice.

Blake: We were hoping you could drop us back to Kidman I - there's some work we need to finish there.

Captain: No problem at all. Ekhail?

Ekal: It's *Ekal*, sir.

::The captain all but ignored the Rigelian.::

Enob: I find your attitude unbecoming of a Daneil.

Core: My attitude is due to the continued prodding and calls of my incompetence of two so-called experts on *my turf*.

Enob: And it is exactly this kind of response that warrants our concern-

Core: No, sir. It doesn't. The minute you learn to trust me and my capabilities, I'll start forwarding you all the reports you want bar those you cannot access due to security clearance. Until then, ::he stepped into the turbolift:: Deck six.

Blake: How convenient that some of the important men of my life have returned under mysterious circumstances.

Kallo: Aww!

Blake: Don't flatter yourself, I wasn't talking about you.

Kallo: Aw.

DeVeau: Do you like cats?

::He choked on his drink, the glass disappearing from his hands as he forced himself to remain upright.::

Ekal: Well done, Commander. You've found a question I didn't think I'd have been restricted from answering.

Core: Blake?

Blake: Hmm?

Core: . . . where's Maravosh?

Blake: Dunno. I think she's shocked somewhere.

Core: So, why are you in her chair?

Blake: It was the only free chair on the Bridge.

Delano: Well, that was thoroughly unpleasant. Is it always like this?

Ekal: This is worse than usual. ::huff:: I think the- the spacial coordinates- ::huff:: -made it rough. ::huff:: More than usual.

Teller: Admiral Janeway is right...time travel is stupid. I regret suggesting it.

::Kells laughed. Jhalib just thought that Admiral Janeway was a bit of a hypocrite.::

Ekal: I . . .

oO Think that’s a dumb idea? Oo

oO Think this might not end well? Oo

oO Think that’s a little too complicated? Oo

oO Think I’m under-qualified for that? Oo

Ekal: . . . can try?

Delano: I think that will be best.

Ekal: =/\= I’m not sure- =/\=

::Actually no. Screw it. If he was going to die in a ball of flames because his program wasn’t accurate, he wanted to be confident in his poor choices.::

Ekal: =/\= This program code is ready to go and will definitely work when implemented. =/\=

Teller: =/\= Loving that confidence Ekal. Don't worry, worst thing that happens is we fail the whole crew and then die a fiery death.=/\=

Ekal: =/\= Yep. =/\=

:: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ::

Blake: You. Handle that one.

Zhou: Why am I always babysitting for you these days?

::Jhalib glanced back at Zhou before staring at nothing, giving an exasperated sigh.::

Blake: Okay, first of all - last night was … ::He gave a laugh.:: Last night was nice, but it wasn’t *life threateningly good*, if you get my meaning-

Merce: Can you take this seriously for even just a minute-

Dickens: It's our lucky day, this place seemed to have some kind of backup and this is working. If i'm not mistaken, this should be a list of people and we might find up who we are.

Kinan: That'd be helpful. I feel like I have about eight different names and none of them suit me.

Kallo: You're a Brekkian Betazoid female. You can read minds-

Blake: I cannot.

Kallo: -and can zap people.

Blake: That's a simplification, but sure.

Kallo: You were born 2363 on Delos IV, which puts your birth a mere year *prior* to first contact with the Brekkians-

Blake: We don't talk about that plot hole here.

Kallo: Your skin is naturally hot to touch because you're an alien and run a hotter body temperature than nearly everyone else - which means you with a fever is probably making Mr Teller very uncomfortable, by the way.

Blake: Kallo, I will deck you.

Marshall: Who knows? We might end up coming your way in the near future.

She almost choked on her jibrore.

Blake: Aren’t you guys on a Galaxy class?

Marshall: Excuse you, ::she cocked an eyebrow with a side grin,:: Sovereign.

The correction didn’t phase her.

Blake: Uh huh. Call me when you guys lose a few tonnes.

Kelrod: Before we proceed, we need to check the rest of the ship, but I'm curious about what were you doing in this ship?

Kallo: Insurance scam.

Silence permeated the smokey cargo hold. Perplexed at the silence -- and scrutiny with which he was being stared at by all members of the Veritas crew -- Kallo shrugged his shoulders.

Kallo: What?

Kelrod: Does the captain know that you're here and who you really are? Because he didn't mentioned having any passenger...

Kallo: That... is also a long story.

Blake: Why not make it a short story then?

Kallo: In order to access the priceless family heirloom of one important person, I had to pass myself off as a member of that family... and "die".

The XO pinched the bridge of her nose.

Kallo: It was the easiest way into the family crypt -- which houses the diamond I'm looking for!

Blake: And "dying" was the best way to achieve this?

Kallo: How else am I meant to break into the crypt?

Blake's eyes flickered as she considered the smaller man's words.

...touche, really, because there was no other reasonable explanation for his being in a crypt clearly not for him.

Blake: Well... how's your plan working out so far?

Kallo: Well it was going fine until the cargo hold caught fire. Though, admittedly, this is my second attempt.

Kelrod: What do you think commander? Shall we inform the captain of Ver's presence on this ship, or just send him to the Veritas, into custody?

Kallo:::grumbling:: You'd force me to do this a third time?

Kallo: I intend to take a diamond belonging to the Badnut family. They're a rather wealthy bunch that run trade near End Triangle. But to get the diamond, I have to access their family crypt. And I can't just walk in.

Rahman: That doesn't explain why you weren't on the manifest.

Kallo: I'd never lie to you, Captain. I intended to pretend to be a member of the family, fake my death, have my body placed in the crypt — and with complete and open access to the Badnut diamond available to me, it is mine for the taking.

Blake:::frowning in thought:: If you couldn't walk into the crypt through regular means, how did you intend to walk out of it?

Kallo opened his mouth, but paused, his index finger raised. After a moment, his finger dropped and his mouth closed, unable to answer her logical question.

Blake pinched the bridge of her nose as she sighed.

Just a Tuesday

Core: How's the station's navigation systems?

Selrus: We've got an Antor contractor vessel keeping the ship from drifting - all stabilizers are toast. The reactor is barely intact.

Core: Can we expect replacements?

Selrus: Sure.

Core: When?

Selrus: Tuesday.

Core: Tuesday?

Selrus: Tuesday.

Core: Right. ::He shook his head.::

[One minute later...]

Core: When can we expect the rest of the Starfleet crew?

::There was hesitation in Selrus, the Terran shifting somewhat in his place as he examined a busted console.::

Selrus: . . . Tuesday.

Core: Come again?

Selrus: They'll be here Tuesday.

Core: Right, let's assume for a moment that I don't understand local terminology, and repeat to me what you just said.

Selrus: . . . they'll be here seventeen Tuesdays from today-

Core: How does *that* constitute as a random "Tuesday"!? That's *three months* away - which in itself is *absurd*, since we're along the Mother Road.

Selrus: . . . they're pulling people from other postings within the Shoals. Last arrival is scheduled for a Tuesday.

Core: Well where are they *coming* from? Karakka?

Selrus: . . . Ketar V.

Core: Oh Artist . . .

Core: Hold on a minute, my orders were to *repair the damage*. I’ve even been afforded the resources to do that - the issue is that they’re not due here til Tuesday.

Rahman: Tuesday? Next week?

::He coughed again, chewing his lip again.::

Core: I’ve been here . . . nine weeks? So . . . eight Tuesdays time.

::She just looked at him for a moment. Maybe she had spoken too soon about his sanity.::

Largew: Your early warning system works like a treat, Starfleet.

Blake: Core thought it was best. Defense towers were supposed to be installed Tuesday - I should have pushed for them to be sooner.