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Not only is this a complete listing of every character I've played or has made a very minor appearance, it is the "planning page" for them all. Notes on these characters are displayed below. Names that are green are characters that are currently active and in use, but at the moment, nothing's in green. So yeah.

Don't mind me, just creating some characters

What makes a character?

  • Appearance (cycle back to this one below)
  • Personality
  • Background (environmental and current situation)
  • Relationships
    • Family
    • Romantic
    • Friends
    • Authority
    • "Minions"
    • Rivals
  • Likes/Dislikes
  • Habits and quirks
  • Feelings and thoughts
  • Rules (and reactions to those rules)
  • Senses
  • Occupation
  • Schooling/Education
  • Beliefs, fears and loves

So pretty much your standard bio, but with a few considerations.

  1. What do they want?
    1. Desires (what they want)
    2. Motives (how do they get what they want)
  2. Causes
    1. What affects them and why?
    2. How/why do they want what they want?
    3. What influences them along that path? (though this is more for the arc itself)

Let's cycle back to appearance. For physical portraits:

  • Why does their hair look the way it does?
  • Why are they wearing those clothes?
  • Why are they carrying that object?
  • Why do they have that expression?
  • Were did they come from?
    • Where will they go?
  • What did they do a week ago?



Elis Nacubaq

  • Has a first name. I don't think I've ever actually used it in sim, though.
    • It's actually used in The Mirror, but given that that remains published only on the wiki, I'm not certain it counts.
  • Wears the skant.
  • Brandon Cormac
  • Helpful babysitter.
  • AVATAR: Spiritually Josh Keaton



Aagan Eislas

  • Faith Blake's biological father.
    • Essentially he's been retconned into some point around Blake's serving on the USS Ronin. I'm not convinced he needs to show up on the ship, though - that's taking the retcons too far.
  • Twentieth House of Betazed
  • AVATAR: (so I don't forget) Santiago Cabrera
  • Think I'm just gonna retire this entire confusing plot, lets be honest.

Brekkian Hybrids

Primary character1

  • Skyleena Serrella Blake
  • Is Blake naturally blonde?
    • No. No she is not.
    • That doesn't mean she's not blonde it just means she dyes her hair.
    • This is actually established during "A Holographic Step" with Tristam, of all people, as HoloBlake is rendered using a transport record of Blake of which had more regrowth than what she'd normally allow today.
      • ZTS walking into her quarters whilst she's re-dyeing her hair is not a scene I have yet written (but very much want to).
  • Will not - repeat, will not - regain her memories. Brief flashbacks, yes. Everything? No.
  • Played on USS Challenger-A, USS Ronin, USS Mercury, USS Thunder/Duronis II Embassy, USS Avandar, USS Vigilant, USS Vigilant-A (also had a very brief appearance in a USS Garuda sim, though not based on or near the Garuda), USS Invicta. Now a primary on USS Veritas. JP on Duronis II Embassy, brief appearance on USS Atlantis & USS Gorkon.
  • First cousin once removed of the 11th House of Betazed.
    • I retconned Lila's position, and yet am keeping this...
  • AVATAR: Yvonne Strahovski

Blake's biology

  • Coboglobin blood chemistry
    • Amber blood
    • Not poisoned by from carbon monoxide.
  • Lives only 90 years


Faith Blake



Brandon Cormac

  • Shore leave character, if played at all.
    • Used mainly to bridge the gabs of Blake's time on Veritas.
    • Was a Ranger based around Ketar V prior to service aboard Veritas.
    • Was Special Operations Officer aboard Veritas (possibly 2O prior to NPC crew transfer, given that he shared beta shift command with Blake question mark?).
      • While Cormac was Special Ops officer, Blake was Strategic Ops officer. The basic difference between them was that while Cormac primarily worked with Starfleet Intelligence and analyzed societal and political environments of each colony world, Blake worked with CCMS contacts and tracked pirates. At some point, they come to realize that yes, they should probably share an office space.
        • It's really just a made up point of conflict regarding the workplace since I couldn't come up with a position for him when he was first created.
      • "Veritas has a special ops officer?"
        • Not anymore!
  • Retiring?
  • AVATAR: Troy Baker


Ash Makepeace

  • Australian. Add tick here.


Vivian Volkoff (previously Alisha Ozera, Vivian Volkoff)

  • Currently selling weapons to the Orion Syndicate and Scarlett Brotherhood. Is also a member of the Syndicate.
  • The ironic thing is, Discovery just confirmed that the whole nonsense of Ozera being altered to be an Orion is a legitimate thing in this universe.
  • Referenced in appearance of Voreic Industries as holders of a current cloaking technology, used against the USS Invicta & USS Garuda.
  • AVATAR: Lauren Cohan
  • Played on USS Mercury/Duronis II Embassy/JPs from USS Avandar. Referenced in unpublished sim.




  • Holographic version of an earlier original Blake.
    • Ick.
  • Tristam keeps her off as much as possible.
  • He doesn't have her now, but a funny thought is if he'd accidentally left her on a datadrive in Rahman's quarters.
    • I don't think Rahman would find it funny.
  • AVATAR: Yvonne Strahovski


Nygeyan-Vale Caeloi

  • Krzexxi
  • TwinCores
  • Fighting for new world ideals on a regular basis.
  • Primarily interested in propulsion technology and a self-proclaimed "propulsionist".
    • Which is how and why Tristam calls many engineers involved in the field "propulsionists", regardless of whether or not it's an actual title.
  • Arguments about the viability of propulsion were a common thing between the two. One prefers transporters, the other prefers speed.
    • Medledore influenced this.
      • And definitely not unintentionally.
  • I think he's looking after Samual?

Primary character2

Coloured text = additions by the rich.

Tristam Daneil Core

  • Accidentally called my own character "Tea Cup" (T.Cup).
  • Corrected his middle name to give it a more Rodulan feel - or, rather, decided that "Daniel" was far too human and simply swapped letters around and blaming inconsistency on spelling error instead of coming up with a new one. This is referenced in "A Walk".
  • Realized that the actual pronunciation of his name is different to how people would normally pronounce it. Thus the (pronounced /traɪstɛm/) on his bio.
    • This came from Roshanara Rahman calling him "Tris" after Tristam called her "Rosh" (since "Tris" should really be "Trice", following how his name is spoken)
  • Has yet to discover the joys of a finely cooked Kriosian rainbow potato.
    • Goes well with burritos.
      • Specifically Rahman burritos.
        • Sad moment when you realize Tristam can't actually have Rahman burritos.
  • AVATAR: Jimmy McGhie



Rairen Caide

  • In charge of the solo Rangers.
  • Lieutenant
    • But don't tell the platoons.
  • He's the "so you wanna be a ranger?" kind of guy.

We're gonna try out this new form of doing stuff because I'm learning it so why the hell not

  • Dark brown eyes, long brown hair (like, nice long), tall-ish, dark-dark Trill spots
    • He's had short hair before (and looks fine with it), but has been too occupied to look into getting a haircut.
  • Strong demeanor—he spends a lot of time with a contemplative frown on his face (eyebrows creasing when listening to important information). He's focused beyond anything Blake has met, but kind and thoroughly understanding of others. He can become frustrated if he fails to adequately explain his thinking to others—not often, but it can occur.
  • Has good relationship with parents. Is an only child. Makes strong relations with civilian settlements and officers working with him in within the Rangers. Is good with troubled kids (worked with them for a while during his BA).
  • Is not a fan of spontaneity. Likes to have plans of action (for nearly all things). People like Blake (ie, "ride by the seat of your pants") frustrate him immensely for lack of coordination and higher chances of civilians misunderstanding purposes behind actions—or failing altogether.
  • Has a heart.
  • Guy's pretty much Head Ranger (at least, he is for the Shoals).
  • Believes very much in accountability.


This. (Photoshop talent: Rich)

Nick Falls

  • Joined Trill.
  • Lieutenant JG, Tactical officer
  • Good friends with Jess Webber.
  • Previous hosts Stacee and Xolak Falls.
  • AVATAR: Matt Bomer
  • Had a holographic version of him roam around.



  • Kinan is the one everybody curses when they're given a crappy assignment in the Shoals.
    • Confucius say, don't be mean to Kinan.
  • Debate on name. Though "Kinan Venroe" is preferred, Kinan is actually her true last name, Venroe being the name of her symbiont. Hates 'Ari'. ("Ari is childish and unprofessional")
    • Full title including face names would actually work to be Ari (personal) Renya (township) Kinan (outsiders) Venroe (symbiont).
  • Very official, very business like, very by the book. Though will become frazzled when asked too do impossible tasks.
  • Deals with a whole lot of people on a regular day.
    • Personnel Officer part comes into play here. Her preference is for working with people that actually work for her, rather than trying to wrestle diplomats and ambassadors (despite various degrees of success in both of these areas). Should emphasize this later.
  • Though she displays patience, she kind of wants to head/desk her way through a couple of situations.
    • She's the "lets keep level-headed while we're yelling" type and will compromise where needed.
  • AVATAR: Kate Mara
  • Played on USS Avandar (originally Secondary Character, changed to PNPC), USS Vigilant, and was a holographic character aboard the USS Mercury. Joined with Kinan as a PNPC on DSX. MSNPC for USS Invicta on the Charles Lindbergh.
  • Currently on Cait Spacedock, rather than Esperance.



Blake: Mother of Sky- *Kallo Valenti*?

::Where were her cuffs when she needed them.::

Kallo: Blake Just Commander! How *are* you!?

First draft appearance of Kallo Ver, initially known as Kallo Valenti, 3rd of April 2017.

Kallo Ver

  • Tends to change hands a bit, so he's not technically an NPC of my own, but rather belongs to the Veritas as a whole.
  • Kallo's first name is a reference to Mass Effect: Andromeda. It's a nod as Kallo is who I consider to be the Veritas's "Q" character - the anti-villain who keeps showing up, yet will never actually be on Q's level - much like how Kallo is a "replacement" of Joker as the game's helmsman, yet will never fill the shoes as a worthy replacement.
    • Fun fact: He was initially called "Kallo Valenti", Valenti being the surname of another video game character (this time, Carla Valenti from Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy). Valenti was thrown out before the published introduction sim in favour of something a bit less 'human'.
  • Kallo literally slipped his hands through his cuffs and slid out of his arresting officers hands.
    • It's my personal belief that he wears a lot of hand lotion.
  • Kallo Ver & The Hunt for the Lost Romulan Treasure Fleet (Veritas) coincidentally fell on the one year anniversary of having met Kallo in Rag and Bone (Veritas).
  • Kallo is the character I'd kill to have show up on other ships in the fleet.



Ayden Blake

  • Originally "Ayeden".
    • Regardless of how it's spelled, it's still pronunced "Aye-Den". Like "I Den".
  • Guess who's finally on the Veritas!
    • Side note to ZTS. Spending two weeks with a kid you've never met before to get him to his mother is some serious commitment on his part.
  • Vulcan, Brekkian, Betazoid hybrid.


The door chimed.::

Blake: Enter.

The familiar man stepped through, hands clasped behind his back.::

Lior: Am I disturbing you?

The Brekkazoid let the PADD she was reading tap against her thigh, looking up to her visitor.::

Blake: No. Can I help with something?

Lior: Uh . . .

He shuffled in his stance.::

Lior: I just . . . wanted to thank you. For trusting me like you did, without having any reason to.

Blake: You delayed your schedule to thank me?

Lior: Among other things.

He gestured at the free chair across from her, a silent question of permission - of which she nodded, putting the PADD down onto the coffee table.::

Lior: If you don't mind, Commander . . . I . . . know your son.

Blake: I'm not overly surprised. I imagine your galaxy is probably a little smaller than this one.

Lior: Yeah. ::He gave a small grin.:: But there was always something I wanted to know.

Sky frowned a little at the visitor.::

Blake: About my son?

Lior: His middle name . . . it's 'Diego'.

Blake:::with a smirk:: My memory might be shot, but I remember naming my son.

Lior: But . . . he's not Human.

Blake: And?

Lior: You and your daughter have Brekkian names. You allow "Blake" to be pronounced as such in Federation Standard. Your daughter's name is entirely seritonian.

Blake: Is this part of the question?

Lior: I just . . . you don't generally conform to Terran culture.

Sky sucked in a deep breath, green eyes looking over his facial features.::

Blake: As my bondmate would have told you, 'Diego' is a namesake. He saved my life, maybe more than once. We were . . . well, not *close*, but he was important. If things had been different . . . ::She gave a reminiscent smile.::Hmm.

Lior: What happened to him?

She sighed, looking down to the deck plating as her thumb rubbed at her lip.::

Blake: I'm told that the last time I ever spoke to him was when he was launching a ship in the Zeta Gelis Region, but that was a few years ago. Since then, records say he'd taken a promotion and headed to the neutral zone with a small fleet of ships, supposedly going to repair relations with the Romulan Empire. ::Sky shook her head.:: The fleet was never heard from again.

There was silence

Lior: I'm sorry.

Blake: Don't be. I doubt we'd get along today.

Sky Blake and Lior (later renamed as Jhalib Ekal), scene composed on 12th of January 2018. It would eventually be re-purposed for From nothing to something a year later.

Jhalib Ekal

  • Ya-lib Eckaal
  • Jhalib is a name of Rigelian origin.
    • Ekal is his partner Merce's surname.
      • Sufficed to say, the relationship got a bit rocky when he made that choice. Hence the "I know a man who would probably disagree with you" line.
  • Goes by Jhalen Novu now.
  • Ekal's working name was actually Lior prior to his first appearance, but the name didn't feature past his first drafted sim.
  • Brown eyes, dark hair, weakly pointed ears.
  • AVATAR: Bryan Dechart
  • Not young
    • Actually in his early 100s.
  • Who is Constable?
    • I'm glad you asked.
    • It's presumably a codename, as Jhalib consistently refers to Constable as if it's someone's name, not rank.
      • Narm'ei.
    • Constable is Jhalib's superior.
  • See User:Sky Blake/It's all connected
  • Where's Ekal now?
    • Long story short, he hitched a ride to Brekka and jumped back to 2391, the year of his birth, to meet his father for the first time ever. He also witnesses Sabor's death. He cannot return to his future, because his future no longer exists.
    • He's also suffering a bit of an existential crisis himself, because if his future can no longer exist, how is he still around?
      • Finding purpose in Sabor's death, Ekal changes out his name once again to Jhalen Novu and remains on Brekka as a bit of a radical. He recruits five people to help him essentially restructure the entirety of Brekka's shredded government systems, and strong-arms about half of the world's representatives into signing a (dangerous) unification accord he intends to police through blackmail.



  • Sky, Faith & Ayden.
  • Alllllllll the retcons.
  • Rings (Blake):
    • Engagement: Stainless steel, emerald
    • Joining: Gold
    • Trust: Copper (thumb)
      • This is the one Blake wears whilst on duty. The other two are stored away on a chain somewhere, and only reappear whilst on shore leave.
  • Rings (Sabor):
    • Engagement: Stainless steel, hessonite
    • Joining: Gold
    • Trust: Cobalt
  • AVATAR: Milo Ventimiglia
  • Played on USS Mercury, Duronis II Embassy, USS Avandar, USS Vigilant & USS Vigilant-A. Referenced in unpublished sim, referenced on USS Veritas - repeatedly.

Others (ideas)

Let me make this clear. Everything in this section is being planned. If you see it here, it's likely that it's probably not going to happen and is just a crazy idea I had that I wanted to jot down before I forgot it again.

Borg infection

Take the Borg drone out of the Borg and what do you get? An artificial intelligence that will do anything and everything to get itself back to the collective. Including adapting when humanoids have found ways to avoid the technological infection of their starship, and even contain it. Delta quadrant solutions can't work forever. Artificial intelligence prides itself on being able to adapt.

Possibly through the use of airborne nanoprobes.

In praesens, in posterum

Characters marked In praesens, in posterum (At present, in the future) are part of a group of characters designed specifically for purposes in 2395, either as red-herrings for future endeavors, or as mission-centric NPCs. Most were tied to Flashpoint, in varying roles.

In posterum

  • Ayden Blake (2491) was a figurehead specifically for Flashpoint. He was introduced as Jhalib Ekal, and kept this persona for PCs so to distinguish himself from the Ayden Blake native to 2395. The character was not meant to live past the year, but remained with Veritas through Limbo, and his technology a role in the subsequent mission. His simmed encounters are set to conclude by February's end, though material for him does continue (in a significantly different role).
  • Caslo Eislas took the place of his brother Aagan in the Flashpoint timeline, following Aagan's kidnapping. Caslo becomes head of the Twentieth House of Betazed, a role he never wanted, and is forced to become a psuedo-leader of the Betazoid people located on the outskirts. He abandons them, however, to seek safety closer to the Romulans on Duronis II.
  • Narm'ei Constable was a red-herring, played to be a potential villain for Flashpoint. Her role concluded following that timelines erasure.
  • Merce Ekal and Nairen Ekal are Ayden's prominent family members whom are lost when the Ekal timeline is erased following Flashpoint.

In praesens

  • Kehive na-Soldim is a Starfleet Ranger that went missing in action, presumed to have been captured or killed by Tholians near the Shoals/Tholian Assembly border of space. A potential MSNPC, his condition is left ambiguous intentionally.
  • Aagan Eislas was found to be Faith Blake's father. He is reluctantly made to be involved in na-Soldim's missing persons case when pressure is placed onto the little presence Starfleet has to search for the ranger, but reminds the general public that Starfleet cannnot be everywhere at once.
  • Ash Makepeace is a red-herring character designed to imply replacement for Sky Blake, which may have marked the overall end of Blake's appearance. Makepeace instead remains as a background NPC following the Montreal's OOC launch, with a minor but ongoing friendship with Jhalib Ekal.
  • Jhalib Ekal returns to 2391 to meet his father Sabor before his death, and remains on Brekka for the next five years - adopting the name Jhalen Novu, and in spite of his gradually deteriorating condition, he forms and leads a radical group of Brekkians, and successfully strong-arms 32 Brekkian countries and territories into a partially unified government after holding them hostage for eight hours. His radicals, known as the Beli Volkovi escapes with few injuries, regrouping and creating a base of operations on land once owned by his great-aunt. There are no sim encounters with this iteration of Ayden, but continued appearances through news sources and other mediums.
  • Whylen, a character not encountered by PCs, is connected only to Jhalen Novu and the events concurrently taking place on Brekka. She is reluctant in her involvement with the Beli Volkovi, not as convinced by Novu's motives as the four others also following his lead, and continues to question his perceptions of Brekka and it's society. She is the only character not mentioned in Flashpoint.