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Both you and I are gonna need this page to keep track of what was mentioned.

Ekal Chronicles

USS Veritas

Stated in Temporal dysphoria, the ship never made it into Ayden's adulthood. He further expands upon its destruction during The Ekal timeline.

"Ekal: For reasons I'm still not clear on, the ship will fire upon a Tholian vessel with a quantum torpedo. Of the 220 crew, a little more than half survive the encounter. Captain Roshanara Rahman will attempt to buy escape pods time with the help of a smaller team keeping the ship together, but . . . the Veritas gets destroyed, with its captain. Some escape pods, too."
"The Ekal timeline."

The Veritas is considered the focal point of the Tholian conflict in 2491, deemed responsible by the Temporal Integrity Commission for the Tholian invasion of the Shoals.


In Jump start, Ayden refers to a "Valoru" as another Andorian he's been sent to look for for on Eporue station when attempting to distract an enforcer - this is of course a reference to Valoru, a Veritas crewmember, though may not be indicative of Valoru's actual status during the Ekal timeline.

Evan Delano

Ayden mentions Delano off-handedly in The tragic ending of the family Blake as someone to turn to to fix the damage the Temporal Integrity Commission intend to cause if Rahman turns him away.

However, since Delano's not encountered Ekal in the Montreal timeline, it's possible Ayden is at least knowledgeable of him from his native time - so chances are, Delano could still be active in 2491, possibly confirmed when taking a look at The encounter, where Ayden references Delano (but strangely, not Mei'konda). It's briefly mentioned in The Ekal timeline that Delano does survive the destruction of the Veritas.

Sky Blake

"He was the only son of Skyleena Blake - the blonde haired, emerald eyed woman currently standing in this very room with her arms crossed, watching over the scene like a parent who had just escorted someone elses offspring away from the scene of a shuttle accident, a sense of sympathy and pity practically burned across her eyes. She was still at the stage where her marriage rings were on her hand, the one on her thumb currently being twirled around while she was in thought, and Jhalib was glad that he'd made the decision to remove his own rings (two of which, she'd given to him) lest she inadvertently recognize them."
"Traveler's condition."

In Traveler's condition, Sky Blake comes up a few times in narration as she and G'var escort him to the Veritas sickbay. He remembers her as being a very stressed-out and uptight kind of person for nearly the entirety of his life - possibly due to the quadrant's state of affairs with the Tholians. He states in Objective that after the Veritas was destroyed, she became the Montreal's First Officer for up to two years before quitting, fleeing to Betazed and never leaving the Betazoid homeworld again - she would also never find relative safety, even in the comfort of what would become her home.

It's stated that much later in her life, she had given Ayden his father's marriage rings, two of which he would start wearing following his engagement to Merce Ekal, up until boarding the Veritas (at which point he stashed them away in the bag he brought with him so she wouldn't recognize them).

Ayden mentions within his narration that, having survived the destruction of the Veritas in 2395, Blake passes away following a stroke, occurring before he begins his career in the Temporal Integrity Commission. In A better time of it, it's revealed that she is left in a catatonic state when she receives news of her daughter's death in 2451, and never recovers, dying at the age of 88.


Ayden remembers G'var having made "an impression" on him as a child during Traveler's condition, going so far as to mention her being the second most intimidating woman he's met during his lifetime.

It's mentioned during The Ekal timeline that G'var survives the destruction of the Veritas.

Alora DeVeau

When entering Sickbay, Ayden is surprised to see Alora DeVeau as the medical officer waiting for him - something he considers to be significant and out of place given what he knew of the Veritas.

It's mentioned during The Ekal timeline that DeVeau survives the destruction of the Veritas.

Nic del Vedova

Ayden mentions during The Ekal timeline that Nic del Vedova survived the destruction of the Veritas.

Roshanara Rahman

Roshanara Rahman's involvement in the state of the galaxy in Ayden's native time is expanded upon during The Ekal timeline. It's stated that the Veritas encounters a Tholian vessel along the border of the Shoals, and that for reasons Ayden is still not clear on despite years of research, Rahman engages them in combat, firing a quantum torpedo. It results in her evacuating her crew when the ship is near its breaking point, only to for her to stay behind with the ship to buy the escape pods time to vacate the area. Rahman is ultimately lost with the Veritas, along with a small team of people.

Tasnim Shandres

"Blake: I thought you were a temporal mechanic. How do you know so much about Starfleet systems?
::He gave a minor rise of his shoulders, eyes glazing over a memory.::
Ekal: Just a girl I grew up with."
LtCmdr Sky Blake, "Picking a side."

Tasnim Shandres is very briefly mentioned by Ayden to Sky Blake, Zhou Tai-Sheng, and Wil Ukinix when giving a quick explanation about his knowledge of Starfleet systems. This suggests that Tasnim survives the loss of the Veritas in the Ekal timeline, and at some point teaches Ayden about the ins and outs of certain areas of engineering.

USS Montreal

In The Ekal timeline, the existence of the Montreal timeline, differing from Ayden's own, is confirmed when Ayden learns that an adjustment he made months prior to push the Veritas to Havley's Hope ahead of schedule indeed stuck, resulting in the Veritas meeting the Montreal when in fact, they were never actually meant to cross paths at all in 2395.


"Ekal: Look, I need your help to locate a "Tel-ar". I have to invite this person to a nobility thing - they can't come, of course, but you know what the Betazed nobility is like. This is a diplomatic envoy thing - otherwise I wouldn't be in this hell-hole."
SIM:Jhalib Ekal, "Jump start."

Having smuggled himself onto Eporue station in Jump start, Ayden tells an enforcer that he was sent to the station to look for an Andorian named "Tel-ar" so to invite them to a nobility event as a diplomatic envoy - a distraction in the hopes he'll get the enforcer to perhaps leave.

He states that Tel-ar is his "sister's mother's captain's family [member]", which is a vague reference to Tal Tel-ar having been Sky Blake's commanding officer aboard the USS Challenger-A, though the implication is that this person is related to Tel-ar - thus Ayden may in fact be referring to one of Tal's children or potential grand-children.

Coincidentally, Tal Tel-ar is transferred to the Montreal when its command is transferred to Mei'konda, which did not occur in the Ekal timeline.

Chythar Skyfire

"Skyfire wasn't there. That made no sense - that was *false*! He *knew* it to be false! Skyfire was responsible for parts of the evacuation! Why would he in particular no longer be on the Veritas? What change could cause that!?"
"Temporal dysphoria."

When he meets Alora DeVeau in the Veritas Sickbay, Ayden begins to express confusion and discomfort, convinced something is out of place. In Temporal dysphoria, stressed out and flustered, he directly asks DeVeau and Nic del Vedova where Chythar Skyfire is - only to find that Skyfire is no longer aboard the Veritas.

According to Ayden, Skyfire was directly involved in the final evacuation of the Veritas, being its CMO, during the Ekal timeline. His absence is what sparks Ayden to suffer from temporal dysphoria, being the first direct clue that the timeline has changed, being the first inclination of the existence of the Montreal timeline.

Duronis II

The language used in The tragic ending of the family Blake suggests that the Duronis system may be considered Federation space by 2491.

Tiberious Parker

Throughout The tragic ending of the family Blake, Ayden repeatedly refers to "Tiberious Parker".

On the way here, he’d managed to get word to Tiberious Parker to expect Nairen - and perhaps someone *else* attempting to threaten her (the worst case scenario). Thankfully, the Terran had asked no questions as to why - just a stern affirmative and a promise to keep her safe.

Tiberious Parker is the grandson of Hannibal Parker, a marine stationed at the Duronis II Embassy. Given that Tiberious and Ayden know each other at least by name in 2491, it can be assumed that Sky Blake and Hannibal Parker continue a form of friendship in that their children (or in Hannibal's case, grandchildren) are aware of one another. This sim also suggests that the Parkers maintain a residence at the Embassy.

Ayden also goes on to state that the Embassy "had repelled so many Romulan attacks over the last few decades, it was now a fortress all in itself", which was an incredibly vague reference to Fortress Parker.



"Ekal: I've got a small window to change it all. That’s why I have to leave, Merce - I have to go back and warn Rahman - she’s seen me before, I might be able to convince her. If not her then- I don’t know, Zhou, or Delano, or Saveron - someone else, anyone else! I can’t stand by and let Constable take so many lives, and change thousands of others, not when we don’t know the pay off."
SIM:Jhalib Ekal, "The tragic ending of the family Blake."

It seems that by 2491, despite having no contact at all with Saveron in the Montreal timeline, Ayden is aware of Saveron and his presence in Starfleet in his own native time. However, it's not explained how, when, or what Saveron might be up to by this point.

Faith Blake

Through narration, it's stated that Faith does make it back to her family (despite the disaster). However, it's also mentioned that she dies at some point, her death throwing the Twentieth House of Betazed into turmoil.

In A better time of it, it's revealed that Faith is lost along with the rest of the Vataix family of the Eleventh House of Betazed when a transport she was taking is destroyed in 2451. News of her death causes her mother to go into a catatonic state (from which she never recovers).

Caslo Eislas

Also referred to by Ayden merely as "Eislas", Caslo Eislas seems to be somewhat of a protective figure in Ayden's world. Frequently mentioned in a couple of sims now, Eislas is related to Ayden through his sister Faith.

When his older brother Aagan Eislas is taken by Tholian forces, Caslo reluctantly agrees to head the Twentieth House of Betazed.

Kallo Ver

Evidently, Kallo Ver has made somewhat of a name for himself in the Ekal timeline, as Ayden is very familiar with his "fortune" and references it during The Ekal timeline.

Zhou Tai-Sheng

"Ekal: I wasn't sure that adjustment would change anything because of Commander Zhou's injury, and it's an honest fluke that it did."

Ayden made a somewhat major change when he fast-tracked the Veritas to Havley's Hope - which subsequently created what's now known as the Montreal timeline. However, in his native time, Ayden states that the Veritas and the Montreal were never meant to cross paths in the year of the 2395, the Veritas having been destroyed before that could occur.

Some events do not change, however. In Objective, Ayden mentions that he didn't believe pushing the Veritas to Havley's Hope early would change much at all, as the Montreal's commanding officer Zhou Tai-Sheng is injured in the line of duty regardless of any temporal adjustments, believing Zhou would have convinced Rahman to continue on without him. When Ayden realizes this didn't occur, he reasons that it may be because he underestimated just how attached Zhou is to the Veritas (and potentially to Sky Blake).

As an adult, Ayden seems to have a personal relationship to Zhou, having conversed with him in the Ekal timeline about Zhou's career in Starfleet - but these conversations were generally cut short when Zhou would suggest doing something else (often being alcohol, or on rarer occasions, strip clubs - to which it's hinted that Ayden may have had to detail his orientation to Zhou following one of these instances, resulting in an amusing story of Zhou attempting to accommodate him, much to their mutual confusion). It's vaguely suggested in Picking a side that Ayden even referred to him as "Uncle Tai".

In 2451, the Blakes are hit with news of Faith Blake's death, resulting in Sky going into a catatonic state. Zhou visits her during this period, though she fails to recognize him and does not speak in his presence.

As stated in A better time of it Ayden is left under the impression that Starfleet officers involved with the incident surrounding the Veritas were under "hush orders", as he approaches Zhou after he joins the Temporal Integrity Commission in an attempt to learn what actually happened to the Veritas - as Zhou was in command of the Montreal at the time of the ship's destruction. However, Zhou realizes the motive behind Ayden's curiosity, and instead of giving him this information, tells him to "let sleeping dogs lie".

At 122 years of age, Zhou passes away - an event which changes Ayden's mindset and reaffirms his path to change history and better their present.

Brayden Jorey

The Jorey family are mentioned in A better time of it to have been the last survivors of the Tenth House of Betazed, but are lost to Tholian encounters by the year 2451. It's not clear whether Brayden Jorey remained in Starfleet, or if his assigned vessel was also lost during the war.

Sky & Ayden Blake (like mother, like son)

Now that he was in this situation, he was glad he shared very few physical characteristics with his mother, but nearly all of them with his father Sabor - whom next to none of those aboard this ship had met. Only his Brekkian nose ridge came from her side of the family, but Sky missed that feature entirely. He couldn't say the same about his attitude, though - Eislas complained endlessly that he sounded "exactly like your mother".

The intent of Ayden was to make him visually similar to Sabor (which can only be completed in so many ways in sim) but hold a similar personality to Sky. Looking carefully back at scenes posted fairly close to each other, there are deliberate use of specific descriptions and use of language so to draw familiarity between the two.

Jhalib Ekal, "The tragic ending of the family Blake."

When Ayden Blake stormed into his apartment, he did so as though he were a lightening storm, interrupting the lunch his daughter was having with his fiance. Inconsolable and moving too quickly for them to catch, he was refusing them answers to what had caused this sudden rash and abnormal behavior. But whatever had happened, it was clear that it was bad, and immediately threatening.

JP: LtCmdr Sky Blake & Cmdr Zhou Tai-Sheng: Coiled (Part 1)

[...] she couldn’t help but be rather furious with, maybe not Zhou, but the situation Zhou has found himself in. Sky Blake blew into Sickbay like a lightning storm, interrupting the nurses mid-conversation and moving past them too quickly for them to tell her to do otherwise. The second she’d been told, she’d dropped everything.

Even their potentially dangerous forms of curiosity mirrors one another, in spite of the two very different circumstances, often teetering on the edge of holding themselves away from a possible danger or choosing to hurtle towards it, taking only a few moments to try to convince themselves to avoid prying into things they may not wish to know about or become involved in - sometimes, this does indeed fail.

Five Long Years (Sky Blake)

oO Don’t go after him. Don’t go after him. Don’t go after him . . . Oo
With careful fingers, she lifted the card off the bar, only to look back towards the door.::
oO Tosser. Oo
She got up in a flash, pulling her jacket off the bar with a whip as she went after the Terran.::

Jhalib Ekal, "An oncoming storm, for the needs of the many."

oO Don’t go looking. Don’t go looking. *Don’t* go looking . . . Oo
His brown eyes flickered back into the office, Narm’ei’s terminal still logged in.::
oO Tosser. Oo
His head whipped around the corridor, ensuring there was no one else in the hall to see him return to the office and hijack Constable’s terminal.

There are, however, very obvious differences between the two. Sky is generally a quiet and reserved kind of person, unless provoked in a way that causes long speeches on certain topics - she prefers observing others, and though she is willing to participate in activities, she firmly stands in the position of "team mother". Because of this, her decisions are made through careful consideration and often with the input of others.

Meanwhile, Ayden is particularly flamboyant, and is open about himself and his own history - however, unlike his mother, Ayden is prone to more dangerous mistakes, never quite relying on those around him and often citing 'needs of the many' when faced with difficult choices (this may be a concept he has had to adopt due to the nature of the environment of his upbringing, as Sky today would not feel this philosophy adequate for any situation).