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==Former Guild/Team Membership==
==Former Guild/Team Membership==
*Publicity Team
*'''Publicity Team'''
*Guild of Vulcans
*'''Guild of Vulcans'''
*Founding Member of the "Guild of Trills"
*'''Founding Member of the Guild of Trills'''
=OOC Awards=
=OOC Awards=

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User Profile

  • Name: Nathan
  • From: Oregon
  • Birthday: 7 April 1991
  • Writer ID Number: T238407S10
  • Current Time Zone: Pacific Time
  • Favorite Trek series: TNG, DS9, VOY
  • Favorite Trek movies: The Voyage Home, Generations, First Contact, Insurrection

Primary Character

Previous Primary Characters

Previous PNPCs

OOC Work

Former Guild/Team Membership

  • Publicity Team
  • Guild of Vulcans
  • Founding Member of the Guild of Trills

OOC Awards

Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Barclay Bead 238212.26

Wallace Crew Awards

Retired Award. Given to those officers who have improved their methods of simming since their acceptance into StarFleet.