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Player Data

  • Location: Belgium – Europe
  • Joined StarBase 118: End of August 2018
  • Writer ID: G239508SN0
  • About the player: After a hiatus of three years I decided to try simming again and stumbled across Starbase 118. Normally I read some of the stories of the ships I join, to get a feel for the writers and the ship. But seeing SB118 uses a different method, it was gonna be a surprise where I'd end up.

Player Characters



Gorkon Tour Of Duty - Contact achievements

Penny for your thoughts
Penny for your thoughts
What's up, doc?
What's up, doc?
I'm in the Middle of Some Calibrations
I'm in the Middle of Some Calibrations

OOC Activities


Halloween Avatar Contest Winner
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Awards Ceremony Nominator Legendary
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25th Anniversary
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Appreciation Forum Nominator
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Chat Trivia Participant
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Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg
Silver Palm
USS Gorkon
With the kind of casual hilarity of someone who is doubtlessly smirking when she writes some of the classic lines in her sims, Samira has this year come in swinging with wonderfully funny one-liners in her sims and boosted the morale of our crew with her sparkling creativity where the plot needs it most. Taking over the Gorkon Quote of the Month duties, she runs the monthly poll of collated best lines from each and every sim, ensuring everyone gets their golden moment, and does so with dedication to the craft each and every month. Active on Discord, she crafts clever lines and encouragement for everyone, making the ship feel brighter every time. For her continued devotion to getting those laughs remembered, Samira Neathler is awarded the Silver Palm for this year!


Lower Decks interview with Ensign Samira Neathler