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Trying to find Captains first post...

((10 Forward))

:: Zanisa lifts up her glass of orange juice and looks at the brightly colored beverage, frowning slightly. She hesitantly takes a sip.::

Kare'en: So?

Zanisa: its very sweet. Its different then anything I have had before.

:: she finishes her drink and smiles at him.::

Trean: its different thats for sure. But right now I am so tired and ready for bed. I just have to located what quarters I am assigned and I am off.

Kare'en: I didn't realize how late it's getting. I'm tired myself.

::The two ensigns walk out of 10 Forward and towards one of the wall schematics.::

Kare'en: Computer, have temporary quarters been assigned to Ensigns Trean and Kare'en?

Computer: Ensign Trean has been assigned quarters on Deck 13, Room 324. Ensign Kare'en has been assigned quarters on Deck 7, Room 118.

Kare'en: Humph. Completely different parts of the ship. Do you want me to walk you to your quarters?

Trean: Response.

Kare'en:  ::yawning:: I guess I *am* more tired than I thought. Well, I'll see you in the morning?

Trean: Response.

::Kare'en takes a quick glance at the schematic to find the nearest turbolift. With a quick glance over his shoulder to Trean he heads off.::

((Later, in Deck 7, Room 118)) ::Ensign Kare'en is having difficulty sleeping and is reviewing in his mind the events of the past few days.::

Kare'en: <First, we stumble across our new assignment gutted like a fish and drifting in space. We barely have time to meet the CO and the power goes out. So the bridge crew gets put under with a Vulcan neck pinch, and I just happen to be on the bridge at the time. Then I wake up on a completely different ship, not knowing anyone except Zanisa. And I'm so nervous around her that I manage to insult her by not listening when she's talking about her home planet. She probably was as tired of me as she was plain tired.>

::He sighs and then tries unsuccessfully to stifle a yawn.::

Kare'en: <Maybe some work would distract me. I need to do something to unwind before I can fall asleep.>

Kare'en: Computer, what is the location of Lt. Townson from the TIGER?

Computer: Lt. Townson is currently in her guest quarters.

Kare'en: <Well, there goes that idea. Like any sane person who's been through what they've, what *we've* been through, she's getting some sleep.>

::He sighs again and throws the covers off. He heads over the replicator.::

Kare'en: Computer, give me a mild sedative. Nothing too harsh. Just something to help me sleep.

::A small glass appears in the replicator, and Ensign Kare'en drains the contents in one gulp. He heads back to the bed, tosses and turns for few moments, and soon falls into a deep, dreamless, drug-induced sleep.::

((Morning of the day of the Promotion Ceremony))

::Kare'en wakes to the insistent beeping of the computer. His body is refreshed, but his head aches from the sedative of the night before. He snaps at the computer.::

Kare'en: Yes, Computer, what is it?

Computer: Good morning, Ensign Kare'en. Do you want to review your schedule for the day?

Kare'en: Computer, what time is it?

Computer: 0600 hours.

Kare'en: Computer, what time did I enter the room last night?

Computer: Ensign Kare'en entered his quarters at approximately 0200 hours.

Kare'en:  ::angry:: So Computer, why did you wake me up at 0600?

Computer: The default alarm setting for all crew quarters is 0600 hours.  ::pause:: Ensign Kare'en, do you want to review your schedule for the day?

::Kare'en groans and pulls the covers over his head.::

Kare'en: <I *hate* computers.>

::He sighs, and then sits up, suddenly curious.::

Kare'en: <I'm new on the KODIAK. Did they put me into a duty rotation already? What kind of schedule can a guest have?>

Kare'en: Computer, review schedule for the day.

Computer:  ::It almost sounds happy to deliver its message.:: The members of the TIGER crew are to meet later today for a promotion ceremony in 10 Forward. Dress uniform is required.

::Kare'en scratches the ridges above his right eye.::

Kare'en: <We'll, I've only been TIGER crew for a few days, but I guess that order includes me. Hey! Where am I going to get a dress uniform? All my other clothes are in the shuttle we came to the TIGER in!>

::He casts a wary glance at the replicator, and walks over to it like a gunslinger walking to showdown at high noon.::

Kare'en: OK, Computer. Listen closely. I need a science officer's dress uniform in the following dimensions...

::He gives his measurements to the computer, and in a few moments a uniform appears in the replicator bay.::

OOC: There. Probably pretty boring for the rest of you, but that puts my character ready for the ceremony whenever it is. I am hoping, for my character's sake, that there are more formal introductions some time soon. He kind of jumped into the middle of you all, and doesn't really know anyone except for Ensign Trean.

Ensign Kare'en
Science Officer