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Rune Jolara
Writer ID: A238909RJ0
Active pNPCs
Lt. Raimy Ambarsan

Writing Challenge Jan.-Feb. ’06 Winner: “I’m Home, Goodbye”
Top Sim of 2016 - T'Lea and Rune Jolara: “Defying a Direct Order”
Interview - Jan. 29, 2017: “Meet the Writers of 2016’s Top Sim: T’Lea and Rune Jolara”
Interview - June 23, 2017: “Trained by the best: Nikki Ryan”
Interview - April 30, 2019: “Duty Post Award Winner - Rune Jolara, USS Columbia (The Order of the Valiant Heart)”
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3-year Member
Neelix Award
5-year Member
B-Plot Award
Xalor Clan Xifilis Award
Laudean Commendation
Order of the Valiant Heart
Black Cross

Writing Challenge Winner
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Featured Bio Nominee
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Graphic Contest Winner
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Halloween Avatar Contest Winner
Badge 2.png
Halloween Avatar Contest Runner Up
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Badge 6.png
Top Sim Judge
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Graphic Contest Runner Up
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Top Sim of the Year
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Top Sim Set Winner
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Top Sim Round Winner
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Chat Trivia Participant
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Excellence in Training
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SOTFA Taskforce Commendation
Badge 1.png
Commandant's Citation
Badge 1.png
Captain's Citation
Badge 1.png
To Boldly Go
Badge 2.png
Badge 1.png
20th Annual Awards Attendee
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25th Anniversary
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Player Achievements
There are Always Possibilities...
There are Always Possibilities...
inactive pNPCs
Lt. Cmdr. Devon Romjin • Dr. Nikki Ryan
Lt.jg Danni James • Lt.jg Indigo Rayne • Lt. Cmdr Marcus Moreau

Training Team
Cadet Mathius Moreau

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Rune Jolara
Chief Counselor of the USS Blackwell/ATF. She will hunt you down and make you talk.
  • Sneaky
  • Determined
  • Cracked
  • Stubborn
8 7 7
Rune Jolara - Alternate
She will hunt you down and kill you if you don't talk.
  • Devious
  • Manipulative
  • Sociopathic
  • Stubborn
2 8 7

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