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Fleet Captain Rocar Drawoh.

Crew of Starbase 118


Fleet Captain Rocar

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  • Commanding Officer of Starbase 118 Ops
  • Junior Member of the Executive Council & Senior Member of the Captain's Council
  • Former "Captain-at-Large" to the fleet's Executive Council (having served in 2384)
  • Retired magistrate of the fleet's Captain's Council (having served in 2383)

Joined group: May 2001
Primary character's rank: Fleet Captain


Primary Character

Fleet Captain Rocar Drawoh is currently the comanding officer of Operations aboard Federation Starbase 118. With well over 180,000 civilians inhabiting Starfleet's large trojan class spacedock facility, Rocar commands a dedicated staff of Starfleet Officers and civilians. Prior to accepting this assignment he has been Captain of the USS Constitution (2383~2384) and also Federation Ambassador to Duronis II (2381~2383). In addition to these routine command duties, Captain Rocar is a retired magistrate of the fleet's Captain's Council (having served in 2383) and currently holds the position of "Captain-at-Large" to the fleet's Executive Council.

Personal NPCs /Support Characters

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Number of Contributions

Additionally, I am/was:

  • Member of the Annual Awards Committee
  • Member of the Captain’s Council Sub Committee for New Species
  • Moderator of the Starbase 118 Ops thread on the Forums
  • Tutor on Academy Training Missions
  • Bi-Monthly Writing Challenges Judge
  • Top Sims Contest Judge
  • Member of the UFoP Reporter News Team (focus on sim tips)
  • Member of the Advertising Team

I am currently working long-term on:

  • The Creation of a New Command Manual and assessment questions.
  • The Re-write of the UFoP Constitution.