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StarBase 118 Command School

If you are a lieutenant commander and are interested in command or becoming a staff member, let your commanding officer know you'd like to enroll in the StarBase 118 Command School.


The StarBase 118 Command School offers the following courses:

  • Basics of Leadership
    • What makes a good leader? Learn the principles of effective leadership.
  • Team Facilitator Training
    • Learn how to make your team run more effectively and accomplish its goals.
  • Mentorship Training
    • Develop your ability to teach others.
  • The Constitution, Bylaws, and UFOP Admin
    • Become an expert on our constitution and how our group operates
  • Ship Administration
    • Learn how to manage the day-to-day operations that made a sim run.
  • First Officer Training
    • Learn the skills you need to be a great first officer.
  • Commanding Officer Training
  • Fleet Administration

StarBase 118 Academy