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Training Team Tutorial Library

Training Team

Academy Commandant

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Advanced Officer Training

English Courses

Perhaps one of the most important elements of simming is being able to communicate properly. Everyone would do well to read the article below for a short refresher on a few English fundamentals.

  • Grammar and Spelling: Prof. M. Lysander
  • Rules of Writing from the Pros: Prof. T. Wolf

Honing Your Technique

There are more subtle issues in simming than simply writing what your character is up to. This set of tutorials speaks to a wide range of common simming considerations.

  • Speaking for Others: Prof. M. Lysander
  • Format, Style & Feel: Prof. B. Kelly
  • Advanced Simming Tips: Prof. Hollis C.
  • Realism in an Unreal Universe: Prof. M. Lysander
  • Using NPCs: Prof. M. Lysander
  • Love is in the Particle-Scrubbed Air: Prof. Hollis C.
  • Avoiding Backsims, Regaining Missed Opportunities: Prof. R. Drawoh
  • Giving Briefings an Interesting Edge: Prof. R. Drawoh
  • Taking Cues from Lost: Prof. T. Wolf
  • Scene-setting: The most important tweak you can make to your writing: Prof. T. Wolf


These articles in this category address advanced issues of the Star Trek universe.

  • Fleet Deployment: Prof. B. Kelly

Sensitivity, diversity, and fairness

  • Sexism in simming: Academy staff

2013 Writing Improvement Month Tutorials

The following tutorials were written and introduced as part of the 2013 Writing Improvement event meant to help writers across the Fleet improve the one skill they use the most when simming – writing.

  • Tackling Common Grammatical Errors Forever: Prof. K. Nicholotti
  • Using Research to Improve Your Sims: Prof. A. Jaxx
  • Creating a World Within Your Sim: Prof. C. Daniels
  • How to Add Magic to Your Story: Prof. K. Nicholotti
  • Characterization – Bringing Characters to Life: Prof. L. Frost
  • 25 Character Questions: Prof. D. Herrera
  • The Art of Conflict: Prof. C. Daniels and Prof. D. Herrera
  • Making Your Sims Realistic Within a Fictional World: Prof. A. Jaxx
  • General Plotting: Prof. D. Whale
  • Micro Versus Macro – Sowing the Seeds of a Convincing Plot: Prof. D. Herrera

During the event, we also welcomed an award winning lineup of science fiction and Star Trek authors, who lent us their expertise and advice.

  • General Writing Q &A with Margaret Wander Bonanno
  • Q&A Video Chat Session with Author Lev Grossman
  • Characterization Video Chat Session with Author David R George III
  • Writing Q&A Video Chat with Author Melinda Snodgrass
  • Science Fiction Writing Video Q&A with Author Peter Watts

2014 Writing Improvement Month Tutorials

Following the amazing success of our 2013 Writing Improvement Month, we decided to bring it back! In conjunction with a number of reviews of our tutorials from last year, four new ones were written for this year.

  • Looking After Grammar: Prof. D. Herrera
  • Avoiding All Dialogue Sims: Prof. K. Nicholotti
  • Writing Alien Species: Prof. G. Reinard
  • Advancing the Plot: Prof. A. Jaxx

During this year’s event, we welcomed two of our former panelists back for an encore!

  • Writing Q&A with Author Melinda Snodgrass
  • General Plotting Skills with Author Peter Watts

Further Reading

Occasionally, we post links on our Community News to interesting and informative articles on writing better. The “Writer’s Workshop” category is where you can find those links.

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