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Saving old Yahoo sims currently linked on my character pages:

LtCmdr Rahman: Life Signs
14 Oct 2012

((Computer Core Control Room, Deck 13, USS Mercury))

Rahman: Any luck getting in touch with the outside?

West: Well, not in normal ways no. But I have tapped into the view screen on the bridge and created a scroll on the top of the screen and sending the Bridge a text style message.

Rahman: ::nods:: Simple but effective.

West: I have it repeating, it will grow larger until it is cut off, if it is cut off then this station will send us a notification and we will know the bridge got the message.

::Sure enough, within a few moments, someone on the bridge had noticed West's message. Meanwhile, Crewman Efili called out to the officers.::

Efili: Commander, Lieutenant Rawden's condition appears to be deteriorating.

::Ensign West walked over and knelt beside the injured engineering officer.::

West: Lt. You have a pneumothorax. This means that you have air and gases in your pleural space.

Rawden: In my... what?

::Roshanara watched as the ensign explained the life-threatening condition. He then held up a tiny tube.::

West: I am going to stick this into your chest wall and release the gases and air. This will hurt, but once in you will no longer feel it and you should start feeling much better.

Rawden: Do it!

::The ensign turned and gave out directions for Roshanara and Efili to hold the lieutenant down. Rawden groaned in pain as West carried out the procedure. A hiss of air could be heard from the tube soon after.::

West: All better my friend.

Rawden: Thank... you!

::West got up and walked over to the other side of the room. The chief engineer let out a sigh. Well, at least that was one thing taken care of.::

::Suddenly, there was a loud groan from the bulkheads around them.::

Rawden: Nnnn, what?

::Crewman Efili looked up and around the room.::

Efili: Someone is trying to disengage the shielding protocols remotely...

Rahman: ::to West:: Ensign, check on if the bridge has sent us a response. What's the status of the ship's systems?


::Just then, the chief engineer's combadge chirped. It seemed communications were back.::

Spencer: =/\= Commander Rahman, I got your message and the room is not on lock down anymore. I have Sickbay on their way. =/\=

Rahman: =/\= Good. Please have a medical team check on Ensign Hill in transporter room one as well. =/\=

Spencer: =/\= I will see what we can do commander. =/\=

::After the comline closed, Roshanara knelt back down by Rawden.::

Rahman: You still with me, lieutenant?

Rawden: Just about, Ma'am.

Rahman: Help is on the way.

Rawden: That's good.

::She took out a pain reliever from the medkit nearby and administered it to the injured engineer.::

Rahman: This should help take away some of the sting.

Rawden: Working wonders.

::She nodded and checked the lieutenant's condition on the medical tricorder. He would probably need some time to recuperate in sickbay, but he was going to make it.::

::With the medical tricorder still out, she decided she should check on West's previous injury as well, in case his head trauma had been something more serious. Tapping the screen, she went to select one of the other two life signs in the room.::

Rahman: oO Wait a minute... two? Oo

::A dark shadow fell over her from behind.::

Efili: Is something wrong, commander?

::Roshanara quickly snapped the tricorder shut, turning towards the Arkenite who was now standing right over her.::

Rahman:, crewman.

::She cleared her throat.::

Rahman: If you could stay by Lieutenant Rawden's side, I need to check on Ensign West's injuries as well.

Efili: Of course, commander.


::She got up and made her way quickly to the ensign, who was still at his workstation, checking the other systems.::

Rahman: ::whispers:: Ensign West, we have a problem.


::She kept her voice low, but the concern in her eyes was clear.::

Rahman: I don't believe Crewman Efili is who he says he is.


::She opened the medical tricorder and pointed to the three life signs.::

Rahman: Two humans, one Kriosian. The medical tricorder doesn't register any other lifesigns in the vicinity...


::They turned over to look back at Efili, but he was nowhere to be seen around Rawden. Roshanara stood up and took a few steps forward to try to get a better look when the form of the Arkenite abruptly shimmered into view right in front of her. She fell back in surprise.::

Rahman: Ya Allah!

::The Arkenite--or at least the Arkenite-looking figure--tilted his head and raised his brow. He replied in her native tongue.::

Efili: No, I am not he. But I do hear all in my domain, commander.

::The chief didn't have a phaser on her, and she wasn't sure if West had one either. They weren't exactly standard issue for non-security personnel on a science ship. She tried to keep the situation calm, stalling for time.::

Rahman: ::in Federation standard:: Who are you?

Efili: As I said, you may call me Efili.



Rahman: You're a hologram?

Efili: No, this form is merely an avatar to assist with our interaction.



Rahman: Are you responsible for the computer glitches we've been experiencing?

::For the first time, the Arkenite showed a hint of emotion as a slight smirk formed on his face.::

Efili: I am sorry, but I must attend to other matters now. ::He looked over at the other two men before turning back to Roshanara.:: Thank you, commander, this has been most enlightening.

::And as soon as he had appeared, his image dissipated into nothingness.::

Rahman: ::to West:: Find out where he went!


::She tapped her combadge.::

Rahman: =/\= Rahman to Bridge! =/\=

Wulfantine/Bridge: =/\= RESPONSE =/\=

Rahman: =/\= We have an intruder aboard. Some sort of intelligence... it might be artificial or it might be some other kind of life form... =/\=

Wulfantine/Bridge: =/\= RESPONSE =/\=

Rahman: =/\= He used a hologram to masquerade as a crewman. Security should be advised. Whatever he is, he's gone back into hiding. =/\=

Wulfantine/Bridge: =/\= RESPONSE =/\=

West/Rawden: RESPONSE


Lt.Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman
Chief Engineer
USS Mercury

LtCmdr Rahman: Engineer's Hell
21 Oct 2012

((OOC: Well, since I do write for the Mercury's chief engineer, I figured it was time she got her own master systems display (MSD), i.e. the cutaway diagram you often see in engineering or the bridge:

Don't take it too seriously. I just put the "landmarks" roughly where they're supposed to be, but it's by no means meant to actually serve as a true directory for your imagination. :P ))

((Main Engineering, USS Mercury))

::Lt. Commander Roshanara Rahman made her way up to Main Engineering for her first "real" day on the job as the Mercury's newest chief engineer. She was still a bit tired from the previous night's misadventure in the computer core, but it wasn't anything a good cup of coffee couldn't fix.::

::As the turbolift approached deck 15, she could already hear the pulse of the massive warp core pounding the deck, the heart beat of the Mercury. She walked down the corridor and reached the large blast doors that separated Main Engineering from the rest of the deck. As the doors separated, she gazed upward at the sight of the matter/antimatter reaction assembly that spanned three decks. A large, middle-aged bearded man turned when she entered and nodded as he approached her.::

MacNeil: Good mornin', commander.

::Roshanara turned towards the man, her gaze still directed up. Apparently everybody in the Mercury's engineering department except her was at least 180 cm tall.::

Rahman: Good morning. I'm Lieutenant Commander Roshanara Rahman.

MacNeil: ::nods:: Yes, we've been preppin' for your arrival, sir.

::The man spoke with a thick Scottish accent and extended his arm. Roshanara noted he, like Commander Matthews, was also left-handed.::

MacNeil: Lieutenant Graham MacNeil, assistant chief engineer.

Rahman: I look forward to working with you, Mr. MacNeil.

MacNeil: Thank you, sir. Likewise.

::Roshanara gave a restrained smile.::

Rahman: Actually, lieutenant, although I understand it is Starfleet protocol, I would prefer not to be addressed as "sir."

::The tall man gave an embarrassed look, his cheeks starting to blush and match the red hairs of his beard.::

MacNeil: Oh, my apologies, ma'am.

Rahman: ::waves him off with her hand:: It's all right. You're not the first...

::He returned a smile.::

MacNeil: The department was actually a bit lackin' in gender diversity before the recent transfers from StarBase 118.

Rahman: No explanation needed. So, why don't you give me a brief overview of how you've been running things down here, especially in regards to any changes from the original specifications?

::The man responded instinctively.::

MacNeil: Aye, s- ...commander. ::clears throat:: I promise I'll work on that.

::Roshanara smiled as the man began showing her around.::


::The two senior engineers slowly walked through the department as other engineers worked around them. They were circling the warp core on the upper level when Lieutenant MacNeil was explaining one of the Mercury's many quirks.::

MacNeil: ...and we've found that if we direct plasma flow through the secondary relays for an additional cycle rather than channel 'em back to the primary leads, we actually increase overall efficiency by 14%.

Rahman: Interesting... any ideas as to why that is?

MacNeil: ::shakes his head:: So far, we cannae come up with any solid evidence to back any particular hypothesis. You might talk to Chief Warrant Officer Walker, though. He previously was ship's chief engineer and is now workin' R&D through the SCE. He might have some explanations of his own.

::She nodded as she looked back towards the warp core. Something had caught her attention, and she walked over to take a closer look. She tilted her head and furrowed her brow at the sight of a strange device planted on the side of the structure.::

Rahman: Lieutenant, what's this you've got tapping into the reaction assembly?

::The man stepped up close behind her, gazing over her shoulder.::

MacNeil: I don't know, ma'am... that's the first time I've seen that.

::She turned around, not pleased to hear that answer.::

Rahman: Lieutenant...

::He put his hands up.::

MacNeil: I'll get right to the bottom of this, commander. Just wait right here.

::He quickly made his way back down to the main level of engineering to consult with some of the other engineers. As Roshanara waited, she decided to take a tricorder out from a nearby wall panel and scan the device. It seemed to be some sort of modulator for the core. She ran a more extensive scan to see what exactly it was doing. Her eyes widened as the results displayed on her screen.::

::She ran over to the railing and looked down towards the main deck.::

Rahman: Lieutenant! It's an incendiary device! Raise the containment shield and shut down the core immediately!

::MacNeil and several engineers stopped their conversation and looked up at her. The assistant chief engineer had a puzzled glance for a second before quickly nodding.::

MacNeil: Aye!

::He ran over to the chief engineer's office to initiate the shut down. Meanwhile, Roshanara yelled to the other engineers below.::

Rahman: Everybody out! Now!

::As yellow shirts began evacuating, she tapped her combadge.::

Rahman: =/\= Engineering to Security! =/\=

Security: =/\= RESPONSE =/\=

Rahman: =/\= We've got an incendiary device planted on the warp core! Please send a dismantling team down immediately to investi-

::She stopped in mid-sentence as she heard a high-pitched whine and saw a light suddenly start flashing quickly on the device. She dived for cover behind a console as the device exploded, sending a wave of fire past her. It was only the start though as she heard another rumble. A second or so later, the entire ship shook with such force that she nearly slid off the upper platform.::

::Below on the main level, she heard the screams of the engineers who hadn't made it out as a brilliant flash tore through the rest of the deck. For a brief moment, she waited for the warp core breach that would come, and with it, death like on the Tempest six years ago. However, death passed over her once again; the containment shield held as dark smoke quickly filled the air.::

::Soon, it was eerily quiet. The warp core's pulse had disappeared and only the crackling of plasma fires burning in the background could be heard. She looked around for an extinguisher and a hazard mask in an equipment locker on the upper level and made her way down to the main level. She gasped at the sight.::

::The entire level smelt of ash and burnt bodies were strewn across the deck. She walked slowly towards the chief engineer's office. Sparks shot out from some of the displays. As she ran her gaze across the room, she saw a charred corpse with red hair lying over the main console, its hands still over the warp core controls.::

::Behind her, fires continued to burn. She took off her mask and tapped her combadge.::

Rahman: =/\= Engineering to Medical... Security... =/\=

::She turned around and looked at the other bodies around her. This wasn't like the Tempest at all. This was much worse. Her fingers began to tremble, and her voice became shaky as she finally yelled out.::

Rahman: =/\= Anyone, please! ...respond! =/\=

Medical/Security/Anyone: RESPONSE


Lt.Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman
Chief Engineer
USS Mercury

LtCmdr Rahman: Duty
1 Nov 2012

((Main Engineering, USS Mercury))

Rahman: =/\= You think you can help the doctor out? =/\=

West: =/\= ? =/\=

Rahman: =/\= Let me know if your team has issues. We're rather occupied at the moment as you can imagine, but I can send Lieutenant Rawden if needed. =/\=

West: =/\= ? =/\=

Rawden: Aye Ma'am, I can do it.

Del Vedova: If it makes you feel better, Lieutenant, all that we'd require of you is help with modifying the xenobio stasis units.

Rawden: Phew!

Del Vedova: Good. Either you or West contact me when you're ready for transport.

Rawden: Aye Doctor.

::Roshanara went back to work as the junior engineer and the science officer worked out the details, but it didn't take long for Del to approach her.::

Del Vedova: (abruptly) He's not trained for this. None of them were. Nor were you, but at least you've seen it.

Rahman: Excuse me?

::She furrowed her brow at him, trying to understand what he was getting at. For his part, the man quickly became defensive.::

Del Vedova: I'm not making any point. I'm only observing. (beat) I think.

Rahman: You're wrong, doctor. We were trained for this. In fact, that's the only thing keeping me going right now. My training and my duty to the ship.

::She looked around at the rest of the engineering crew working to restore main power and repair the damage.::

Rahman: And I'm sure it goes the same for them as well. It's not easy. Not even after what I saw before... but they'll survive and be stronger because of this.

::Though she said the words without hesitation, truthfully, she could only hope the crew would respond as such. However, before the doctor could reply, an older, white-haired woman announced her arrival on the scene.::

Welty: Catastrophic. A stain upon this ship -- any ship. You, you're the chief?

Rahman: ::nods:: Yes, Commander Rahman. Just transferred from the Pioneer.

Welty: You'll want counseling. Blaming yourself and all.

::Roshanara raised an eyebrow at the presumption, but she couldn't get too upset. Especially when the woman was right.::

Welty: Meantime, you better take down their names, less you already have.

Rahman: I've yet to go through the list, actually. Del- ::She corrected herself.:: Dr. Del Vedova and his team went through though, and I'll cross reference the roster with their findings.

Del Vedova: They're already tagged, as well.

Welty: Competent. I'll just check 'em, then, make sure you didn't mess. Tag a live one.

::Del seemed to take umbrage at the suggestion.::

Del Vedova: I was careful--

Welty: 'Course you were. But you're ER. Triage, fast-pace, all that. I'll check. 'Scuse.

::Roshanara raised another eyebrow, this time in amusement as the other doctor went off to double check the corpses.::

Rahman: I see you're not the only stubborn doctor aboard.

::He shrugged back at her.::

Del Vedova: I envy Velana. At least they listen to her.

Rahman: Hmmph. ::grins:: That's because they have to. If it makes you feel any better, I think you're all uptight know-it-alls whose egos could use a little bruising now and then. Disagree?

Del Vedova: No. I guess not. (beat) Listen. You need any help around here? I'm not an engineer but I guess you'll need some extra personnel. I can push buttons or twist wrenches.

::She looked at him for a moment. She wasn't sure if he was being genuinely thoughtful or if he had hit his head harder than she had thought.::

Rahman: I would think you'd be more needed helping patch up the rest of my staff back in sickbay.

Del Vedova: ?

Rahman: Well, all right, I suppose. Doctors must be good with their hands, after all, eh?

Del Vedova: ?

Rahman: Let's start with getting the EPS mains back online. We'll have to go through a few Jefferies tubes to get to them. You're not claustrophobic are you?

Del Vedova: ?

Rahman: Good, because I'm not carrying you out. You nearly knocked me over when you almost passed out back there.

Del Vedova: ?

::As they headed towards the access hatch, she turned to him.::

Rahman: By the way, down here, Del, in front of my staff, it's *Commander* Rahman. "Chief" if you're in a pinch.

Del Vedova: ?

Rahman: Though I suppose it's only fair that if I can call you Del, you can call me Roshanara if you'd like. "Roshni" if that's too many syllables for you to handle.

Del Vedova: ?

::She looked up and opened the upper hatch and began climbing the ladder to the next junction.::

Rahman: Try to keep up, and don't get stuck.

Del Vedova: ?

((Later that evening))

::With Del's help, the engineering crew were able to restore main power to life support and get the tactical systems Commander Cain wanted. However, the ship was still effectively dead in space, and it'd take at least another day before Roshanara and her staff would be able to get the ship moving again.::

::It wasn't so much the engines that had been damaged as the ship's navigational sensors and ODN relays that connected the various systems to bridge control. Whoever planted the explosives had wanted to cripple the Mercury, both stranding and blinding it. But why? An ambush seemed most likely, but none had come.::

::Regardless, Roshanara took the downtime after her long day to finally look over the casualty report. Many of the names were familiar, but only because she had been studying their records earlier while waiting for the Mercury on StarBase 118. And now, she would be writing letters referencing only what she knew from those previous bullet points of achievements and service records, since she didn't really get to know any of them substantially.::

::In some ways, that would have seemed to make it easier, but it didn't. If anything, it made her words of condolence seem shallower. She sighed as she put down the PADD with her draft still incomplete. She walked over to her desktop viewer and contacted Starfleet Personnel back on Earth, where the day was just starting.::

::She explained the situation to the officer on the other line, a lieutenant named Zikiya. The man nodded, though he seemed distracted with other inquiries.::

Zikiya: =/\= Yes, we received the casualty report from your medical department. We've actually begun notifying the families. In situations like these, your letter as their department head would be compiled with the letter from the commanding officer. =/\=

Rahman: =/\= Yes, that could take some time actually... =/\=

::She didn't feel the need to tell the admin officer about Kell's kidnapping if the man didn't already know.::

Rahman: =/\= ...I'm having a bit of trouble writing the letters effectively. I was just assigned as their department head. Today was actually my first day in that capacity officially. =/\=

::That seemed to catch the man's attention, and he returned a sympathetic look.::

Zikiya: =/\= I'm sorry, commander. =/\=

Rahman: =/\= I am, too... =/\=

Zikiya: =/\= In some cases, superior officers have opted to speak directly with family members. =/\=

Rahman: =/\= I'm not exactly back on Earth or Bolarus IX. =/\=

Zikiya: =/\= No, but our officers have the equipment to link with a holo-com transmission from ships in the field. One of our officers Commander Schumacher is actually prepping to begin making the notifications for those with families on Earth later today. I can contact the commander to expect you if you'd like. =/\=

Rahman: =/\= I'd appreciate that. =/\=

::After connecting with Schumacher, Roshanara went over some of the details of the process. A few hours later, she found herself in the Mercury's holodeck. First on the notification list was Lieutenant MacNeil. Commander Schumacher would start the conversation without her, which meant that Roshanara would be spared the actual difficult moment of breaking the bad news.::

::Yet waiting for the holo-com to activate was nerve-racking in itself. Despite Schumacher's advice, she really had no idea what to expect. This was her first posting as a department head, and even when she was the assistant chief engineer of the Pioneer, she hadn't seen the details of what this particular duty would involve. Just when she was beginning to wonder if this was a bad idea, the holo-grid activated around her.::

::She found herself sitting in a partial recreation of a modest home in Edinburgh, Scotland. Across from her was a petite woman sitting on the edge of a sofa. A small wooden table separating them. To her left sat the tall figure of Commander Mathias Schumacher, who had been working in his current capacity with Starfleet Personnel for the past two years. Roshanara couldn't imagine having to do this for a month, let alone 24.::

Schumacher: Commander Rahman, this is Anisha Chandrasekaran, Lieutenant MacNeil's wife.

::The other woman nodded quietly. She wasn't crying, nor did it look like she had been. Roshanara returned a somber nod.::

Rahman: Ms. Chandrasekaran, please allow me to extend my deepest condolences.

::The woman kept her eyes locked on the chief engineer but didn't say anything. After waiting a few moments, Roshanara decided to speak up again to fill the uncomfortable silence.::

Rahman: I didn't have the pleasure to get to know your husband as much as I would have liked before the tragic events aboard the Mercury, but even just in the brief time that we worked together, I could tell he was a fine officer and a good man, an assessment I know that is shared with his previous commanding officers.

::It was a line she had written in her original draft, a line whose wording she had wrestled with for nearly an hour.::

::Again Ms. Chandrasekaran said nothing.::

Rahman: I want you to know that his actions saved the lives of his shipmates. (beat) And I felt that you should hear that from his department head in person. ::She took a deep breath in.:: If there's anything I can do, please just let me know.

::The woman's gaze remained on Roshanara before finally turning down towards the table. The chief engineer glanced over at Commander Schumacher, who nodded as if to reassure her everything was all right. He then spoke up.::

Schumacher: His service will always be remembered.

::After another moment of silence, MacNeil's widow finally spoke up.::

Chandrasekaran: Commander Rahman, may I ask you something?

Rahman: Of course.

::The other woman looked up back at Roshanara.::

Chandrasekaran: Are you married? Do you have children?

::The chief engineer hadn't expected personal questions about herself. She hesitated for a moment, hoping the difficult conversation wasn't going to turn sour.::

Rahman: ::softly:: No, I'm not, and I don't.

::Ms. Chandrasekaran nodded, her eyes, though dry, still heavy with sorrow.::

Chandrasekaran: Well, if you ever do, I hope you consider making them your first duty before your ship.

::This time, Roshanara decided to remain silent, and the three sat together with only the rustling leaves outside making their presence known. Eventually, the woman sighed and spoke again.::

Chandrasekaran: Sorry, I don't want you to think I don't appreciate what you've said. I know he was doing what he loved.

Rahman: No, you don't have to apologize at all.

::She didn't finish the rest of that statement. It was implicit.::

::The clock then chimed at the hour.::

Chandrasekaran: My children will be home soon from school. I would like to tell them in private if that's all right.

::Commander Schumacher stood up and Roshanara did the same.::

Schumacher: Certainly. I'll check in with you again, Ms. Chandrasekaran, as final arrangements are made. If there's anything you need or have questions about before then, just contact me or the personnel office at once.

::The woman nodded, and Roshanara turned to her before the commander turned off the holo-com.::

Rahman: Again, I'm so sorry for your loss.

::The woman didn't reply as the image dissipated, leaving Roshanara alone in the black room with yellow grid lines. A few minutes later, Schumacher's face appeared, this time as a flat projected image on the holodeck arch.::

Schumacher: That wasn't easy, commander. You did well. Still, it's pretty late for you, as I understand it. Lieutenant Zikiya told me this was just your first day. Don't feel like you need to stay with me for the rest.

Rahman: No, it's fine. It's the least I can do.

::She paused, looking away for a moment before turning back to the man's image.::

Rahman: Who's next?

Lt.Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman
Chief Engineer
USS Mercury

LtCmdr Rahman: Chills
23 Nov 2012

((BACKSIM: The night before the arrival at Starbase 118))

::Roshanara closed her eyes as she leaned her head back, letting him run his fingers through her hair. He brushed away the dark strands to expose her spots hiding underneath. With one hand, he gently pushed her head to the side, and with the other, he traced the pattern from her temple down to the back of her neck.::

::Though he didn't say anything, she could feel the passion emanating from his every move. She knew what he wanted. What he needed.::

oO Mate, kill, or die. Oo

::He reached in to kiss her neck, his breath sending chills across her skin. She smiled as she felt him pull back. When she opened her eyes to meet his, however, he was no longer there. Instead it was- ::

((End Dreamscape))

::She awoke with a start, her eyes wide open now, adjusting to the darkness of her quarters. Still breathing heavily, she took a moment to calm herself before getting up to get a glass of water.::

::She tried going back to sleep, but the dream had been too troubling. Finally, she left her quarters for a change of scenery.::

((Crew Lounge))

::When she entered, the lounge was deserted. Switching on the lights, she walked over to the replicator and ordered a bowl of fruit. It was then that she realized she'd miss taking her daily nutritional supplement given the stress and long hours of the past few days.::

::Since she was a child, Roshanara had had to take the medication to augment her growth. From what she knew about her species, Kriosians were actually known for being tall and slender. Clearly, her short stature reflected the lack of her development on a native Kriosian diet. Her adoptive parents had been advised about this possibility, and had tried their best to minimize the effect, both by preparing specific foods and giving her the nutritional supplement the agency had provided.::

::And yet, given her final height after she matured, her parents' efforts were not in vain, for it was astonishing to imagine just how small—and frail—she would have been without them.::

::As she continued to nibble on a few of her collected treats, she heard the hiss of the doors opening. She turned around to see the new arrival.::

Rahman: Good evening.


::The man's voice sounded familiar. She tried to place it.::

Rahman: ...Lieutenant Bale, right?

::It wasn't difficult. His voice had been an integral part to one of the worst days of her life. It would be a long time before she'd forget the details of that horror.::


Rahman: I didn't have a chance to thank you for sending help to engineering after the bombing.


::She gave a restrained smiled.::

Rahman: Hmmmph. I guess, I can't be too mad at you anymore for what you did to the computer earlier with your little program.


(OOC: Happy to backsim at any point.)

::Roshanara looked down for a moment, trying to come up with the best way to answer.::

Rahman: I was... having some trouble sleeping.


Rahman: It's just been very stressful, I think. Everything that's happened.



Lt.Cmdr. Roshanara Rahman
Chief Engineer, USS Mercury

LtCmdr Rahman: Curious Contradictions
24 Nov 2012

((Frontier Lounge, USS Mercury))

Rahman: ...Lieutenant Bale, right?

Bale: ::nodding:: Right you are.

Rahman: I didn't have a chance to thank you for sending help to engineering after the bombing.

Bale: I'm sorry... you are?

::She gave a restrained smiled.::

Rahman: Hmmmph. I guess, I can't be too mad at you anymore for what you did to the computer earlier with your little program.

Bale: Ah.  ::tilting his head slightly as he considered her::  You would be our new Chief Engineer then... Lt. Commander Rahman, is it?

Rahman: Yes.

::He nodded and went to one of the replicators. She meanwhile popped another grape into her mouth as she turned back to look out at the stars drifting by.::

Bale: Might I trouble you to make sure the replicator in my quarters gets added to the no-doubt already extensive repair list?

Rahman: Item #5,001: Faulty replicator. You got it.

Bale: Thank you, Commander.

::She heard him order several protein bars before he continued.::

Bale: So... what brings you out in the middle of the night?

::Roshanara looked down for a moment, trying to come up with the best way to answer.::

Rahman: I was... having some trouble sleeping.

Bale: As was I.

::She looked up and saw that he was now carrying a small grin. No doubt the man could relate.::

Rahman: It's just been very stressful, I think. Everything that's happened.

Bale: I agree, we all...

::The lieutenant suddenly trailed off and after a moment he turned his head towards one of the lounge's walls. She was about to inquire what was the matter, but she winced as she felt a sudden wave of emotion pass over her.::

::It was a deep longing as before in her dream, so intense that it was painful. A literal heartache. When it subsided and she opened her eyes, she saw that she was alone again in the lounge.::

((Deck 27, Exobiology/Xenology Labs))

::The food had helped a bit, although the feelings that had troubled her earlier were still there, just muted now. She thought about visiting sickbay and maybe asking Del for some help, but thankfully, the pain was fading away, having become more of a dull headache.::

::Still, she didn't feel like returning to her quarters just yet. She doubted visiting the temporary morgue that West and the others had set up in the xenolab would help her sleep, but at least it would keep other distractions at bay. And truthfully, she had yet to pay her respects.::

::She entered the sterile facility and looked at the sixteen corpses that had been placed across several examination tables. They were covered now, so she didn't see any faces. Still, it was quite different from the usual reverent sight of flag-draped torpedo casings.::

::She slowly walked by each of them, reading the name tags as she went by: Sheros, Evans, Lefebvre, Uwo. She stopped at one in particular. MacNeil.::

::His widow Anisha Chandrasekaran had been the first she had talked to after the bombing. She had spoken with many of the others' relatives since that initial conversation.::

::Some had little to say. Others were more difficult to let go. She learned of how Crewman Kers had dreamt about serving in Starfleet since he first saw the Starfleet flight demonstration team as a child. Meanwhile, Ensign Evans had come from a distinguished line of officers that had served since the early days of the Earth Starfleet.::

::And yet, it still came back to Ms. Chandrasekaran and her haunting words.::

::"Are you married? Do you have children? Well, if you ever do, I hope you consider making them your first duty before your ship."::

::It was an accusation and yet also a plea. Roshanara sighed as she looked over MacNeil's body and then turned and looked back across her other fallen comrades. Just then, a shimmer of light announced the arrival of a familiar guest.::

Efili: Good evening, commander.

::She jumped back a bit at his sudden appearance, but not as much as she had when he first revealed his true nature in the computer core control room.::

Rahman: You, again…

::The holographic avatar tilted its head, as if trying to understand what she meant. Meanwhile, she added another item to her list. #5,002: Deal with intrusive, self-aware AIs. Perhaps the engineers at SB118 would be able to help.::

Rahman: I haven't seen you in a while, and there haven't been any more glitches... what have you been up to?

Efili: I have continued my observations, commander. It has been most enlightening.

Rahman: I see. And what have you learned?

Efili: You organics behave in such curious ways. Full of contradictions.

Rahman: Hmmmph. You make it sound as if we are all one and the same.

Efili: Perhaps I should not generalize.

Rahman: Perhaps.

::He moved towards her from across the lab, almost gliding along the way.::

Efili: Take your actions now. From what I gather, you mourn the death of these organics.

::She scoffed at him.::

Rahman: Of course.

Efili: And yet, a few days earlier, several organics were engaged in attempts to kill each other with little regard. Some, I believe were rather successful.

Rahman: Despite how you characterize us, we do have different goals, each of us as individuals. I don't know who you are referring to specifically, but the men here...

::She looked again back at the corpses.::

Rahman: ...they deserved better than this.

Efili: So would you say despite your individuality, a common goal of organics is the preservation of their existence? The avoidance of death?

::She turned back to him and thought over his questions.::

Rahman: I suppose. ::beat:: Yes, I think that would be a fair statement. Generally speaking, of course.

::The avatar tilted his head again.::

Efili: And what of you, commander? You place yourself in hazardous situations on such frequent basis through your profession. Yet, are you saying your ultimate goal is to avoid death?

Rahman: I don't know if I'd say that's