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Starfleet Security


- ???

Personal Information
Fullname Ben Edwards
Date of Birth 235911.23
Age 41
Place of Birth San Francisco, USA, Earth
Race Human
Height 5'10
Gender Male
Eyes Blue
Hair Short, dark hair
Empathic Rating 0
Occupation Security
Specialties Marine Fighter Pilot/SAR
Rank Ensign
Other Information

About The Writer

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List of Awards | Service Ribbons
1-year Member received 238912.24   3-year Member received 239112.24   Genesis Award received 239012.24   Pathfinder Award received 239212.21   Xalor Clan Xifilis Award received 239212.31   Good Conduct Ribbon received 239112.21   Purple Heart received 239210.01
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Ben Edwards

He started his Marine career at the Marine-Earth defense, Force, patrolling the Sol system for 8 months before transferring down to earth. His next assignment was the Marine Test Facilities where he worked as a Test pilot. While posted there he met his Partner Karolina, not long after he started seeing her he was caught in an explosion and suffered temporary damage to his eyes. Due to his injury he was temporary transferred to Starfleet and was assigned to the USS Darwin-A as the Chief of Security & Tactical, After a short time, he requested a transfer back to Earth and worked at the Marine headquarters till he was cleared by doctors to return to full active duty. Now he is serving as Marine/Security Officer onboard the USS Gemini and is part of the 103rd Search and Rescue Squadron. After his deployment came to an end on the Gemini he was transferred to the USS Constitution-B as the ship's CAG. After spending time there Ben was then transferred to the Embassy of Duronis II to take up the First Officer position on one of its escort ships, after a short time he took over as the Embassy's XO till he took earlier retirement and returned to Earth. As part of his retirement, he would have to remain on the reserve list for now. Ben has now been recalled to active duty and sent to the USS Atlantis

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Outer Life

  • Personality Traits: ???
  • Strengths: ???
  • Weaknesses: ???
  • Habits: ???
  • Hobbies and Activities: ???
  • Likes: ???
  • Dislikes: ???
  • Lucky Numbers: ???
  • Favourite Day: ???
  • Favourite Colour: ???

Inner Life

  • Mental and Emotional States: ???
  • Attitudes, Opinions, and Values: ???
  • Ambitions, Desires, and Goals: ???
  • Secrets: ???
  • Religion or Belief System: ???

Life Goals

Personal Achievements and Disappointments

  • Achievements
    • Making a new life for himself and his mother.
  • Disappointments
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