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For info that I don't want to delete, but don't want to use at the present time.

Medical Records

Sickbay Log

  • 238406.10: Emergency Admission - Underwent surgery to repair a tension pneumothorax; treated for partial thickness burns and lacerations to back.
  • 238406.25: Routine Physical - All injuries healing well, no other concerns. Fit for duty.
  • 238408.24: Emergency Admission - Treated for superficial thickness disruptor burn to the right cheek and deep laceration to left thigh.
  • 238501.07: Emergency Admission - Underwent surgery to remove shrapnel in the abdomen and left leg, to repair lacerations to the liver and subdural bleeding; treated for hypovolaemic shock and full-thickness burns.
  • 238507.22: Emergency Admission - Treated for severe, chronic malnutrition. Underwent surgery to remove cortical implant of Breen origin.
  • 238604.23: Emergency Admission - Underwent surgery to repair haemopneumothorax and ruptured spleen; treated for multiple lacerations, blunt force trauma and incised wounds to abdomen and chest.
  • 238606.22: Emergency Admission - Treated for telepathic encephalitis.
  • 238606.08: Emergency Admission - Treated for pulmonary oedema and simple fractures to right scaphoid, right clavicle and right ninth and tenth ribs.
  • 238810.30: In-Patient Admission - Gene therapy to reduce or halt the production of deltan pheromones.
  • 239107.22: Emergency Admission - Treated for fracture to nasal bone and deep lacerations to wrists
  • 239202.26: In-Patient Admission - Admission for labour and delivery, resulting in the routine birth of one female child.

Counselling Log

  • 238401.20: Final Academy Counselling Summary - Ensign Reynolds has dramatically improved during her time at the Academy, though she still has some pronounced confidence and self-assertion issues. Recommended monitoring her progress at three-monthly intervals once posted and following up with cognitive therapy if improvement begins to stall.
  • 238407.02: Routine Psych Evaluation - Lieutenant (JG) Reynolds has continued to make excellent progress, with a recent promotion and the position of Chief Engineer to show for it. Her Deltan heritage and its effect on her intimate relationships and career were discussed during this session; the Lieutenant refused genetic testing or the Oath of Celibacy, despite Starfleet protocol. The matter was referred to Captain Rhys. Fit for duty.
  • 238505.04: Routine Psych Evaluation - Recent events continue to have an effect on Lieutenant Reynold' psyche and emotional health, but there is no noticeable impact on her ability to function as a Starfleet officer. Bi-monthly sessions to monitor progress recommended. Fit for duty.
  • 238508.01: Post-Traumatic Psych Evaluation - After prolonged captivity and abuse at the hands Breen, Lieutenant Reynolds is considered to be at a high risk of developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Recommended weekly counselling sessions and monitor closely.

Telepathic Status

  • 238401.20: Final Academy Medical Note - While neurological scans continue to indicate that Ensign Reynolds has the physical capacity for empathic and possibly limited telepathic communication; however, she appears unwilling or indeed, unable, to access these abilities. While there is no apparant detrimental effect on her physical health due to this suppression, counselling is recommended to ensure that the same can be said of her mental health.
  • 238606.25: Emergency Admission Medical Note - After contact with an unknown alien species in the Lysandro system, Lieutenant Commander Reynolds' empathic abilities have begun to dramatically re-emerge. A modified Zhian'tara ritual provided temporary control and more focused training has been scheduled on Vulcan.
  • 238810.30: Procedure Note - Captain Reynold's gene therapy, intended to reduce or halt the production of deltan pheromones, has had the unintended side-effect of increasing her empathic abilities to touch-telepathy. Accordingly, she is now rated T3. Recommend a referral for counselling and training.