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Name: Will

Location: Leicester, UK

Age: 23

Occupation: Space Technologist/Astrophysicist/AI Programmer

Joined UFOP: April '99

Current Player Characters:

Lieutenant, J.G., Jelandra Gear - Counselor, USS Columbia

Current Protected Non-Player Characters:

Dr. Becknar Gear, Sr. - Father of Jelandra and Buck

The Localised AUdio-Reactive Assistant, Version 3.11 for Networks - Alternative EMH

Past Player Characters:

Commander Becknar 'Buck' Gear, Jr. - Reassigned

Lieutenant Alanna Keldor - Retired

Captain Alan Keldor - Retired

Past Protected Non-Player Characters:

Werbraim Candile - SF Intel Operative

Constance Marie Edwardson Bassington-Bassington - Adopted Daughter of Alan Keldor

Joshua Strachan - Intelligence Officer