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Hey, my name is Jason, and my primary PC is [[Traenor,_Maxwell|Maxwell Traenor]].  I have been a member of SB:118 since November of 2014.
What are my motivations, and the basis of my primary character?  I was asked that recently, and came up with the following excuses... err, reasons.
* '''Is there anything you'd like to share about the writer behind the character? There's no requirement here, just as much or as little as you're comfortable with.'''
** ''Keeping it necessarily brief, so as to not bore the readers mercilessly, I'm a lifelong Star Trek fan in particular and science fiction fan in general.  I chuckle when I look back now, because my brother and I used to mercilessly mock TOS when we were young.  Imagine two young boys watching syndicated reruns, carrying on their best (worst) MST3K-style commentary in front of the TV screen.  Drove our parents nuts!  Yet, by the time TNG came out, that good-natured derision had shifted into unabashed passion, and I have found it to be my favorite sci-fi universe ever since.'' 
* '''How did you find 118? What convinced you to join?'''
** ''Fortunately, I found it through a simple web search.  What convinced me?  Hands down, the breadth and depth of the organization behind SB:118.  The information-rich website and wiki drew me in, and the training and mentor programs fired me up right from the word go.  I have been involved with several IRC and PBEM Star Trek roleplays through the years, and not a one held a candle to the level of support and encouragement that SB:118 provides from the moment you send in your initial application.''
* '''Did you draw your inspiration for your character from somewhere (or multiple somewheres) specific?'''
** ''Oh, my.  So many influences!  From Star Trek, I always rooted for the underdogs; the awkward, fringe characters were always my favorite.  Barclay, Rom, Phlox...  Actually, that's true for most entertainment media I draw inspiration from.  Books, movies, television, comics, games, I'm immediately drawn to and gain inspiration from the clueless and/or uninspiring antihero.  Also, this character has more of 'me' in him than I think any other character I've ever played before.  I have a really successful, rewarding career, but it's one I fluked into.  I was a bit of a slacker as a teenager/young adult, and felt that there was some untapped potential that I missed out on.  Maxwell gives me an outlet for fantastical introspection and say, "what if you you got a second chance at squandered opportunity?"''
* '''The backstory of your character is pretty unique - instead of jumping into the Academy as a young adult, you chose to have your character rise through the enlisted ranks first. What was the catalyst for this addition to his story?'''
** ''This may at first sound antithetical, but I needed a boring character in order to make him interesting.  What would make him different from (in character) literally thousands of fresh baby-faced 22 year old cadets?  I could have made him alien, but that's a somewhat common course to take, and I wanted a different challenge.  Why had he been so apathetic until now?  Why now such a radical career shift?  What happened in his past life, and how might that reflect on his current challenges?  The conscious decision to make him "too" normal, and see how he grows and changes when surrounded by and contrasted against the elite of Starfleet, was too tempting a concept to ignore.''
* '''And how did he injure his knee?'''
** ''Well, see, he was an adventurer once like you, until he took an arrow... Ahem.  Sorry, couldn't resist.  I don't know yet...  but it will be boring, I'm sure!  I find great humor in the droll and inane.  Though it would be cool to say he fought off a pack of wild targ, or slipped while scaling the warp core escaping from the Borg, I think that would be too easy.  Someday, I'll find just such a droll and inane reason for the injury, and then the fun will be in finding a way to write about it in an interesting and engaging way.  Plus... as my Darwin compatriots have learned, the inspiration for this character trait might just have a personal connotation, where art imitates life.'' 
* '''Your character is a science officer with a science background. Why science? What was the appeal for you?'''
** ''Simply, I love treknobabble.  Any excuse I have to trot it out, I will.  In the past, I used to exclusively play engineers, simply for the opportunity to pepper my writing with anything and everything Trek technology.  But, I kept falling into that most basic of traps: deus ex machina.  It became too much of a crutch to make something up that solved any problem, a la 'sonic screwdriver' (if you'll excuse my Whovian whimsy).  That's generally not expected of a science officer, though.  The role is generally that of a support specialist, which is much more enjoyable for me.  I don't want to resolve the plot, I want to provide the information for others to resolve the plot.  And I want to use treknobabble while I accomplish that.  So, a scientist became a natural fit.''
* '''Where do you see yourself in the fleet in a few years? Is command something you're considering?'''
** ''That's a good question to ponder.  I'd be lying if I said that the allure of my own command isn't a siren song, but it's tempered by my desire to grow and progress at a reasonable rate first.  If I can't be a supportive and effective member of SB:118 first and foremost, then I won't be having fun, and if I'm not having fun, then I wouldn't be an effective captain.  I still feel really new, and I want to build a strong network of friends both on my ship and throughout the fleet before command ever becomes a priority for me.''
{| style="width: 100%" border="2" align="center"
!  colspan="100%" style="background:#343434; width:800px; color:#fff;" |Characters
|- align="center" style="background:Aquamarine"
|width="100pt"|[[Traenor,_Maxwell|'''Maxwell Traenor''']]<br>Main PC<br>{{USS|Za}}
|Maxwell is a journeyman scientist who toiled for years in relative obscurity.  Though he considers himself a little long in the tooth, he's currently enjoying a renaissance passion in his career.<br><br>His initial posting was the {{USS|Apollo-A}}, and after serving on the {{USS|Darwin-A}}, is now stationed on the {{USS|Za}}.
|- align="center" style="background:Aquamarine"
|[[Bellem_Terk|'''Bellem Terk''']]<br>PNPC
|Terk is a young Bajoran with a big attitude.  He is manic, very introverted, yet highly dedicated to his profession.  Though he doesn't "play well with others" in the traditional sense, he still can manage to work towards the common good... when he is cajoled and threatened, that is.<br><br>He originally appeared on the {{USS|Apollo-A}}, but is currently being used for other means.
|- align="center" style="background:Khaki"
|[[Noros Tanna|'''Noros Tanna''']]<br>PNPC<br>{{USS|Za}}
|Tanna is a stout and dependable officer with a playful, mischievous tint.  A sly smile often hides sharp words and an even sharper wit.  Though she doesn't allow many people to know her personal side, those that she does let past her defenses will find her fiercely loyal.
<br><br>She is currently serving on the {{USS|Za}}.
|- align="center" style="background:Salmon"
|[[Tovin Aleris|'''Tovin Aleris''']]<br>PNPC<br>{{USS|Za}}
|Aleris is a spiritual diplomat, easygoing and friendly if not a little reserved. A former monk in service to the Prophets, he found his calling serving as a diplomatic researcher and is currently expanding his horizons in the service of Starfleet
<br><br>He is currently serving on the {{USS|Za}}.

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