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USS Atlantis
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Cirila Kayton
Position Diplomat
Rank Civilian
Species Rekarian
Gender Female
DOB 236605.20
Age 30
Birthplace Rekar III
Writer ID A239511MH0

Envoy Cirila Kayton is currently serving as a Diplomat aboard the USS Atlantis. She is a recluse and very few people know her. Those who do know little about her, but when it comes time for her to initiate diplomacy she becomes a totally different person.


  • Height: 5'0"
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Hair: Blood Red
  • Eyes: Green
  • Build: Strong


  • Marital Status: Married
    • Wife: Jaenera Kayton
  • Parents
    • Father: Valon Kayton (Deceased)
    • Mother: Alyhna Kayton (Deceased)
  • Siblings
    • None




Cirila Kayton was raised on Rekar III by the few people in her town. Her mother had died in childbirth and her father was killed by an extremist. She was skilled at talking her way out of things from a young age. The few people in her village suggested she go amount to more. She kindly declined but worked from her town to better herself. She was very intelligent and even asked to come to the capital to talk to the ruling body of the Rekarians.

She never thought it could, but the meeting changed her life. She worked hard to become something. She went to school to learn the skills that she didn't know and began to study to become a Diplomat. During this time she began to realize her potential by her future wife. She continued to push through all the schooling Rekar had to offer and graduated from all the different schools with honors. She didn't know that this would lead to her becoming one of the diplomats for the Rekarians. Though very little was known about her society she strived to change that. At the age of 28 she decided to leave Rekar III, but she was not alone a small group including her wife decided to go with her and see what else awaited in the universe.

Where they ended up is currently unknown, but rest assured they will surface when they’re ready.

Academic/Diplomatic History

Academic History
Insignia Achievements Dates Location Awarded By
Graduated As Validictorian 238407.12 Rekar Central Secondary School Adminstrator Revaal
Graduated First Class Honors With Bachelors Degree 238707.14 Velaaro University Chancellor Evix
Graduated Masters With Distinction 238807.16 Velaaro University Chancellor Evix
Graduated With Doctorate 239107.10 Rekar Uirtus Chancellor Vitrel
Diplomatic History
Insignia Achievements Dates Location Awarded By
Made Envoy By Rekar Diplomatic Council 239111.20 Rekar Dimplomatic Council Chambers Ambassador Sokena

SIM Archive

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