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Hey there, I'm Tom.

In the fleet, I typically play Lhandon Nilsen on the USS Oumuamua. In real life I'm a maths teacher & SEN Tutor. I'm also a part time podcaster. Please feel free to reach out on discord (I go under Lhandon Nilsen) if you want to JP or work on wiki/lore projects together.

I'm using this page to collect what I do throughout the fleet, so both in character and out of character stuff will be showcased here.

Why is there not more time to do SB118 stuff

My Characters

My Player Characters

LTJG Lhandon Joseph Nilsen - HCO - USS Oumuamua then USS Octavia E Butler

Player Character - Face Claim: Jeremy Allen White


Nilsen is a human officer of the Federation Starfleet currently serving as a helm, communications, and operations officer aboard the USS Oumuamua. Sherlock has nicknamed the HCO as Number 16, and at this time, Nilsen does not know why. He's a good kid, but he's got a bit of a temper and he's known for rushing head-first into situations.

He's often found hanging out with his best friend Toxin Arlill, and working on some kind of project.



T'Larn - Linguistics Researcher - Cilivian - USS Oumuamua then USS Octavia E Butler

PNPC - Face Claim: Melanie Thandiwe Newton


T'Larn is a vulcan linguistics researcher who took a position on the USS Oumuamua to aid the crew in understanding the effects of the E-cho Micronebulua. After her assignment was complete, she elected to remain on the Oumuamua. Her main field of study the difference in syntax and speech pattern between humans and other species with a particular focus on humor

"How observant. I trained as a neurologist and found a (beat) enjoyment in linguistic. My preferred area of research is humour, more specifically, the difference in syntax and speech patterns between humans and other species. If I may indulge, human humour is certainly most…universal. Humans seem to have a knack for quickly understanding and engaging with the humour of other races, even if they only have been interacting for a short while. ::To Toz:: But where are my manners, Dr Toz I have been standing here all day and I hardly asked you about your career." T'Larn in discussion with Dr Toz and Counsellor Brodie, Stardate 240010.11

Torka Mikal
Intercessor Ulto'Delarento

Out Of Character Project & Activies

OOC Projects

Newsies - I'm having way too much fun writing OOC articles about and with various simmers from all around the fleet.

You can find my work by clicking here

Projects for Wiki

A view of the local sector around Gault, Ba'Ku, Starbase 118 and the Klingon Empire can all be seen.

I've got a bunch of little things that I'm slowly working on and take a little bit of ownership off. One day, I will finish all of this

Oumuamua Operations Center This was a lot of fun to make, I'm always looking to expand upon the Ops and Comms parts of the HCO role. I had way too much fun working on this with User:Erik Johnson - Status Complete

OEB Operations Centre & OEB Operations Department Office Basically version two of the Oumuamua Operations Centre - Status In-Progress

Gault I'm slowly planning on expanding Lhandon's home planet. I do wish there was more stuff in beta cannon considering this is planet our favourte klingon Worf grew up but that is just an opportunity to play around with a blank canvas. - Status In-Progress

Project FORT, which stands for Focused Operation Refit Taskforce, is an initiative Lhandon Nilsen has been working on in addition to his duties to upgrade various aging operations departments to a standard that is considered satisfactory⁠⁠. This project has been successful in refitting operations centers on various ships and installations across the fleet, improving various operations systems⁠. The initiative aims to enhance collaboration and coordination among the crew, providing a dedicated space for planning and managing various operations tasks and projects⁠.- Status In-Progress

Cheydalanga - A MSNPC race that I'm working on along side a few others on the OEB - Status In-Progress

Sandbox And Other Projects

I'm slowly getting to grips with wiki, here is my sandbox where you can just how bad I am at this haha