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Basic Stats

  • Name: Jonas
  • Where are you from?: South America, Brazil
  • Joined StarBase 118: 239706.22
  • Writer ID Number: J239706JZ0

About the Writer

Jonas is very connected with scientific stuff for a great part of his life. But real life has limitations for his mind and he found that Scifi games, roleplaying by email, and reading science-fiction would fill the gap that reality had created. But usually, the good stuff is in English and then he set a goal. To improve his writing skills in a foreign language and have fun at the same time. So, after many attempts, and with the help of COVID-19 Pandemic, that forced him to stay home for quite some time, he decided to try Starbase 118 community. After the Academy, he was assigned to USS Arrow, a brand new vessel, with a new crew, a new command, in her first days of existence. An incredible opportunity to help to shape something from the scratch. He intends to stay with them for a long long time.

Player Characters


  • None


OOC activites

SIM Archive

Info is being downloaded to USS Arrow databanks

Working on Stuff

Jana_Zicv/Sandbox1 --> New FrontEnd WikiPage for USS Arrow
Jana_Zicv/Sandbox2 --> Arrow Gallery
Jana_Zicv/Sandbox3 --> Deck Layout
Jana_Zicv/Sandbox4 --> Banner Section
Jana_Zicv/Sandbox5 --> Bridges