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Tyler Baccus
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 198610.17
Age 414
Writer ID A239703JL0

I'm actually not quite 410, though I do celebrate my birthday on 10.17. I'm from the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area, and I'm 33 years old. I work for a company that works for Dollar General, and I run a team that goes in and installs the aisles and shelves inside of brand new buildings. I'm an avid nerd in my free time, and enjoy playing Heroclix, Magic: The Gathering, and other board games. I live with a roommate who works for me, and my cat Pearl, who I have so graciously donated as a likeness to Jacques' pet of the same name. Unlike his Pearl, my Pearl is a male that was simply misgender diagnosed at birth.

I'm a huge space guy, and I love not only Trek, but anything that has to do with outerspace. I joined the Air Force in 2009 with the intent to go to the Air Force Academy, Get my masters in Aerophysics, and become an astronaut.

My claim to fame is that I ran one race in what is now called the Arca Menards Racing series. I finished 18th out of 27, 2 laps down, but we won't talk about that. The winner of that race was a kid named Brad Keselowski, who went on to become a NASCAR Cup Champion. In that context 2 laps down doesn't seem so bad.