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Lieutenant J.G.
James T. Kolk
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Science Officer
USS Columbia
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Cmdr. Valis' Awards

Awards & Commendations
Award/Commandation Title Date Received Location Received Description
Vulcan Scientific Legion of Honor 236102.23 ShirKahr, Vulcan Awarded concurrently for development of a long-elusive proof exploring the mathematical relationship between subspace fluctuations and aberrations in the life-cycles of stars.
Vulcan Idic symbol by Balsavor.jpg Kol-Ut-Shan (IDIC) Award
Awards General RussBar 2011.jpg The Russ Bar 2390 USS Drake Awarded to a writer whose knowledge of Trek lore is extraordinary. Named for Tim Russ, the actor who played Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager, who was already a dedicated Star Trek fan before securing the role on the show.

Cmdr. Kolk's Awards

Awards & Commendations
Award/Commandation Title Date Received Location Received Description
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg Neelix Award 238501.17 USS Ronin "Lt. Jackford Kolk is a very capable engineer and works well in that role. However, he has recently branched out extensively, working on numerous side-projects for myself and others. In recognition of this off-duty work, he is being awarded the Neelix Award." -Captain Idril Mar
Awards Special DataArtistic 2011.jpg Data Artistic Award 238601.21 Rewarded to any officer in the fleet who has made a consistent effort to enter each of the bi-monthly writing challenges. Most notably, the officer must have continued participation even if their submissions were not picked as the winner, thus sticking with the challenge and always giving others something exciting to read.
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg B-Plot Award "I'd like to say that Mr. Kolk deserves this promotion to Lt. Commander. Unfortunately I cannot. ::smirking:: For to say that he only deserves this promotion would be to do him a disservice. Despite all of the turmoil in his life, including dealing with an alternate dimensional version that continues to plague him, he has maintained the efforts at bringing this ship together. For this, I am awarding him the B-Plot Award. As we have gone through the stars, his efforts in speaking to and documenting some of the more interesting races has earned him the Nebula Bar. And finally, in deference to his ability to think on his feet and solve a surprising number of problems, despite numerous reports that he never actually spent time in engineering... ::chuckling:: he is awarded the Scotty Cross. Very well done... Commander." -Captain Ben Walker
Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg Nebula Bar
Awards General ScottyCross 2011.jpg Scotty Cross
Tosma2.gif The Order of Starfleet Merit
and Achievement
Second Class
238703.05 "I've known Mr. Kolk since he first arrived on the Ronin. During that time he has moved up through the ranks, and is now in the unenviable position of my First Officer. ::chuckling:: But you all already know that. What you may not know is the amount of time and effort Mr. Kolk applies in the background, keeping the ship running smoothly, getting the reports together, speaking individually to the departments to reduce the stresses of the job, and that's just the things that I am aware of! Which is why I am honored to present to him this award: The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement, Second Class, also known as TOSMA-Two." -Captain Ben Walker

Lt. Zita's Awards

Awards & Commendations
Award/Commandation Title Date Received Location Received Description
Awards DutyPost PilotsSextantAward 2011.jpg Pilot's Sextant 238701.22 USS Independence-A "The next award of the evening is one close to my own heart. The Pilot's Sextant is awarded to those individuals who are, quite simply, the best pilots in Starfleet today. Having begun my career as a Helm Officer myself, I know the difficulty and challenges of piloting starships and the demands it makes not only on the individual but that individual's confidence. Judging from this officer's record, they are more than deserving of this award." -Captain Tyr Waltas

Cmdr. K. Brice's Awards

Awards & Commendations
Award/Commandation Title Date Received Location Received Description
Science Award 237505.20 North Larysta High School For exemplary work in the sciences during high school
Jeelian Fayrel Outstanding Chemist Award 237705.16 University of Krysenti For research in the synthesis of Aminodipolythirate.
Holaria Jhentsia Historical Accuracy Award 227712.14 University of Krysenti
Department of History
For a contest-winning paper on the role of Jonathan Archer in the genesis of the United Federation of Planets.
Awards DutyPost ValiantHeartAward 2011.jpg Order of the Valiant Heart 238601.13 USS Ronin "The role of ship's counselor is not one that should be easily overlooked. Throughout the fleet, these dedicated officers show great skill and patience as they protect the mental health of their crewmates who encounter difficult situations whilst on deep space assignment away from old friends and family for long periods of time. What is always harder, however, is when we lose those friends we have made amongst our own crew. Recently, on a mission to the planet Rakis, the USS RONIN suffered some of the most terrible losses of 2385. Yet Lieutenant Karynn Ehlanii helped her colleagues through, instigating group counseling sessions and clearly demonstrating superior ability to care, assist, and comfort those in need. Lieutenant, if you would join me on stage, we wish to recognize your determination, dedication and hard work with the Order of the Valiant Heart." ~Fleet Captain Rocar, 2008 Awards Ceremony
Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg B-Plot Award 238602.09 USS Independence-A "Karynn Ehlanni has constantly shared with us her own and our own secrets, parts of her life that don't necessarily deal with duty hours. For that, she is receiving the B-Plot Award." ~Captain Mar
Awards General NebulaBar 2011.jpg Nebula Bar 238602.09 "She has been instrumental in the researching and recording of several new species over the last year. For this, she is additionally being awarded the Nebula Bar." ~Captain Mar
Awards General Neelix 2011.jpg Neelix Award 238701.26 "Very few officers display both the devotion to crew, seeing to their well-being, giving aid to those in need, inquiring after their health, always willing to lend a hand when asked. This officer has gone beyond the extra and their deeds are both welcomed, heartfelt, and diligent. This officer is familiar to us all. This officer, has always been a bright and shining star and is, at least in my opinion, one of the best officers I've had the pleasure of serving with." ~Commander David Cody
Awards General Tosma1 2011.jpg TOSMA I 238801.18 "Lieutenant Commander Ehlanii, it is my honor to present you with the TOSMA I, for your dedication to not only the Independence. You always contribute good solid ideas for our missions and your work is always excels in quality. You are an essential member of the Independence and I am honored to have you at my side." ~ Fleet Captain Riley
Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg Silver Palm 238801.18 "Commander, you are also receiving the Silver Palm for your ability to boost our spirits throughout our long missions. Your demeanor is one to be emulated and your calm ability to inspire us with your attitude is appreciated." ~ Fleet Captain Riley
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg Peacekeeper Service Ribbon 238907.06 USS Drake Awarded to a member of Starfleet who participates in, and successfully completes, a mission where keeping the peace is the primary goal.
KlingonInvasion.jpg Klingon Invasion Ribbon 238910.27 Awarded to a person that has taken part in the Klingon Invasion of 2389.
Awards-ServiceRibbon-VaadwaurInvasion.jpg Vaadwaur Invasion Ribbon 238910.27 Awarded to a person who participated in the defense of the Ithassa region during the Vaadwaur Invasion of 2387.
GrendellaiRibbon.jpg Grendellai Operations Ribbon 238910.27 Awarded to a person that was involved in the Joint Mission of the Kodiak, Independence and Triumphant in the IC93 System. Or, the Summer Blockbuster Mission involving the bombing of DS17 and the theft of USS Phoenix. This ribbon will serve as a reminder that, whenever possible, peace is the best option.