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Baylen Anders
RANK: Lt. Commander
POSITION: Mission Specialist
ASSIGNMENT: Star Base 118 Operations

Lt. Commander Baylen Anders, is one of the few Risan in Star Fleet that is activity serving in a command roll, he serves on Starbase 118 Ops.

DATE OF BIRTH: 236006.01
AGE: 28
PLACE OF BIRTH: Mondar Risa Prime Hospital, Risa
OTHER ABILITIES: Can read strong Emotion Types.
DISABILITIES: None to date.

HEIGHT: 6'0"
WEIGHT: 176 Lbs
HAIR STYLE: Light Brown hair kept cropped short and tidy.
EYE COLOR: Brown with honey highlights.
SKIN TONE: Tanned.
BUILD: Athletic with lean swimmers muscles.
FACE: Slim, Slightly Rounded, deep brow with a perfect hire line. .


When Baylen was Seventeen years old his mother and father picked up and moved to Earth, they opened a Risan Spa in the Trade District of New Orleans LA. He grew up in the New Orleans culture, the Anders had a beautiful plantation in the Garden District. Learning a lot of the Earth ways and falling deeply in love with New Orleans. Baylen attended the Tulane University school of Therapy. He worked long hours in the Paradise Point Resort.

Location of the Anders Family Spa in the Trade District of New Orleans

After graduation from Tulane, Baylen took on a full time roll in the Spa. He saw the Spa grow from a small three room spa to one with over 100 massage sweets and a pool and hot tub. A gym was added and a few bars and other such services where add. People from all over earth came to taste a little of Risa right in there back yards. Once the Spa was a major success, three hotels and condos where built along with Gardens and open air shopping courts.

Anders Family Home in the Garden District of New Orleans

The Spa is now the largest resort on Earth and one of the largest in the sectors. There is even a second Sisko's locations in one of the Casinos along with a replica of Quarks from DS9. Right in the center of the compound is the largest Holodeck on Earth, being over six story's tall. Baylen loved the Spa and loved being a part of its growth.

Baylen hates going to sickbay, there is always test that need to be run, he has a fear of the white coat. But he loves Doctors, he enjoys meeting most healers. Baylen loves shooting pool, playing darts and poker. He enjoys most water sports to include scuba. But most days Baylen can be found laying around reading a book. He collects real books, loving the feel and smell of the pages. He has some replicated book but there just not the same. He has a passion for poems and short stories.

Baylen in the Bath
When Baylen is stressed out he enjoys a hot long bath to relax. He fills the tub with Risa Bath Salts and lavender. Puts on some New Orleans Jazz and and then sinks into the tub and closes his eyes and naps to let all the stress float away.

Baylen is not a big fan of dancing but has been known to cut a really good rug from time to time. He has won a few dancing compensations in New Orleans that his friends have talked him into entering. He also hates breakfast food, he loves the smell and the looks just not the taste. But loves a good Steak and Pasta with a glass of dark rich red wine.

Baylen has the goal of trying a dish or two from each and every member world of the Federation and a few of the allies. Baylen loves food, he loves it so much that he has to work out a few hours each morning. Baylen has a holodeck program of a small crew-boat that he likes to row a few times a week through the swamps of Orleans Parish. He also runs daily and lifts weights.

Posting History
Lt. Commander Baylen Anders

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