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*'''Name''': (insert real name or nick name here)
*'''Name''': Ryan Stephen Wright AKA Frankie
*'''Joined Starbase 118''': (join date)
*'''Joined Starbase 118''': (join date)
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{{header|#443266|Ships of the Line}}
{{header|#443266|Ships of the Line}}
<!-- Here is where the ships you serve on go. Replace the details below with your own ship and uncomment the line -->
<!-- {{Logo and Ship|(ship name)|(ship class)}}  -->
{{Logo and Ship|USS Constitution-B|Galaxy refit}}
{{Logo and Ship|USS Constitution-B|Galaxy refit}}
{{header|#443266|Player Characters}}
{{header|#443266|Player Characters}}
''When you are editing the page, you will see the code below to add a listing of primary characters''
For more details (and to expand into NPC's, PNPC's and NPC Ships, please see the documentation on Template:CharacterTableStart. For your convenience, we have included the documentation for Character Listing here:
This template adds a character listing. The variables are, in order:
* Rank - The character's rank.
* Rank - The character's rank.
* Name - The character's name
* Name - The character's name

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Creating a basic user page is easy and quick. Wherever you see brackets or parenthesis, just add in the text you need with relevant information. To add more, just click Edit, and there are some notes and code you can add to make the page more helpful.

Hello! My name is (insert real name or nickname here) and I write for (insert primary character here) on board the (insert ship here).


  • Name: Ryan Stephen Wright AKA Frankie
  • Joined Starbase 118: (join date)

Optional, but you can include your Training Cruise here as well.

  • Training Cruise: (training cruise date)

Ships of the Line

Constitution Logo1.png Galaxy refit-scale.png
USS Constitution-BGalaxy class

Player Characters

  • Rank - The character's rank.
  • Name - The character's name
  • PipStyle - must be included. Use Default if you wish a normal one
  • Ship - please use the Template:USS or Template:USSwhite templates here.
  • Post - Where is the person on the ship? (i.e Tactical, Engineering, Command, - The division not the post.) Do not use Officer at the end. Just the post (If you don't get a working post, please put the division there instead.). For examples of what to say for certain posts, please check Template:PostFormatDisplay. If you want to add more, please contact User:Ceciri
  • Active - Put Active if the character is active
  • Dates - Dates character is active - do not include if not necessarily.

OOC Activities

Place any OOC activities here! Bear in mind that this is only a starting point, so feel free to modify as you feel fit!