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Hello! My name is '''Ryan Wright''' and I write for '''Ensign Francis 'Frankie' Ryan''' on board the '''USS Constitution-B'''.
Hello! My name is '''Ryan Wright''' on board the ''' StarBase 118 OPs ''' As of the voice behind ''' Ensign Francis Ryan '''
{{Heading|About Me|Teal}}
*'''Name''': Ryan Stephen Wright AKA Frankie
*'''Name''': Ryan Stephen Wright  
*'''Joined Starbase 118''': (join date)
*'''Age''': 21 Years Old
*'''Location''': England, United Kingdom
*'''Joined Starbase 118''': December 2016
*'''Training Cruise''': December 2016 (HCO-USS Centris)
Optional, but you can include your Training Cruise here as well.
*'''Training Cruise''': (training cruise date)
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{{Logo and Ship|USS Constitution-B|Galaxy refit}}
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* Dates - Dates character is active - do not include if not necessarily.
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Hello! My name is Ryan Wright on board the StarBase 118 OPs As of the voice behind Ensign Francis Ryan

About Me

  • Name: Ryan Stephen Wright
  • Age: 21 Years Old
  • Location: England, United Kingdom
  • Joined Starbase 118: December 2016
  • Training Cruise: December 2016 (HCO-USS Centris)