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New Characters

Faw, Ethan

Wiki Tips and Tricks


Turning dialog into bold and new paragraph


Preventing indentation on double colons:




Template for a sim authored by me.

Example of Use


Mood Tracks



Any Ambient

Upbeat / Epic

Downtempo, Contemplative


Terrain Generator

I've been having trouble finding a good terrain generator on the net so I decided I'd write one myself. Development documentation of the system can be found on its own page.

This problem can actually be solved using Blender. Her's a sample of a terragen on the Blender UI proper:

3d Version
Blender terrain generation

Simming Stats Application

I've finished a command-line tool in Java that uses the java mail API to generate CSV reports (a type of spreadsheet that you can open in excel or openOffice) on the number of sims posted etc. All you need to do is create a label and filter that has the posts from your sim group in it and then run this tool. An example in my case would be:

simmingreport.bat -u [gmail user] -p [gmail password] -f USS Ronin PBeM -t -o ronin_report.csv -s 2010-05-01

The app is 3.9 megs so I'm hesitant to upload it here.

The Sims Archive

I've completed the sims archive site -- at least a beta. That site is located here:

Training Dossier

My Profile

Xavier Feid

World Building Dossier

Contains canon information for use by me when simming worlds. The material here will exist in addition to official canon given on actual pages for the worlds in question.


Main Article

Educational System

Set 900 Years from Now:


Chiesa's educational system consists of a mentorship program. At age 12 students are given a mentor by the king's appointed minister for education. This individual provides the student with reading materials and proceeds to take them through a curriculum which the king deems important for everyone to know.

Wordpress Coding

Table Work

To get table look consistent without CSS

Replace (<table.*cellspacing="0"[^>]*)>


\1 width="75%">

Useful Graphics?

This section contains art I've done that might be useful for wiki pages in the future. I'm probably going to be including mostly Blender art here. If you want to use a pic from here that's fine just let me know first in case I've been using it elsewhere.

3d Version
Alien eggs in the science labs
3d Version
Alien eggs in the science labs
3d Version
Engineering aboard the USS Victory
3d Version
Upper deck Engineering

Starbase 118

3d Version
Shuttle Parked at SB118
3d Version
Engineering in SB118 with a Delta Flyer variant under analysis
3d Version
Looking into a room from ext corridor
3d Version
3d Version of Guy Hunt's Office Design
3d Version
Space Fighter
3d Version
Space Fighter

Signature Banner

3d Version
Signature Banner

Fighter Designs

Flying Wing

3d Version
Parked for Maintenance
3d Version
Incoming Wing to Hangar
3d Version
Incoming Wing to Hangar
3d Version
New Fighter

Report Ideas

Report Samples - Kevin

3d Version
observation deck