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Hello Everyone! Hope you are enjoying the show? Welcome to my humble abode...

I joined Starbase118 in November 2010, or should that be Stardate 238711? Either way, it was probably the best decision I have ever made.. seriously. Anyway, I guess you're wondering what makes my SIM world tick? Writing has always been a passion of mine and my first taste of formal prose came when I started writing articles for my student union newspaper. Later in life I branched out into technical writing as a profession, but science-fiction and alternative history stories have always been my first true love (writing-wise anyway).

So how did it all happen? There I was minding my own business when a good friend thrust a flyer into my hand for a Star Trek 'play by email' group. I had heard of role playing games, but was not familiar with the concept of playing over the internet and being allowed creative freedom to write the adventures too. That RPG group was none other than the UFOP: Starbase 118!

The great thing about UFOP:SB118 is that it is a fantastic mix of creative writing, game-play and even out of character socialising. I am an aspiring author and being amongst like-minded individuals who’s creative energy is infectious I have found that my own writing has improved. I also enjoy the ‘make your own’ adventure aspect of play-by-email-sims where all the authors write their own part of the adventure for their chosen characters – and out of their collective imaginations, a strong narrative emerges. The authors on each ship or base tackle their respective missions, and then have some time ‘on shore leave’ where further character development can occur. It is a fascinating process to read and also be a part of.

As if all this wasn’t enough to whet one’s appetite, but there are also a large number of ‘out of character’ events and activities you can get involved in, whether it be meeting your crewmates on chat groups or on discussion forums, helping expand the groups very own Wiki site; or just in making new friends with similar interests in writing, science-fiction, space technology or a shared love of being creative.

The SIMming environment is also good for one’s self-discipline. I am forever suffering writer’s block, but with new sims coming in from your crewmates, with ‘tags’ left for your characters to answer, you are gently compelled to put fingers to keyboard and let your imagination flow. With so many great writers around you, you can’t help but be inspired to explore new horizons, to invent new life forms and new civilizations. To boldly SIM where no one has SIMmed before!

My current SIM Characters & Ships

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Strategic Ops
USS Invicta
USS Invicta
Starbase118 Ops
Deep Space Ten

Retired characters:
Leo Handley-Page
Nia Calderan
Eyas Wulfantine
Rick Rawden
Gypsy Hawker

OOC Activities / Interviews / Reviews

I am the former Facilitator of the Podcast Team:
The Podcast Team
The Podcast Forum
Podcast Episode List


You can listen to me on the Starbase118 Podcasts:
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I am also a member of several other Out of Character teams/guilds in the Starbase118 Fleet:
The Department of Veteran Affairs
The Guild of Uncommon Species

Interviews for Starbase118 Blog:
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